10 best countries where most tourists

Your attention is provided to the top of the best countries open to visit any season, which are quite good and interesting attractions.

No. 10. Mexico: 22.4 million tourists

On the 10th place of the rating there is Mexico.

Kilometers and kilometers of southern turquoise beaches on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to Latin America every year.

Especially for foreign guests built Riviera-Maya, which is called tourist paradise.

No. 9. Malaysia: 24.6 million tourists

Having a rapidly developing economy and a powerful trading industry, Malaysia increasingly attracts not only foreign businessmen, but also numerous tourists.

Most of all foreigners in Malaysia attracts the capital of Kuala Lumpur, the luxurious sea coast in Terenghan and the Jungle Borneo.

No. 8. Germany: 26.9 million tourists

On the 9th place of the list Germany.

According to the World Tourism Organization, this country spends most of all in the world to develop tourism, and, it seems that the money is not spent in vain.

Residents of Russia visa is issued without problems.

Many large German cities became a real magnet for foreign tourists, especially during various festivals (christmas, beer and summer).

Munich Oktoberfest attracts tourists. A lot of guests also arrives in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Number 7. Turkey: 27 million tourists

Turkey is known for its peculiar culture, centuries-old traditions, sea.

Also, a variety of nature – from the snow-covered mountain peaks Nemmit to hot Cappadocia valleys.

For tourists from Russia there is a visa-free entry.

In the distant past, a unique civilization was originated in Turkey, with the impressive ruins of the Roman Empire and the expressive architecture of the Ottoman Empire.

Istanbul – the main magnet for foreign tourists and business people.

In the largest city in the country, vintage mosque, cheap first-class hotels and small restaurants.

No. 6. United Kingdom: 28.1 million tourists

And although the UK is visited much less tourists than Italy, in the island state there is something to see.

You can see charming rural English, a varied landscape of Scotland and Wales Coastline.

And, of course, we should not forget about London, which, in fact, is the world in miniature.

No. 5. Italy: 43.6 million tourists

In Italy, no doubt, there is something to see: Romantic Canals of Venice, Ancient Square of Rome and Yellow Beaches Amalfi.

The country offers travel routes for any taste, and that is why millions of tourists come here every year.

Italy is one of the most attractive countries of the world, and it is safe to say that the number of people willing to visit it will only grow.

No. 4. Spain: 52.7 million tourists

The warm sea of ​​Spain always attracts the crowds of Europeans on their magnificent beaches.

Summer Costa del Sol and nearby islands filled with Germans, British and Dutch.

10 Best countries where most tourists

Many tourists are visited by other areas of Spain, including Barcelona and the historical cities of Andalusia and Castile.

Wherever you go to this country in Europe, you will always find first-class hotels, excellent service and excellent cuisine.

No. 3. China: 55.7 million tourists

In recent years, the main number of foreigners visiting China has increased dramatically. This is due primarily to the growing economic power of the Middle Kingdom.

Today, representative offices or production in China have almost all major foreign companies, banks and retailers.

At the same time, the PRC becomes popular and as a tourist destination, where you can visit the ancient cities of Asia, historical places and try exotic cuisine.

№ 2. USA: 59.7 million tourists

Not only the size of the United States, but also a diversity: a few climatic belts, huge national parks and dynamic megalopolises.

New York, Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco – the most visited and popular American cities.

No. 1. France: 76.8 million tourists

It is not surprising that France has been becoming the most popular country in foreign tourists for many years. There is a huge number of world famous architectural monuments and museums.

In France, every traveler can find something interesting: Louvre or Eiffel Tower in Paris, winemaking in Bordeaux or Loire castles.

In addition, France ; Pretty compact European state, which allows the tourist to quickly get from one region to another.

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10 Best countries where most tourists

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