10 Argentine superstition

Historically Argentina is a mixture of various cultures. In the new light of emigrants waited at all like the usual reality. The surprises and dangers were raised at every step, so the secret signs of fate were looking for everywhere and interpreted on all the Lada. There are peacefully traditional European signs, superstition of tiny Italian and Spanish villages, family legends and ancient Indian beliefs. Your attention – 10 main superstitions, which are now observing the Argentines.

Take care of Tuesdays

The most unsuccessful days in Argentina are considered not only "Fridays, 13", but also "Tuesdays, 13". This superstition is from Spain. They say there: "Do not marry on Tuesday, do not go swimming, but it is better not to go out at all".

Do not open an umbrella

If you try to do this, you will seriously spoil the mood of the Argentines. They believe that an open umbrella can bring trouble to the inhabitants of the house. The wet umbrella leaves to drain near the door or are attached to the bathroom. According to one of the most believable versions, it is a superstition from Europe XVIII century, when the umbrellas brought from China began to enter into fashion. The thing was unusual, cumbersome, and also equipped with metal spokes. Open an umbrella in the room became the cause of many serious injuries, the eyes of others suffered especially.

Do not put a hat on the bed

Hats in Argentina outside of fashion – all men are worn – from Mala to Great. Visiting and houses headdress leave on a hanger. Hats on sofas and bed strictly forbidden. The fact is that at the end of the XIX – the beginning of the 20th century, fights on knives among emigrants in Argentina were in the order of things. Before duel, hats shot. Therefore, an abandoned hat is a symbol of the fact that in the near future someone can break up with life.

Keep equilibrium

If you stumbled, and even on the floor from the tiles – do not go to the fortuneteller – your second half changes you. Well, at least, so consider the hot Argentine heads.

Wrong owl!

Imagine: Walk you in the park, and suddenly hear owls! Wuwa of this night bird does not expect anything good. To cancel a bad omen, you need to lose the owl loudly. True, recently, less and less Argentines in this believes – the social networks that equated owls to the cats and their destroyed their mystical image.

Fake red

If you are on the street with the winner of bright redhead, you will have so many unsuccessful years, how many buttons on your clothes. But if you immediately touch one of them, nothing bad happens. Fear to the redheads appeared in the times of the Inquisition, when it was believed that the owners of fiery chapels are certainly sorcerers and witches.

Rejoice in butterfly

10 Argentine superstition

Blue brings good luck. A big butterfly, flushing into the house, foreshadows the arrival of the long-awaited guest. And if the first butterfly, which you saw in the spring, was white, happiness will keep you loyalty for the next 12 months.

Do not hurt spiders

Suddenly appeared in the house insect brings good luck and profit. This superstition in Latin America brought with them Italian emigrants. According to legend, carefully refer to spiders began in antiquity, when they believed that the web helps to heal wounds.

Do not go under the stairs

There are in mind the stepladers or those that lean to the walls and trees. Making it, as it is believed to challenge God himself. Catholics believe that a leaning staircase forms a triangle, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.

Play the lottery

Blue National Lottery Offices are found in Argentina at every turn. The peak of their popularity falls on the Christmas week, but in ordinary days there are enough wishing to try good luck. Tickets usually buy several, and their numbers are chosen in a thoroughly. The Argentines believe that if you attach tickets to the back of the humpback or a pregnant woman before the draw tickets, then the chances of winning the main prize increase repeatedly.

10 Argentine superstition

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