10 Beach hotels in Bulgaria with payment according to the scheme "All Inclusive" – ​​Selection of the 2017 season

This contributes to a number of conditions: the available cost of tours, a wide selection of resorts, a simple visa procedure, the ability to use charter flights from Moscow and other regions, the proximity of Bulgarians and Russians for culture, language and mentality. We publish a list of ten best beach Bulgarian hotels working in the scheme «all inclusive», According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (Attor). When drawing up a list based on reviews of tourists, resting in Bulgaria, not only the level of comfort, but also accessibility, and a number of other criteria were taken into account.

Golden Sands

The city of Varna, the Administrative Center of the Spa Golden Sands, is fully focused on servicing tourists, all urban life flows synchronously with the rhythm of the life of vacationers.

In the center of the city and in the area of ​​the beaches from the numerous multilingual crowd of tourists are quite noisy, but on the first and second lines from the sea, where, mostly, and have hotels, significantly quieter.

On the golden sands, the leader among the hotels operating in the scheme «all inclusive — Five-star Melia Grand Hermitage Hotel, one of the best for the whole Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, belonging to the Spanish network.

Resting at the hotel celebrate an excellent SPA center, as well as the original concept of working with children, with pleasant compliments, gifts and Russian-speaking educators.

The four-star hotel Grifid Bolero, located in a semi-kilometer from the center of Varna, is also highly estimated from the center of Varna, with a beautiful well-kept territory and friendly staff.

The hotel takes mostly Europeans, adults and children. To their services — Several restaurants, large water park and several pools.

sunny Beach

This Bulgarian resort — long-time rival of golden sands. Sunny Beach is known as the largest family resort in Bulgaria, for children’s sea bathing Here are ideal conditions — Strong entrance to the sea and pure sand.

Center Resort — Burgas, a city with a developed tourist infrastructure, there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, excursion historical objects.

Tourists on Sunny Beach Like a three-star Trakia Hotel, this inexpensive hotel is just 150 meters from the beach. Scheme «all inclusive» Provides, on tourists reviews, excellent food and excellent excursion service.

You can recommend a five-star Royal Palace Helena Park to more demanding guests of Sunny Beach, one of the few at this resort with free sun beds and umbrellas, which are also part of the system «all inclusive». The hotel is great for solid family couples.

Popular on Sunny Beach Rise option with children – Four-star Helios Paradise Hotel, owned by the European Riu Network.

Proms of the hotel Tourists consider cozy rooms, good baby animation and water slides on site.


In this cozy Bulgarian town, located directly to the sea, on the Peninsula, connected with the resort area, reigns the atmosphere of antiquity, silence and pacification.

For lovers to photograph — Excellent opportunity to make excellent pictures of vintage narrow streets, historical monuments, sea landscapes.

Unconditional leaders of tourist sympathies among hotels «all inclusive» in Nessebar — Four-star Sol Nessebar Mare and five-star Sol Nessebar Palace.

Tourists celebrate the general territory of both hotels (except the main restaurants), as well as water park, playgrounds and swimming pools, and the ability to relax in green shady corners.

Saint Vlas

The climate of this small resort town, comfortably located between the mountains and the sea, is considered unusually useful for health.

10 Beach hotels in Bulgaria with payment according to the scheme

Throughout the summer season in Saint Vlas, active cultural life reigns — In the public amphitheater, fashion shows are arranged, concerts, theatrical productions.

Four-star Hotel Primasol Sineva Beach – Excellent option for a relaxing holiday in Saint Vlas with children.

He has a small territory, here is excellent food according to the scheme «all inclusive», Clean and comfortable beach.


Specialized medical and prophylactic resort. For a long time to date, therapeutic dirt from salty lakes Pomorius is used in Bulgaria.

The main part of the hotels in Pomoria works with food according to the scheme «breakfast included» or «Breakfast and dinner included», Exception is a five-star hotel Via Pontica, offering a scheme «all inclusive».

Tourists celebrate the most affordable cost of cosmetology programs, therapeutic and recovery courses, as well as comfortable hotel rooms with Russian-speaking staff.


Thirsty of bright impressions from the genuine old-worker city coloring, beautiful landscapes are recommended for rest in Sozopol.

Houses under tiled roofs with flowers on the windows and saw grape vines, narrow powerful streets, indescribable flavors of the National Bulgarian cuisine, coming from numerous cafes….

10 km from Sozopol — Four-star hotel Arkurtino Family Resort, convenient, first of all, tourists with several children.

The hotel has enough rooms with two bedrooms, located next to the National Park — Great place for walking. Tourists in their reviews also celebrate a good children’s animation program.

10 Beach hotels in Bulgaria with payment according to the scheme

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