10 bars of Hong Kong with the best view

When I only flew to Hong Kong, my main desire was to wait for the sunset, climb the roof of the highest skyscraper (where, according to my ideas, it must be a cool glamor bar), order a glass of cold martini with olive at a thin osanistic waitress and, impulvently lounge on The sofa at the very edge of the roof, inhale the warm sea air, admire the Skylight night city and post the instagrambians with the signature "Life succeeded". With the onset of darkness, I began to knock on the doors of all skyscrapers, which came across my way, with a question, could they have something to drink on the roof. I will not retell your sad experience in finding the veranda with a beautiful view, I will only say that with a printout of this post, he would be more successful. Therefore, I set out to find and visit the best panoramic bars, in which after the first gland it becomes obvious that Hong Kong is the best city on the planet. Results of my two-weeks hung out in this rating.

1. Ozone

Address: 118 / F, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, International Commerce Center, 1 Austin RD. West, Kowloon.
Telephone: (+852) 2263 2263.

Many bars boasts their sky terraces and views of the city, but he is so alone. The highest bar in the world, located on the 118th floor of Hong Kong’s highest skyscraper. The average price of cocktails is 400-500 rubles, but there is an expensive luxury wine for Tolstosums. Try the Black Pearl cocktail from rhubarb, honey and champagne.

From here you can see everything – and the harbor of Victoria, and the island of Hong Kong, and the Cowloon Peninsula, and all the neighboring islands. In the corners of the terrace stand binoculars to see even better.

Despite the fact that the Ozone bar belongs to the fashionable hotel The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the day here is full of businessmen in the costumes, in the evenings atmosphere in it is the same relaxed, as in any of the fashionable places of GK.

4. And at night, Di-Jean Sets and People are heard here until it feels.

2. Sevva

Address: 25 / F, Prince’s Building, 10 CHATER ROAD, CENTRAL.
Telephone: (+852) 2537 1388
Site: Sevva.hk

Sevva is a fashionable attachment for office plankton from neighboring skyscrapers, which are relaxing here after work. And on weekends, glamorous chicks from all Hong Kong flock here to skip the pair of glasses in front of the club voyage.

The bar is located on the 25th floor of the Prince’s Building building in the heart of the Central district and are unique in that it is surrounded by skyscrapers from all sides.

View from the open terrace covers Kowloon, Victoria Harbor, Areas of Admiralty and Central. And the neighboring building of the HSBC Bank is the creation of Sir’s hand Norman Foster – is located so close that after the second glass it seems that you can touch his hand.

Below is a beautiful view of the building of the 1912 Building and the Park adjacent to it.

Here are going to wash a good deal or pour the grief after losing in court.

And this is one of the best places to monitor the multimedia show "Symphony of fires", which passes daily at 8 pm on both sides of Harbor Victoria.

VIEW 62 by Paco Roncero

Address: 62 / F, Hopewell Center, 183 Queen’s Road East.
Telephone: (+852) 2574 6262
Site: view62.Com

Almost no one knows about this bar in Hong Kong – probably because he is new. This is an unreal cool place. If I wanted to confess someone in love, I would certainly do it here. View 62 – Creation of the hands of one of the most famous Spanish restaurants and cooks Paco Roncher. This owner of two stars Michelin is called culinary alchemist. It is considered the leader of the new-fashioned trend – molecular cuisine and confesses the physico-chemical approach to cooking dishes. If you do not know what molecular kitchen is, here’s an example of such a dish – three skirts on a plate.

Here all ultraist. Even the wine card brings on Ipad.

And this is the only spinning bar restaurant in Hong Kong. It makes a complete turn in 1 hour 55 minutes. The manager told me that closer to night the bar for some reason begins to spin faster. If all day to burst molecular chemistry – also not this will seem.

You can take a seat by the window and without getting up from the sofa, in a couple of hours to see Hong Kong from all sides.

Molecular cuisine I have not tried, but cocktails are doing delicious. And, by the way, not very expensive for such a place.

Separate impressions from the high-speed glass elevator leading right in the bar. Rise and descend on it – a real attraction, the spirit captures.

Sugar Bar

Address: 32 / F, East Hotel, 29 Tai Koo Shing Rd., Tai Koo.
Telephone: (+852) 3968 3738
Site: Sugar-Hongkong.Com

This Chilaut style bar is a pretty fashionable place for progressive youth, although it is not in the center. Outdoor terrace with a plane view is located on the 32nd floor on the roof of the Hotel East Hotel. Sliding windows from the ceiling to the floor are removed during the day, turning the inside of the bar and the veranda into a single free space.

In the evenings to two nights, two French DJ Resident play here. Oh, this French disco house.

In good weather it is pleasant to sit with a laptop and work at least all day. Be sure to try one of the local favorites – cocktail "GrapeBerry Hills" (Bourbon Wild Turkey 101, Portwine, Grapes, Raspberry, Lemon, Maple Syrup). The average price of cocktails – 400 rubles, wine glasses – 300 rubles.

Here you can arrange excellent atmospheric photo sessions with Bekgrund in the form of Harbor Victoria.


This chic terrace in the Causeway Bay area does not justify its name. Tott’s – Reduction from Talk Of The Town ("byword"), but a few know about it. Located on the last, 34th floor of the hotel Excelsior.

Here is a large selection of delicious girl cocktails, and on Sundays there are branches with live jazz network and unlimited champagne. They are so popular among local alcoholics that book a table need a week for two weeks.

The view of the terrace.

From here I turned out, probably the coolest photos of Skylina Island.

There is also a second hall under the roof, where instead of walls transparent wardrobes with wine.

Elevators and entrance to the bar.

6. Felix Bar

Felix Bar is called "Great father" Hong Kong bars. This is one of the most classic bars overlooking the harbor Victoria. Despite the fact that the last time Felix turned into a passing tourist area with a bunch of visitors armed with cameras (like me), it still remains legendary. And any resident of Hong Kong if not here, then at least heard about him. Located on the 28th floor of The Peninsula Hotel Hotel.

Suffice it to say that the design of the institution made the Guru of Contemporary Art Philip Stark, and you will understand why it is worth going. The avant-garde style of the bar is very contrasted with the colonial magnitude of the rest of the Peninsula Hotel. In the warm time, the owners also use the roof of the hotel, having arranged a dance floor in the open air on it. There is a fairly strict dress code – no slippers, shorts and sleeveless pastes. Prices are above average.

Do not forget to look into the famous male sorter Bar Felix! At one time, even Lady Gaga was kept from his visit. Amazing sensations – to write in the night to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. This restroom is included in the rating of the best toilets in the world.

The most strange looking sink that I met in life.

7. Eyebar

Address: 30 / F, Isquare, 63 NATHAN RD., Tsim Sha Tsui.
Telephone: (+852) 2487 3988
Site: Elite-Concepts.Com

Lofto EyeBar is decorated in an old sea style and is named after the eye, which painted on the nose of old Chinese ships to protect sailors from the sea devil. Turquoise-gold openwork floors and polished wooden balustrades are combined with high ceilings and a spacious outdoor terrace with one of the best views on "Symphony of fires". Bar adjoins K "Mishlenovsky" Seafood restaurant Nanhai No 1, and there is also necessary to go there.

10 Bars of Hong Kong with the best view

As an additional envelope for spies-perverts on the open terrace, a paid telescope is installed in the windows of the legendary male toilet in the Felix Bar. But instead of classes, voyeurism is better to order a cocktail "Grape EXpectations" – Lime, Lemongrass, Gin and Basil Leaves. It will be served a plate with peanuts, seasoned Sichuan pepper for free.

If one cocktail seemed a little (and it will be!), Take Ricky’s Number (Gin Hendricks, Cucumber, Tonic and Rose Petals) and Mango Mama. Eyebar is part of the top five bars with the best cocktail menu in Hong Kong. Tip: Show when ordering the waiter key or map from your hotel room (no matter what hotel you stopped) and get a 20% discount on everything except bottle fault.

eight. Isobar

Address: 2 / F, Level 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance St., Central.
Telephone: (+852) 2383 8765
Site: Gaiagroup.Com.hk / isobar

Very stylish two-level place on the roof of the IFC Mall. Below is an Italian restaurant ISOLA, and on the second floor – a large glass bar and an outdoor Isobar terrace. It’s convenient to rise here after tiring shopping and drink a glass of something cold, admiring the bay and coastal panorama of the mainland Kowulun.

Visor Bar – Wine Card from more than 200 Names of wines from all over the world. And here make the best "Singapore Sling" in the town.

Right at the bar, you can order superchruly pizza from Isola, not going down to the restaurant.

The evenings are going to a pleasant party, and from Thursday to Saturday DJ-resident plays light relaxing music.

nine. Red Bar

Address: 4 / F, TWO IFC, 8 Finance St., Central.
Telephone: (+852) 8129 8882
Site: pure-red.Com

Another bar on the huge roof of the IFC Mall shopping center. Red walls, red furniture, red light and cocktail "Lady in Red". Popular among young dislocity Chinese women who come here 5-10 people here to get into the insole. And you can buy any yummer in the supermarket City’suver on the first floor and arrange a fresh air picnic here. In the evenings here is very noisy and fun.

Several recreation areas with comfortable sofas, pleasant kindergarten with cascade fountains and defiles from the skyscrapers of the Central district.

Do not limit yourself with cocktails. It is worth trying California cuisine – for example, crab cutlets.

ten. Wooloomoolo Wan Chai & Wooloomoolo Prime

WOOLOOMOOLOO WAN CHAI: 31 / F address & Rooftop, The Hennessy, 256 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai.
Phone: (+852) 2893 6960
Site: Wooloo-Mooloo.Com

WOOLOOMOOLOO PRIME: Level 21 The One, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
Telephone: (+852) 2870 0087
Site: Wooloo-Mooloo.Com

Complete my hit parade two twin brothers Australian Wooloomooloo network. Both have plague open verandas, from where you can look at almost all Hong Kong. The first bar (in the photo) is located on the island part in the Wan Chai area, on the 34th floor of the famous Tower The Hennessy.

From here it is seen not only the harbor of Victoria as a palm, but also the mountains located in the center of the island. Wicker sofas and bar chairs are closer in the evening to be filled with the most familiar public, including European Expats. There are practically no free seats. Cocktails are notable – from 500 rubles.

This is not a DJ, and the washers of glasses are descended.

The second bar is located on the other side of the bay, on the mainland, in the youth district of Tsim Sha Tsui. He takes the 21st floor of the Tower of The One.

And in the island and in the mainland bars on the same floor, but inside the building there is a statehouse of the same name, where it is necessary to taste a gentle Australian steak. Here you can bring our own wine, paying "tax" about 1000 rubles for each bottle, and it will be an economical alternative to buying wine in the bar at a price of 350 rubles per bed.

And from here you can watch the most beautiful sunsets. Just consider what darkens in Hong Kong early – at around 6 pm.

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