10 best attractions in Odessa

The first references to this area are still V century to N.NS. Nowadays Odessa became one of The most sought-after Ukrainian resorts on the Black Sea. Her streets, as if from paintings and postcards, so much to wander around them, and about rich history to tourists are ready to tell the city’s attractions.

1. Deribasovskaya ulitsa

This street glorified in music and artistic literature, no idea. Some argue that she knows all over the world. Everyone finds something in it: one impressed Non-free street sizes, On the other – her Architecture and many attractions close to it, on the third – The atmosphere of cafes and other cozy places. Anyway, it is a unique place that is difficult to describe with simple words, if only to touch the poetic language.

2. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Elegant building combining features Rococo and Barochko. Famous for external architecture and internal interiors (Speak, guests are not enough intermission to consider all the subtleties of this beauty!) and A variety of repertoire, What allows you to attribute this theatre To Known in Eastern Europe.

3. Primorsky Boulevard

Another one Famous street, Running parallel coastline. Leading styles – Classicism and Early Renaissance. Numerous Monuments, Parks, Gardens And, most importantly, the opportunity to see the best Marine Station and Port.

4. City Sad

Place of rest citizens and visitors. Here and memunesTo the characters "Twelve Chairs", and Aromatized fountain of Guczins, And many cute Bamoles among Flowering trees, on which you can enjoy silence and pacification.

5. Marine Station

Marine Station For the port city – always the most important source of life and place of attraction of local and visitors. Here and Types of sea, and Smooth system of ships, which are called the name immediately go to the westrand in the world – the place of dreams, expectations, meetings.

6. The Potemkin Stairs

Another symbol Odessa, Thorough and majestic. It is said that the movement along it is a metaphor of a human life path, which, although it is built from individual days and moments, in memory is maintained in the form of a single storyline.

7. Catacombs

10 Best attractions in Odessa

Extensive catacomb network, Constituted KAto the outskirts of the city and under its center. Will make an indelible impression on people who are interested in history.

eight. Passage

Amazing architectural ensemble from among the old but preserved buildings. On it can be studied "Odessa eclectic" &# 8211; mixture classicism, modern and baroque.

nine. Monument to Catherine Great

Situated on Ekaterininskaya Square, Near Primorsky Boulevard and Potemkin’s staircase. Bronze monument to Empress, I published in 1794. Decree on the basis of the city. Successful location and subtle design make it one of the main places of attraction.

ten. Vorontsov Palace

Another architectural monument located in North End of Primorsky Boulevard. Colonnade next to the palace – Beautiful sightseeing platform with which the city is visible as on the palm. From her on the coast and street was still Vorontsov, Being General Governor Odessa.

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