10 Best inexpensive hotels in Amsterdam

10 best inexpensive hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam suffers from chronic lack of available, low-cost hotels in 3 *. If money is not important, find a place where you can stay comfortably, quite easy. Famous luxury hotels such as "Dylan" in Amsterdam, "Georges V" in Paris or "The Ars" in Barcelona, ​​do not particularly need ideas. But such a luxury can not afford most tourists.

Where to stay in Amsterdam, spending no more than 120 pounds sterling per night? Journalists of the British newspaper "Telegraph" conducted their research and offer a dozen of the best hotels in this "Democratic" Price category.

The presented ten – a wonderful compromise between savings and the ability to plunge into a specific atmosphere of the capital of the Netherlands, for a while feeling its involvement in history. All hotels of dozens, except one, are located in the prestigious areas of the city: or by the Canal, or the Van Gogh museum, other famous museums and parks of the city. Prices are for the cheapest double room in May (the peak of the tourist season), the price includes breakfast.

1. "Brouwer" – &# 163; 62

If your budget is quite scoopy, but you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of historical Amsterdam – you can stay in the hotel "Brower", which stands on one of the urban channels.

Hotel Building itself – Sea Captain House, on his facade is the date of construction – 1652. Hall of registration, where, among other things, serve breakfast, decorated with antique soles and frescoes. Bedrooms "Brouvera" Channel windows. In the rooms, simple wooden floors, but on the walls – pictures of Dutch artists, including the Bosch fabric. Total hotel numbers 9 rooms.

2. "Orlando" – &# 163; 69

The rooms of this hotel occupy three floors of the old, 1680 buildings of the building from the canal, and do not know people consider him a rather expensive private house.

Owner Paul Ladder, former lawyer, furnished bedrooms with taste: oak floors, silk curtains, lighting from Philip Stark. Prices here vary: from &# 163; 69 in the rooms on the first floor, to &# 163; 80 – &# 163; 100 per room, from the windows of which canal. The most expensive is number 117, all three windows of which are watching the channel.

Paul Lodder himself serves breakfast guests. But if someone does not like the master’s treat – in two steps there are good restaurants. In the hotel 5 rooms.

3. "Seven Bridgees" – &# 163; 76

A three hundred years of the building is watching windows on one of the most picturesque canals of Amsterdam. The hotel name itself describes the view from the windows.

Building owners who lived in it over 30 years left the bedrooms with Persian carpets, Tiffany lamps, tables from the biddermer, chairs from Louis XV and much more.

Truth, &# 163; 76 There is only one room located on the first floor. The following at the price – numbers 9 and 10, are already &# 163; 100 and are in the attic. The most expensive – number 5, having its own terrace, is almost twice as expensive – &# 163; 180.

Disadvantages of this building: no elevator and steep stairs, as well as the absence of a common hall. True, compensated for this breakfast, which is delivered to the room, and for those who prefer to have breakfast outside the bedroom, a few meters from the house are equipped with a cafe. Total in the hotel 11 rooms. By the way, the hotel’s website exists in Russian.

4. "OWL" &# 163; 89

From the beginning of the 1970s, the hotel takes "Owl". The XIX century mansion is located near the city center, near the Van Gogh Museum. Creamy green living room, bar, breakfast room, as well as a terrace where breakfasts are organized when the weather has the weather.

Hotel Bedrooms are boring: modern furniture, old reproductions and patterns of impressionists, perfectly preserved. The largest in the hotel are numbers 26, 36, 46 and 56. Total B "Owl" 34 rooms.

5. "Lloyd" – &# 163; 95

Almost everything is known about "Lloyd", – Facts are not confirmed. It is alleged that in the 20s of the last century, he served as a pension for immigrants who expected flights to depart in America.

Now here is a civilized hotel, in the hall of which concerts, exhibitions and meetings with celebrities are often held. Bedrooms There are all extraordinary, different levels – from 1 *, where there are one shower for several numbers, up to 5 *, located in almost the attic, with a private bathroom. The price of the latter – &# 163; 250.

Breakfast is organized in a huge lobby, and here the morning menu at a level of much more expensive hotels: you can choose not a breakfast program, but specific dishes, and a separate table will be served.

Situated "Lloyd" A ten minute walk from the station "Central", not far from oriental docks. Motorcycles have become a special service of the hotel – they are most convenient to learn the big city. V "Lloyd" 117 rooms.

6. " ‘T Hotel" – &# 163; 100

The XVII century building is located near one of the most picturesque canals of Amsterdam. To bedrooms leads a separate entrance. Rooms are tastefully furnished: lamps with art decor, gray and brown furniture, snow-white bathrooms. The cost of one overnight stay here – &# 163; 114. True, all the same lack of vintage buildings: steep stairs and the lack of elevator, and to go for breakfast, you will have to get out of the house and enter on the other hand. V " ‘T Hotel" 8 rooms.

7. "Piet Hein" – &# 163; 104

"Piet Hein" – Luxury hotel, built in the nineteenth century, overlooking the park, not far from the Van Gogh Museum. Here is a luxurious hall with a bar, traditionally decorated with tulips; In the lobby leather sofas, coffee tables and always fresh press, as well as Internet terminals with free access for guests.

Sea theme permeates this place: from black and white photos of racing yachts in the lobby to modern bedrooms, something similar to the cabins of the ocean liner.

In the room mansion cheaper, since they are less. In a newer, twentieth century, the extension of the room is more and have air conditioners, as a result, they are more expensive – on &# 163; 14.

Choosing this hotel in the near future, it is worth being attentive and clarify in advance: the hotel’s owners are driving another expansion, so the repair may prevent plans for rest. The hotel has 60 rooms.

eight. "CANAL HOUSE" – &# 163; 107

This hotel is most characteristic of Amsterdam and the most old-fashioned. It consists of two connected buildings built in the XVII century. Numerous and illogical corridors and bedrooms are adjacent to the diverse things and furniture items: statues, paintings, engraving, home plants and fresh flowers.

&# 163; 107 – the cost of the cheapest rooms, they are very small and from the windows of any beauty of the ancient city do not see you.

More worthy rooms, furnished with antiques, are worth &# 163; 130. By the way, if you pay in cash, then you will be laid a five percent discount. Total B "CANAL HOUSE" 26 rooms.

nine. "MISC" – &# 163; 107

The name of this small hotel, built in the XVII century, is due to the fact that all his six bedrooms are not like each other. Room "Africa" Inhabited by photos of East Africa, "Design" Furnished with furniture companies "IKEA", "Wonders" decorated in style "Thousands and one night".

You can have breakfast at the hotel, it is included in the cost of the night, there is also a complete refrigerator soft drinks and light snacks. &# 163; 107 – the cost of those rooms whose windows do not go to the channel, the rooms overlook it will be on &# 163; 14 more expensive. True, you need to consider the fact that along with the view of the channel you get the noise of the canal.

The hotel has a great location: close to the red lights quarter next to the Nieuwmarkt – the area of ​​numerous cafes and restaurants.

ten. "De Filosoof" – &# 163; 113

The creator of the hotel Ida Dongsma, the philosopher, recently sold the hotel a small Danish company, which decided to maintain the specifics of the house, creating a hotel for those who are looking for tranquility and privacy.

Single bedrooms – thematic, each is dedicated to a philosopher or philosophical flow. Once every two weeks, philosophical seminars are held here. However, even if the philosophy is as such – not your goal, it’s not a reason to miss the opportunity to visit "Philosopher".

The hotel’s building is built in the nineteenth century with a fashionable terrace. Here can be served breakfast in the garden.

Convenient and location of the hotel – in a residential area near one of the largest parks of Amsterdam, and you can get to the center here on a tram for some five minutes. The hotel has 45 rooms.

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