10 best places for diving

This is the first place that comes to the mind of each Daiver when he is asked where he dreams to dive. And not surprisingly – the largest coral reef in the world where Morayn, Skats, Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks and Spotted Octopuses live. Here you can see most of all famous types of corals. Moreover, the big barrier reef is a dongon habitat – a marine mammal book-listed in the Red Book.

Warm Water all year round, and visibility is excellent. Do not pull on a trip here – a big barrier reef sick, and if nothing to do in the near future, then humanity will lose this miracle of nature.

Basic dive – Island Heron. You can dive all year round, but most comfortable are the months since October to December, when humidity decreases.

2. Gully Marlborough, New Zealand

This place attracts lovers to dive with sunken objects. In 1986, the Soviet cruise liner "Mikhail Lermontov" sank here, he lies at a depth of 30 meters.

Muddy water and strong currents make diving quite complicated. You also need immersion experience to sunken objects, so as not to be lost in intricate corridors. Already walks the legend about the divers that did not find that. Immersion is not easy, but interesting. Perhaps it is for you to solve all the secrets of the ship.

In New Zealand, it is best to dive in the summer months of the Southern Hemisphere – from December to April, when the water temperature reaches +20. +24 degrees.

3. Dahab, Egypt

Blue hole. Hearing this name, someone dreamily closes his eyes, someone sighs envy, and someone recalls his dive.

Not far from the city of Dahab off the coast of the Red Sea, a vertical underwater failure of a depth of more than 100 meters and a diameter of 50 meters was formed. This failure and carries the name "Blue Hole" for the Heavenly Blue Water Color. At a depth of about 50 meters, it connects with an open sea arch with a 26-meter tunnel. Many divers want to test themselves through this tunnel. This is an extreme immersion – the availability of a certificate and qualifications is not enough, an experienced instructor is needed. Unfortunately, some divers overestimate their capabilities and are immersed without special preparation and necessary equipment. This leads to sad consequences, and "Cemetery divers" on the banks confirmation.

Of course, the passage through the arch is a very optional point of dive. Newcomers are lowered to the depth of no more than 7-9 meters, besides, you can simply swim from the mask.
Under the water you are waiting for mysterious caves and beautiful coral reef. You can dive all year round.

4. Malta

Diving in Malta differs from Australia and Egypt – the underwater world in these places is not the most picturesque. However, you can see canyons, caves, sunken ships and aircraft. For example, a Russian bomber or a French ship, bombarded during World War II, on board which is preserved antiques.

Plunge here all year round. In winter, the water temperature drops to +14 degrees, it will be necessary for water. Best time for diving in Malta – Summer months. At this time, the water temperature is +23 degrees.

5. Symilant Islands, Thailand

The flow of tourists to Thailand and the Similan Islands is growing from year to year, but does not detract from the beauty of this place. Underwater landscape is diverse: on the eastern part, the slopes slowly go deep into depth, and it allows you to dive beginners, and in the West, experienced divers will appreciate the tunnels, grotes, caves, sometimes unpredictable currents. Barracuda, whale sharks, sea devils, coral fish, clouds and a huge variety of corals – this color world you will never forget.

Come here for one day meaningless, so dive centers organize diving safaris. Best time to visit – Dry season from November to April.

6. Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Having been here, Jacques Yves Kusto said that more such corners like Sipadan Island, he did not see anywhere, they simply do not. This island – looking out from under the water the top of an extinct volcano. Sipadan is also called a reduced copy of a large barrier reef. Warm waters attract barkracud, multicolored fish, whale sharks in the local coral forests, whale sharks, and the turtles are sailing to put eggs.

Sipadan is a reserve, so all hotels and schools are located in the neighboring islands. Here it is forbidden to use underwater chambers and gloves, as they can damage corals.

Diving on sipadan all year round. The best time is the period from April to December.

10 Best places for diving

7. Dardanelles, Turkey

Think that in Turkey uninteresting diving? Then you need to visit the dive sites of the Dardanelles Strait near the Gallipoli Peninsula. This is a place for lovers of history, because here at the bottom of the evidence of the military defeat of the British and the French from the Turks during the First World War. The bottom of the sea is literally graduated by fragments of ships and aircraft. Here you can look in the bag of the British shopping ship, and also to see the warship.

Come here best from May to September.

eight. Maldives

Paradise corner with snow-white beaches and azure water. Take a look under the water – you can get acquainted with skates, barrags, turtles, whale and tiger sharks. The divers of the Maldives will be wondering how experienced divers and beginners. In addition to the diverse underwater world and colorful coral reefs, the remains of ships are scattered at the bottom. For example, a fascinating will be immersion on the Chinese ship, sunken here in the XVI century.

The best time to visit – from the end of January to April. Sea temperature all year round here +25. +30 degrees.

nine. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Permanent flows and waves make diving here quite complicated, and because of the cold water from August to November, a waterproof costume is useful.

ten. Peninsula Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatan Peninsula permeated by the system of underground rivers and caves. Here, anyone is absolutely no noticeable pond can be entrance to the mysterious and mysterious underwater world. You can get to the real underwater palace with stalagmites. No wonder the locals consider these caves sacred.

The best time for immersion – from May to July. Since August, high probability of hurricanes.

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