10 Attractions Cape Town

Just above the fusion of two oceans, the shadow of the majestic dining area is the second largest city South Africa. His streets resemble the European city, which is not surprising, because it is based Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. it Cape Town, A place where history is found with modernity, European culture with African, and penguins – with exotic beaches.
When planning a rest in South Africa, Cape Town Be sure to enter the route. He is not in vain coming into the rating the most beautiful cities in the world: Located at the foot of the majestic mountains, slightly above the picturesque Table bay, and surrounded by charming landscapes.

Dining Mount

This is the undisputed symbol of the city – its image is even on Flag of Cape Town. For centuries, sailors floating in India, see her unique silhouette on the horizon – a sign that they reached southern outskirts Africa. His glory Mount is obliged to an unusual form – she looks like someone cut her halfway to the top. In nature, it is rare to find such accurate lines, which makes it unique on a global scale. For this reason, it was included in the list seven new wonders of nature. Mount rises by 1086 M above sea level, and her peak has an area near 3 square kilometers. Together with the surrounding forests and other vertices, it is part of National Park Dining Mountain.
There are several ways to get to Top Mountains. One of them, of course, is Climbing. There are many routes of varying complexity. One of the simplest begins in Botanical Garden Kirstenbosh, the path on it will take about 3 hours. Longer and complex roads pass on the opposite slope. Regardless of the selected route, you need to remember that you can not get off the way. It seems that the mountain is easy to conquer, but it can be treacherous. You can also get to the top to cableway, The lower station of which is located on Tafelberg Road. Selecting this path, you can count on excellent views. And from the tops you can admire Cape Town, Dining Room Coven and Atlantic Ocean.
If there is a desire to see the dining room in all its glory, you must need to climb to a little smaller Lion’s head, Which towers 669 m above sea level. The name of this grief was given by the Dutch, which her silhouette resembled the lion faded.

Victoria Embankment and Alfred

As likely to the port city, Cape Town can boast an extensive embankment. It was here that ships of European commercial fleets stopped. From that period, among other things, preserved Clock tower, allowed the captains of the ships to accurately install chronometers. Once she served as an office by the port of the port. At the top there is a glazed room from which he could observe the work of the entire port.
Today Victoria Embankment and Alfred is an elegant shopping area. In colorful colonial buildings is More than 400 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There are all: exclusive clothes and jewelry, leather goods and handmade African souvenirs. Atmospheric, historical buildings and majestic Dining Mount, visible at a distance, make a walk along the promenade in itself a remarkable.
If you want to visit local market, need to go on the embankment on Sunday. Here you can buy fresh, organic food, as well as genuine African products that will be excellent souvenirs.

Multicolored Boy CaaAP

If there is a dream to stroll through the charming streets, it is worth a visit Bro CaaPa District. This is a former Muslim enclave. Workers settled here from Batavia and India. His unique culture area is obliged to preserve customs brought from the homeland of his first residents.
Bro CaaPa District impressive houses painted in all colors of the rainbow. From the walk through his narrow winding streets can be sprinkled – so many different, bright colors! Locals began to paint their homes to celebrate End of apartheid. This tradition has been preserved to this day, and today’s tenants can boast accommodation in the most colorful houses in the world.

Robben Island

A place that can not be missed during South African Leisure. Despite the small size, Robben Island is an The largest in South Africa. His name on Afrikaans means "Seal Island". Almost from the very beginning of the colonization, this part of Africa was the cauldine destination.
First sent lepers and incurable patients here, then he served prison for committed serious crimes and political prisoners. One of them was Nelson Mandela, who was sentenced to life imprisonment and served 27 years, including 16 years on Robben Island. Today is located here Museum, dedicated to the fight against apartheid, and the whole island has been entered in UN World Heritage List. There is also a reserve where you can see seal, and Historical Mayak.
Robben Island is approximately in 11 km from Cape Town. There is easy to get to the ferry, the path will take about 40 minutes.

Long Street

Cape Town Center is in the native deepening at the foot Dining Mountain, Lion Head, Signal Mountain and Devil Peak. For this reason, it is called City Bowl. The most popular street in this part of the city is Long Street. It is necessary to take a walk.
Street impresses beautiful Victorian stone houses with intricate forged balconies. During the walk, you can visit numerous antique shops and luxury boutiques. She is also the center of Cape Town’s nightlife – here Many bars, clubs and restaurants. Today it is difficult to believe that it was part of the Muslim quarter. Since then, a few have been preserved historical mosques.

Cape Town beaches

Although the water surrounding the southern part Africa, are not one of the warmest, and the beaches are not paradise, like on Mauritius or Philippines, they are highly appreciated in international ratings. First of all, a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding mountains. In addition, they admire the purity and small white sand. If you want to go to the beach while relaxing in South Africa, worth to visit Camps Bay. Here are the ideal conditions for swimming: Bay closed, Therefore, the water is calm, and swimming is safe. The beach also overlooks the mountain view The lion’s head and the ridge of the twelve apostles. It is worth walking at sunset.
Another beach that can not be missed by exploring Cape Town – Nurdhuk, Located between Mountain Peak Chepman and Peninsula Cape. The ocean here is restless, and the conditions for swimming are not always good. However, a long, wide and white sandy beach is simply perfect for sunbathing and walks. It is also a popular place for riding lovers. There are several seats in the area where you can take a horse and make a romantic trip Along the beach in the light of the setting sun.
Not far from Cape Town also has charming Beach Clifton, which is divided by Four plots. This is one of the most popular places of rest, both among local residents and tourists. If you want to avoid the crowd, you need to go to the first plot. He is not as charming as three others, but there is more free place here.

Penguins on Boulders Beach

10 Attractions Cape Town

Penguins are definitely associated with Frosty landscapes of Antarctica, And not S paradise beaches. However, some species liked the warm sandy shores Africa. Point penguins are one of the disappearing species, but thanks to the actions of the authorities of the country, their position significantly improved in recent years. If there is a desire to see these amazing birds, you can do it while traveling South Africa. A few kilometers from Cape Town There is a beach Boulders, where big colony dwells. The beach is part National Park Dining Mountain. For a small fee, tourists may watch penguins. Just above the beach built the promenade so that people do not damage the dunes and did not interfere with the natural activities of birds. From it can be admired with whole flock penguins.
If after the walk wants to learn more about these fascinating birds, you can go to the beach located nearby Foxy, It is located on the right of the cashier. Here are fewer birds than on a paid beach, but you can get on the blanket and watch them near. You can also Swim with penguins. Birds are accustomed to the presence of people. But still they remain wild, and when the penguins feel a threat, they can Attack. Although they look innocent and harmless, their beaks are strong and sharp, they can hurt too annoying tourist.

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope required for visiting while traveling South Africa. In the past, he pointed out tired sailors that they did not get off the way in India, and gave hope for a short respite in the port – hence his name. However, this place was famous among the sailors and its danger. Rapidly changing weather and rocky coastline represented A real threat to harsh ships. Today, wreckage of ships for several hundred years of shipwrecks scattered over the rocky bottom around Cape.
Of course, everyone heard about Flying Dutchman. The famous ghost ship drifts in the surrounding area Cape of good hope. He appears every few decades and always foreshadows misfortune. Sailboat sailed out Amsterdama v 17 century and headed by B Jakarta. Around Cape of good hope He met a terrible storm. On one of the versions of the legend captain Cursed God, According to another – gave the ship to the care Devil. Punishment for his act – Eternal travel of a sailing vessel and his whole team. For centuries, many people claimed to have seen Breaking Dutchman in close proximity to Cape of good hope.
When visiting Cape Town It is worth finding time to go there. At the end of the cape stands Lighthouse, which offers stunning views. Waves cut into almost vertical rocks, and panorama of the coast. Can be climbed to the lighthouse on their own or on the funicular "Flying Dutchman".
Cape of Good Hope Currently is a reserve. Here live Zebra, Antelopes and various types of birds. If you want to feel like an adventure crawler, you can use one of Diving centers and sinking between sunken ships.

Duker Island – Kingdom of Marine Cotes

Small Island Duker Located in the Gulf Hut, In the suburbs of Cape Town. It is less than 100 m in length and 80 meters width and famous for his colony of sea cats. They can be here 7000! The island can admire the ferry deck, the path on which occupies about 40-60 minutes and makes it possible to observe different types of birds.
However, if you want to see cats floating in water, then many local tourist firms offer diving and scuba diving near the island. Directly at the island dive forbidden, But at some distance you can see seals floating under water. Some diving centers also offer Diving with sharks. Brave tourists descend into water in special Steel cells, And in the water they throw meat. This is truly extreme experience, which is recommended only by thirsty adrenaline.

Vineyards of South Africa

Fertile South African Soil and Specific Microclimate created by mountains around Cape Town, Make terrain Ideal for growing grapes. The first reason for creating vineyards in this region was the need to deliver wine to ships, which stayed here on the way to the East. This drink defended sailors from zing and could be stored for a long time. Over time, it was also discovered that local wines Very high quality, and they began to conquer European tables. To taste they look like European wines. Needless to try red wine from Pinota, which is grown only in South Africa.
The most famous winemaker – Constance, One of the suburbs of Cape Town. Here it is "Ground Constance", Oldest vineyard South Africa. The estate was transformed into interesting museum, where you can see how his owners lived. You can also learn more about Slavery in South Africa. Exploring the estate, you can walk between grape plantations and try the wines produced here.
Cape Town must be visited during a trip to South Africa. No doubt this is a city that is worth seeing. However, it must be remembered that crime level It is very high here, and care caution, walking around the picturesque streets. Do not exhibit expensive electronic equipment and jewelry, not visiting the poor suburbs of Cape Town alone – it can only be done with Verified local guide. Try to avoid secluded places, especially in the evenings. On the other hand, in the crowd you must fear Pockets. Money and documents are better to leave in the hotel.

10 Attractions Cape Town

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