10 best free entertainment in Berlin

No wonder the excitement around Berlin not subsidize for many years Megapolis on the spree Now is one of the most popular destinations for travel in Europe. Capital Germany With its unique multicultural flavor and rich history awakens the desire to discover people from around the world.
Do you want to explore cultural life, get acquainted with exciting nightlife or relax in countless parksBerlin there is something to offer everyone. Good news for Limited Budget Travelers: There is a lot of free entertainment in the capital.
Listed below 10 best events in Berlin, which you can experience free!

Reichstag building

Reichstag, residence Bundestag Germany, is one of the most visited places in the city. As a political symbol, it means history and current events of Germany. But the building attracts attention and with architectural point of view: The combination of historical foundation and modern dome creates an exciting contrast for the eyes. This is exactly the image that will be remembered for a long time. You are interested in more interesting sights? In the immediate vicinity there are such interesting locations like Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten and Potsdamskaya square.
For everyone who does not just want to see the building outside: Reichstag You can also visit is free. It is important to register in advance on the site, so as not to stand in long queues. Immerse yourself in The history of Berlin And enjoy the unique architecture of the Reichstag dome!

Memorial Holocaust

Memorial killed Europe’s Jews located in Center Berlin, not far from Reichstaga. This area is one of the most important monuments of the city – millions of people are visited annually. Memorial Holocaust, Erected in the period From 2003 to 2005, consists of 2711 concrete stele, built on the wave-like field. The result is an impressive picture that attracts the attention of all visitors, as well as stimulating reflections.
But the memorial can offer even more in its underground part: this is the place of memory and is used for Information and explanations. It is stored in it Extensive and impressive documentation about the persecution of Jews in Europe. Entrance to the exhibition free. Be sure to carry out this historical tour for Berlin.

East Side Gallery

Of all residues Berlin Wall Especially stand out East Side Gallery. On the wall of the walls about 1.3 km Exhibited impressive Works of art and it is a former border between East and Western Berlin. Shortly after the fall East-Sayd Walls Gallery was transferred under protection. Since then, there has left their mark more 100 artists.
Visit the longest remaining part of the wall is also due to its convenient location for travelers. East Side Gallery Located right on Spree, Not far from the famous Oberbaumbruck – Another attraction Berlin, both for locals and tourists. This area is ideal for a walk through water or tracing Realier-Stasse, one of the most popular nightlife sites of the city.

Hack yards

Hack yards Among the residents and guests of the city are equally popular. They symbolize upgrades after falling Berlin Wall. Not far from the station urban railway Hakkescher Markt (Haksky Market) There is a complex from eight luxuriously designed and interconnected yards. There is something to see here! Numerous Unique shops, creative exhibitions and Small restaurants Invite you to linger in a cozy atmosphere. In the courtyard you can walk through the streets without street noise.
Stroll around the courtyards, treat yourself Delicious snacks and allow yourself to be inspired by this unique architectural landmark Berlin.


Cultural possibilities of Berlin huge: there are countless many Museums and Monuments. Many of them can be visited is free. Including new Futurium, which opened only in 2019. Futurium was built with the expectation for the future. Topics such as Climate change, artificial intelligence, health, life and many others focused on Three floors And prompted visitors to think: "How do we want to form our future?". Futuristic architecture of the building perfectly emphasizes this topic, and interactive exhibitions complete the innovative concept of the museum. Alone or family – Futurium fascinates!


Hotel Toyifelsberg Located a bit outside city ​​center, But it is necessary to visit it. You can get to it, for example, from the station Grunevald City Railway. From there you can easily reach a unique attraction Berlin. At the top of the hill is located very unusual from an architectural point of view of the building that served as a station of listening during Cold War. In addition, it opens a breathtaking view of Berlin.
Like I East Side Gallery, Toyifelsberg is one of the mandatory places to visit street art fans. Because he invites you to admire a wide variety of works of art graffiti. Together with an impressive building and historical past, a trip to Toyifelsberg promises unforgettable moments and immerses you in an incomparable atmosphere.

Green zones

10 Best free entertainment in Berlin

Berlin known as Very green city – His numerous and extensive Green Sanding invite every traveler a little linger. Diverse groups and people enjoy Sun, cozy reading hours or Group events in the green zone. As soon as summer becomes not far from the mountains, Berliners are looking forward to waiting for the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather with friends and family in Green zonesnumerous parks and green Planting in Berlin are also a highlight and visitors to the city!
Tiergarten Located between Brandenburg Gate and Berlin ZooGreen oasis Tranquility in the middle of the city. Go for a walk, play sports or just relax – the park is suitable for all this. Another plus: Tiergarten – Not only The biggest park in Berlin, But surrounded by many attractions.


Before closing in 2008 Tempelhof Airport was one of the international airports Berlin. Nevertheless, it was closed only for aircraft – this space was open to visitors with 2010 and functions as a recreation area. In the former airport or on the adjacent territory there was practically nothing restored, so today Tempelhof Looks like a place, "Caucasian»Users.
This one background attracts berliners from all areas – this is a separate territory where you can spend Different types of leisure. No matter, running Do you, skate, Ride cycling Or come on picnic, Tempelhof offers enough space for all! Also at your service Walking with dogs and platforms for B-B-Q. Another attraction Tempelhof – this is Public Sad. This big garden with more than 250 beds and more 500 gardeners represents a visual spectacle! You can also visit it and find out why Berliners are so high of him.


In Berlin and its surroundings there are many lakes, who can not be missed in Hot summer days. These are popular places where residents of the city love rest, Have fun and relax. Most lakes Berlin well connected with public transport stops, so you can easily reach them.
Mugegelzea is in Treps-Köpenik. He covers Square 7.4 M and is the largest in the city. Put on melting, explore Berlin, Like a local resident, and enjoy the sun in one of the places for swimming on the shore. Take up your loved ones aquatic sports or take part in one of the different Boat excursions. W Mugegelzee There is something to offer!

Channel Landver

When it comes to water in Berlin, You can first think about Spree. But Berlin has the best option: built between 1845 and 1850 channel Landven length almost 11 kilometers Connect the eastern side Spree v Friedrichshene with the western side in Charlottenburg. Here you can make a wonderful walk. Enjoy this lively, but relaxing route in the middle of the city.
On Channel Landven always happen something, and all the places look different. Enjoy excursion in the city on water or have fun in one of the numerous idyllic seats on the bank.

10 Best free entertainment in Berlin

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