10 best beach places on the Mediterranean coast

Why not go to Summer holiday to the Mediterranean Sea, Where are there Long sandy beaches, Idyllic bays and turquoise waves, who are so mounted to relax. We will show you Most popular places around Mediterranean Sea and tell what beaches are the most Best.

1. Zante (Zakynthos): Bay Navadzhio

V Greece There are many incredible beaches, but the most beautiful can be found on Island Zanta. Navagio Bay, also known as ;Smugglers Bay ;, is the perfect card motive with his shipwreck. High Stone walls Protect a small beach, and get to it, you can exclusively on Boat, What adds to him privacy.

2. Mallorca: Cala Agula

Away from noisy beaches you can find several idyllic places on Majorca. Cala Aguulla – one of the most beautiful beaches on the popular Balearo Island. This Bay protected surrounded by Natural Reserve not far from Capdeper. With white sand and untouched quality, this is the perfect place to rest for vacationers who want to relax. On site there is Two restaurants and kiosk – So you do not have to worry about deliveries.

3. Corsica: De Palombia Beach

Beach ; Plage de Palombaggia ; is the most beautiful beach Islands Corsica and charm you with their breathtaking flowers. From crystal clear water with a view down on a sandy bottom, stand out Red rocks, which, together with various blue shades of the sea and green pine forests give excellent contrast. Next you will find numerous Beach bars, where you can restore forces with drink and snacks for the next round of sunbathing or relax in the evening in the evening, watching the sunset at the end of the perfect day.

4. Croatia: Golden Horn

;Zlatsie Rat ; or ;Golden Horn ;, on the island Brach one of the most popular beaches in Croatia. Cape width 500 meters, Surrounded by a beautiful sandy beach, performs in the sea. V Golden Horn Hotel You can do Windsurfing and ride waves. Sun fans, can pamper themselves with refreshing dives in Cool water. The peak of the beach is also famous for changes its orientation depending on the wind. Basically, he sometimes points to north, and then again on south.

5. Sardinia: Cala Gollarice

To the most beautiful and photographed Beach Sardinia get to it, you can only walk or on an inflatable boat. Trip to Cala Gorlace already became a raisin. Milling Beach Cala Sisin and Kala Luna, You can drive along Gulf Di Orozie. From the boat opens an incredible, 30-meter sea-bottom.

6. Cyprus: Nissi Beach

On an endless, beautiful and sandy beach you can do almost all that your holiday soul wishes. After sunbathing, walk to water. As water gently drops, to a small Islands Nissi can be easily reached on foot. You can make excellent Trips with mask and tube in a deeper part of water.

7. Turkey: Kabutas

10 Best beach places on the Mediterranean coast

On Southwest Turkey You will find this quiet oasis of rest. White sandy beach is located in a small bay. Going around about on 200 Stepes, You will achieve clean water and gentle waves. The only drawback, you will search for restaurants and bars in vain – this is quiet place – But the perfect place to relax.

eight. South-France: Calank de Sorrow

Total B 20 minutes ride from southern french capital Cities Marseille There is a rocky Coast of Calanki. Along the coast you will find several bays similar to Fjords, Surrounded Rocky Mountains. One of the most popular bay&# 8211;SORIU. It is within easy reach of uninhabited islands, total Several meters from the beach.

nine. Komino Island: Blue Lagoon

Turquoise-blue water and small areas of the beach framed by uneven cliffs: Blue Lagoon justifies its name and was the place of films such as ;Elena Troyanskaya ;. The bay is located on Komino Island, right opposite Ostrov Cominott. These two islands are located between the main Island Malta And neighboring Island Gozo. To protect the brittle archipelago and species living there, the authorities in 2002 put Blue lagoon For special protection.

ten. Spain: Marbella

If you are looking for Exclusivity, then you are in the right place in Marbella. Next to one of the best Beach Andalusia you will find a large selection of excellent Hotels, restaurants and Butikov. V Marbella Also there is picturesque Old Town S magnificent cafe and small shops. Historically, there is something to discover. Architecturally interesting Buildings of different epochs, as well as residues Times Mavrov are located around the historic center of the city.

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