10 best places to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is really a huge country. This Archipelago, numbering about 18,000 islands, A variety of combination of cultures and everything else, ranging from appetizing cuisine and flourishing cities and ending with historical temples and first-class beaches, this country in Southeast Asia is attractive for tourists from around the world. Nevertheless, Indonesia is much larger than kilometers of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches (although this is definitely seductive!). The article contains a selection of the best places to visit Indonesia.

Pura Tanah Lot, Bali Island

Fabulous Temple Tanah Lot &# 8211; This is not just a beautiful place to visit Indonesia, but also Main Landmark of Bali Island. Tanah lot &# 8211; one of the seven Hindu temples on the ocean may be the most famous. Legend says that this temple, built in the 16th century and located in the middle of the ocean, guard the marine snakes from evil spirits. Really, during the low tide, in a cave located under the rock, you can see the sacred snake. Balinese very much worship the temple of Tanah Lot and believe that every resident should visit this shrine.

Park Komodo, Komodo Island

World Fame of this place brought big lizards, which stand out greatly against the rest of their relatives. Data Reptile Nickname "Dragons". These huge Varana quietly roam the island and the park, but it’s not worth worrying about it, since the lizards are well fed, so that avoid unpleasant situations.

Jakarta, Java Island

There she is, Jakarta – the capital of Indonesia. Tightly populated, noisy city, with crazy traffic and rhythm. However, it is not worth postponing it to visit. After all, it is here that there is a huge number of traditional restaurants, a wide variety of shops in shopping centers and a wide variety of entertainment.

Raja-ampat, in the province of Western Papua

I do not know if there is a more paradise place in the world than Raja-ampat. This place is Archipelago, where more than 1500 islands come in. The archipelago is famous for rich and diverse underwater life, so if you are a diving amateur, then Raja-ampat is exactly what you need.

Pontianak, Kaliman Island

If you are looking for the taste of traditional Indonesian culture, Pontianak, of course, should be on your list. Located on the top of the river Kapulau, one of the longest rivers in the world, this Capital City of the province of West Kalimantan is home to the indigenous people. Visit one of the nearby villages to meet with elders who often wear large earrings and tattoos, which are devoted to rituals and traditional medicine. You can spend the night in a traditional long house, and after going down the river. On the way there is a high probability of meeting monkeys and freshwater dolphins.

Bukit Lavang, in the province of North Sumatra

Counts The city of Orangutanhov, so it was called the residents themselves. This is a great place to communicate with nature. Bukit Lavang, popular among environmentalists and tourists, is ideal for recreation and jungle walks.

Jokyakarta, Java Island

10 Best places to visit in Indonesia

Another city on the island of Java, but less noisy, crowded and lively. It can be driven on a motorcycle or just get around on foot. Famous for its incredible cuisine and real art, which is exhibited in museums and art galleries.

Lombok, in the province of Western Nusa-Tanggar

If you would like to visit Bali, but you pushes a crowd of tourists, then Lombok is an excellent alternative. Previously, the island was absolutely unpopulated and unknown, but now Lombok is quickly catching up Bali in terms of popularity and development.

Tana Toraja, in the province of South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja is one of the best places to visit Indonesia for those who want to meet with the rich culture of the Thoradja people. Here, in the mountains, the Torad Traja tribe built her houses from wood and cane, More similar to the ship than any house you have ever seen. You can also see a peculiar burial of the tribe, where the dead often bury years after their actual death.

Bandung, Java Island

Bandung, in magnitude, is the second city in Indonesia, but does not look like the capital of Jakarta. Sometimes called ; Paris Java ;, Bandung Polon Charm. When visiting Bandung, you must try some of the local cuisines and pamper yourself with great shopping, combining cheap batik fabrics in traditional markets and elite stores.

10 Best places to visit in Indonesia

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