10 best hotels in the center of Kaliningrad

We chose Hotels in the center of Kaliningrad, Which close to sights, public transport and train station. From top to bottom, they are built taking into account the removal from the island of Kneyprhof (Kant Island). Each hotel has a minimum price for two guests for a week (6 nights) accommodation.

Hotels in Kaliningrad on the map

All accommodation options from this selection are collected on this map, you can easily choose a hotel, and then go to the description below in the text. Enter the dates of arrival and departure in the appropriate fields and click Show prices. The site will open with prices for your dates and the cheapest option among booking systems.

Hotels in the center of Kaliningrad

Hotel Ibis

Rating opens Hotel Ibis Kaliningrad ; world famous hotel chain. Located close to all: the ocean museum, the island of Kant, the place where Königsberg castle was standing, and also near the grocery stores and restaurants. Nearby, on Victory Square there is a good beer restaurant hop with its own brewery. In addition, Ibis has hit the famous good name. Wherever you are, here you will always be happy.

Price level In Ibis about 17 000 rubles a week for two guests. The hotel has beautiful modern rooms with shower and toilet, always removed and fresh towels.

Hotel Skipper

Next with us Hotel Skipper In the Fish Village. From here to the Kaliningrad Cathedral literally 300 meters through the bridge. Closer to the cathedral you can only live on the bench in the square. Hotel is located on the very shores of the Pragoli River. Downstairs a lot of restaurants with a variety of cuisine. Fish Village ; This is your favorite holiday destination Kaliningradsers and city guests.

Price level here about 24,000 rubles a week for two guests. You can come with animals.

Hotel Heliopark

Hotel Heliopark Kaisehof Located there, where and the previous. But this little luxurious and, accordingly, more expensive. This, however, does not prevent him from being a little more popular with tourists. Many targeted coming to this hotel.

Prices at the level of 26,000 rubles a week for two guests. Each room has a TV, air conditioning, shower, safe and minibar.

Hotel Golden Bay

He is a little further from the center than all the previous ones, but it is closer to the southern station. The hotel is lost among apartment buildings in the city center, so it’s always quiet here. To the center, too, not far ; walking easily reach for 10 minutes. Stores with products are also near, including Network Supermarket Victoria.

Prices an order of magnitude lower than that of previous. For two will ask about 14,000 per week. Each room has a shower and even bath.


In addition to hotels in the center of Kaliningrad there are also hostels. They are not a lot. And they can significantly save your travel budget. Just keep in mind that these are hostels and the lowest price they usually indicate a bed in a shared bedroom.

Koyka Gow

First among hostels Koyka Gow. Inside stylish, modern air-conditioned rooms. WiFi works in the hostel. For guests with cars there is parking. The hostel is located in a quiet area of ​​ten minutes walk from Cant Island and South Station.

Prices: Week here will cost about 6,000 rubles for two.

Oh My Kant

Hostel Oh My Kant, What in Russian means about my caten located near the southern station. This is the center, but the island of Kant is already distant ; walking minutes 15-20. But near the train station with a railway museum, Brandenburg Gate and Friedland Gate. Nearby is Park.

Prices at the level of 5000 rubles a week for two.

Hostel on the port

Also located in the center of Kaliningrad. Kant Island Close and Museum of Ocean, too, immediately Friedrichsburg Gate. However, to walk to the Ocean Museum will have to go on the bridge through the prevolutionary first above all the island of Kant, and then on the banks of the river in the opposite direction.

Price for a week 5000 rubles for two.

10 Best hotels in the center of Kaliningrad
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Now go to the apartment ; Simply put to apartments (I do not know why this particular word got along with tourists).

On Epronovskaya

Close to the center Apartments on Epronovskaya Street. This apartment is near the anniversary bridge opposite the Fish village ; Quiet beautiful area.

Price per week 21000 rubles.

On the island of Kneyprhof

Apartments on the island of Kneyprhof ; This is only a name, there is nothing in this island except the cathedral. In fact, the apartment is a little away, in a quiet residential area. To the center go 5 minutes. Nearby there are ancient Kirch and one interesting landmark ; New football stadium who prepare for the World Cup in 2018. Near the apartment there is a major network shop Victoria.

Price per week 10,000 rubles. If you choose the apartments, we recommend that these.

On Bagration Street

Ends our list the most common apartment on Bagration Street. This is already familiar to us the place between the southern station and the Fish Village.

Price only 9000 rubles per week.

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Now you know what Hotels in the center of Kaliningrad ; Choose and book. If you want to learn more about searching for cheap hotels, read the article 4 ways to find cheap accommodation. Good luck to you!

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