10 best attractions Brunei &# 8211; it’s worth seeing with your own eyes

Tourists who come to Brunei are little interested in the form of government, the most attention is paid to local attractions, good, they are here. And although the country has a very small size, neither nature nor architects have not shaked on the creation of very beautiful places that 100% should be seen.

Brunei &# 8211; Unique history of the kingdom

Brunei received complete independence from the UK only in 1984. Now, this is a modern, rich state, surrounded by the same progressive neighbors: Singapore and Malaysia. The Kingdom of Brunei is divided by a strip of land that belongs to Malaysia. The economic component of the country is primarily associated with the extraction and processing of oil and gas, which is the basis of the whole budget of the kingdom.

The system and the organization of public transport in the kingdom is in an adequacy, due to the fact that almost every resident of the state has a personal car, so you should not count on the possibility of traveling on buses or trains &# 8211; Although airport transfers have. The categorically negative attitude of the state to alcohol products is due to Islamic religion. Alcohol does not produce in Bruherni, do not sell in stores and, accordingly, do not use. The importation of alcohol has been prohibited since 1991 by a personal decree of the ruling Sultan.

The main attractions of Brunaya

This Islamic country has many magnificent temples built with a considerable scope on its lands, which is characteristic of the rich countries of the Islamic world. The ancient traditions of Brunei eloquently tell us that every Sultan, who ascended the throne, must erect the mosque. What exactly is worth seeing?

  1. Sultan Mosque Omar Ali, By right, the title of the most visited attractions of the Kingdom of Brunei. This is the Islamic temple, blinding with its glitter and luxury, is located in the capital of the state, Bandar Series-Begawa. The temple is a symbol of Islamic faith and the real pride of a small country.
  2. Second on account, but no less than the grand mosque of the capital, this Mosque James ASR Hassanal Bolkiaha. This temple is considered one of the largest in Southeast Asia and personifies the power and inviolability of Islam. According to some data, this mosque is the largest marble building in the world. Two rooms are decorated in the temple &# 8211; Male and female, each of which freely accommodates more than 10 thousand people.
  3. Royal Regali Museum Also a very curious place. Located in the center of the capital Bandar Series-Begavan, stunningly beautiful and has a pleasant bonus, in the form of a free entrance. Collections of regalia and gifts of various sultans ruling at different times are collected in the palace. Collections exhibits: crowns, jewels, weapons and even chariot.
  4. 10 Best attractions of Brunhai; it's worth seeing with your own eyes
  5. Palace of the acting Sultan, Istana Zerul Imman. This unique structure is entered into the Guinness Book of Records, as the world’s largest residential residence of the Head of State. The total area of ​​the monastery of Sultan is 200 thousand square meters, and the amount spent on construction is striking – more than a billion dollars. You can get to the palace only three times a year, during the Muslim holidays.
  6. Village on the water Campung Ayer – This is an amazing community of people living in traditional houses on the piles standing on the river. Surprisingly, 30 thousand people live in this large water countryside, and these are more than half of the population of the capital. Here, on the water, schools, shops and hospitals and life in these places beats the key.

Actually, this is the most visited and interesting sights of Brunei, in fact, interesting places to visit here an order of magnitude more, so lay on a trip at least 2-3 days on the excursion &# 8211; You will not be disappointed.

5 most beautiful natural attractions of Brunei

Not only architectural, but natural attractions conquered me when I first came to Brunei. Nature is unique here, and due to insufficiently developed tourism &# 8211; devally clean, so she can enjoy and see. I recommend to see:

  • Ulu-Tembourong National Park;
  • Snake Lake Tseek Merimbun;
  • Waterfalls AIR-TRJUN-MILITSA;
  • Songai Liang Reserve;
  • Osai-Candal Reserve

Nature in Bruherni beautiful, here impassable jungle coexist with the purest lakes, and the waterfalls are located in close proximity to the beaches. The only flaw &# 8211; The infrastructure is well developed only in the center of the resorts, it is worth going to the periphery, and the foreigners have difficulties.

Useful tips for those who are first riding in Brunei

It is in brunwork that the most expensive and luxurious hotel of the world, built by decree of Sultan &# 8211; Not that I would stay here, but I know that this place is very popular among wealthy foreigners. I want to share everyday recommendations that can help on vacation:

  • Brunei &# 8211; The country is rich, public transport is almost no, so only tourists are moving on foot, I advise you to rent a car;
  • Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting local shops &# 8211; Prices are very modest due to lack of taxes, but the value of dinner in the cafe is already an order of magnitude higher;
  • Excursions are most convenient to buy via the Internet &# 8211; There are no guarantees on the street;
  • in brunke low crime level, but street thefts may happen &# 8211; Watch out for things;
  • do not exchange cash &# 8211; Use bank cards, the course will be more profitable;
  • In cafes and restaurants it is customary to leave tips &# 8211; about 10%, often this amount is included in the check;
  • Hotels in Broheri a little, so hurry in booking &# 8211; places may not stay.

Brunei &# 8211; This is a kingdom with good beaches and a lot of attractions. There are interesting excursions, arrange trips to nature, make photos against the background of unusual architecture objects. Country is well suited for short rest &# 8211; If you are going to Vietnam, you can look here to diversify your vacation: you will not be disappointed. Weighing plus &# 8211; No need to issue a visa, and this opportunity appeared among Russians only in 2018.

10 Best attractions of Brunhai; it's worth seeing with your own eyes

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