10 best cruise routes

Someone will say that cruise — Fresh and monotonous journey — Well, that may be interesting to hang around on the ship all day and sail somewhere and sail? In fact, cruise programs are so multifaceted, and combinations of cities and countries in them are so unusual that they will not even have to be bored for tourists — Here you have exotic, extreme, and the latitude of native expanses — Sometimes in such places, Where is the plane just not to get.

Neil, Egypt

If you gathered in a river cruise, we advise you to choose Route between Egyptian cities Luxor and Aswan, on the river Nile. The temples of the Luxor, Tutankhamon’s tombs in the valley of kings and Nefertari in the Korolev Valley is guaranteed to impress any traveler. From Luxor, you can go to the city of Edfa, to the temple of the Egyptian god Gorus — owner of a falcon head; From there, proceed to the temple of God Sobet in the city of Kom Ombo, and in colorful asuan — Make a trip to the famous Asuan dam. Egypt’s picture has not yet developed? Then leave a couple of days to visit Cairo.

Dubai, UAE

This is a new direction in a cruise group, which is rapidly gaining momentum; UAE authorities intend to do everything possible to strengthen the position of Dubai as the leading world cruise area. Departing B Travel from Russia, You, firstly, save at the hotel, secondly, you will not be fed to feel in the company of foreigners, as Russian-speaking staff works on the liner.

Travel promises to be unforgettable — 2 nights Liner will stand in the port of Dubai, the cruise terminal of which is designed in the form of a ship of 3,300 m2, where the 335-meter berth can simultaneously moored two vessels. During this time you can visit the sights of the city and make a profitable shopping.

Volga, Russia

Mother Russia is rich in beautiful places to see each. And maybe before going abroad, it is worth a look at the native expanses? Tourist vouchers in Russia provide you with such an opportunity.

Cruise on the River Volga awakens real pride and patriotic feelings, leaving memories for many years. Your route will run through the city of Uglich — One of the oldest cities of Russia, then you visit Yaroslavl with his churches of the XIII century — «Pearl of the Golden Ring», Kizhi Island — Architectural Museum-Reserve and many other embellishments that Russia is famous.

Athens, Greece

Going to the islands, do not forget to take the camera! Everything else you will find in place. First on the program you will visit Egine Island with rich history, gorgeous landscapes, pistachio groves, fish and floating fruit and vegetable markets; Then by the Byzantine Church of St. Nectarios and other attractions, recreation of the atmosphere of the V century to our era. The next point will be Poros Island, greenery and lemon gardens. And then I Hyra Island — Perfect natural «decoration» For photographs. This is one of the most multinational islands. It’s funny that the only vehicle allowed on the island —These are donkeys.

Amazon, Brazil

Perhaps not just a cruise, but a whole river expedition. Hitting deep in tropical Amazon forests, You will enjoy the virgin nature, see rare animals and insects that are hiding from prying eyes in the shade of trees. Welcome along the river you will be on a convenient ship that is designed specifically for this.

The main travel route passes upstream Rio-Negro northeast to Rio Zhauerpery River (the main influx of Amazon) — about 200 miles from Manaus, Brazil. An integral part of the program is to familiarize with the locals, whose houses are in the most common forest.


The Mediterranean Sea is rich in unique and beautiful places. For example, island Corsica, France. It is also worth a visit, because the emperor Napoleon was born here.

Or island Majorca — One of the most picturesque places of Spain. Water Mediterranean carefully wash this corner of paradise with a fertile climate and extraordinary nature.

Mediterranean cruises differ in abundance of excursion programs — It seems impossible to choose. Perhaps one of the most interesting routes — this is Barcelona — Casablanca — Agadir-Canary Islands-Funhal — Malaga.

Yangtze, China

Perhaps the most exotic route in our top — By the Great River China Yangtze. You will visit «Afterworld» — Buddhist monastery in the city Fengdu, Three famous small gorges — «Dragon Gate», «Gorge Tumanov» And the Ditsuy Gorge («Green gorge»). Special attention during the cruise is paid to huge dams «Three gorges».

You will visit the city Nanjin —The ancient capital of several Chinese dynasties, mountain massifs of Huanshan, city Wuhan and Villa Chairman Mao.

Norwegian fjords

Fjords Norway — The most beautiful, deepest and most famous in the world. They can rightfully be called the eighth miracle of the world! Each fjord has its own characteristics and attractions.

Geianger Fjord famous for the highest and picturesque waterfalls. Sogne Fjord — The longest fjord in the world.

Hardanger Fjord It is famous for the adjacent area where the spring bloom is gorgeous fruit gardens. Fjord It is famous for the rocky steaming, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view, and the most bold can come straight to the edge of the rock. From the board of the ship opens indescribable beauty view, and comes «music» waterfall, which can be listened eternally; and houses, as if toy, it seems, is about to fall from the sheer cliffs.

Also travel through a dizzying mountain road. Murdal — Almost kilometer altitude. To overcome such a drop of heights on a short segment, the road was laid on a spiral passing through 20 tunnels.

Mississippi, USA

River cruises on the Mississippi River from Memphis in New Orleans — This is truly interesting! You will reveal the impressive part of the US cultural and historical heritage: you will get to know Memphis Elvis Presley, Get the opportunity to explore the beauty of southern cities with their unique delivered houses, visit Bato-Rouge — The spiritual home of the National Music of French-speaking residents of Louisiana, and then plunge into the atmosphere of New Orleans soaked in jazz.

Caribbean and Galapagos Islands

Caribbean Sea lies at the crossroads of all roads — between North and South America, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Do not have time to blink with the eye, as the next port will change the new state flag. Caribbean cruises are divided into Western, Eastern and South. Starting points for them, as a rule, staff Florida (USA), Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico.

Get ready for a rich in beautiful places and a rich program: Bahamas, Jamaica, Terks and Caicos — Perhaps the most wonderful islands of the Caribbean archipelago that you have to visit. Real Treasure of Pacific Cruises — Galapagos Islands, Located near Ecuador.

This archipelago, consisting of 13 major, 6 small and more than 100 tiny islands appeared as a result of tectonic activity of about one million years ago. Thanks to its special geographical position and evolution, unique species of animals are inhabited here, which are no longer in one point in the world.

In Galapaghos, over 30 yachts, offering a wide variety of cruise programs: You will be offered to visit the research station them. Charles Darwin, Show pink flamingos in the picturesque lagoon, the coasts occupied by marine quotes and iguanami, frigates and seagulls, as well as snow-white beaches, where the sea turtles are postponed from December to May.


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10 Best cruise routes

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