10 best Turkish cheeses

What types of cheeses need to be sure to try in Turkey? What the Turks themselves love and eat most often? Where to go for cheese, what prices? How to choose good cheese? Read the answers in this article.

Prices in this article are relevant for June 2020. Cheese prices in Turkey continue to grow, as well as all other food products. The next fall of the Turkish currency is 20%. We once again twisted the price for you. Topical prices below in this article.

Does the Turks like cheese?

Even more Russians love, but not so fanatically, like Western Europeans. Turkey eating an average of 7.8 kilograms per person per year. For comparison in Russia – 5.7, and the leaders in the world Danes – 28.1.

In any major Turkish supermarket, be sure to find large shelves with cheeses of dozens of species. The photo below is done in the Carrefoursa Supermarket in Istanbul, click on the photo to enlarge.

In Turkey, cheese is eaten with any meal, but most often for breakfast. Eating separately and on bread, pastries are also popular with cheese filling – Besakes and Goezlem. Recently, salads with cubes of cheese have become common, began to put cheese on Köfte (cutlets).

In Turkey, more than 200 varieties and variations of their cheeses. Try everything is unlikely to succeed. Try the best.

Where and how to buy cheese in Turkey?

If you want to just try, you can buy at any store or on the market. It is believed that in Turkey weaving cheeses are better to taste than in the factory packaging.

If you want to bring home, then buy only in factory packaging, and it will be cheaper to buy in the supermarket. Recall that the customs rules of the Russian Federation are allowed to carry animal products only in factory packaging, and the amount is limited. Details in our article "What can and cannot be exported from Turkey".

In addition, buying factory packaging, you always know the date of production and shelf life.

All prices in this article we give in Turkish lies, because only lyters take in supermarkets. In stores in the resorts you can pay in the euro and dollars. Seeing the Lyra Course, see our article "Money in Turkey" or use the Calculator of the Turkish Lyra.

10 best Turkish cheeses

Usually we form a rating of the 10 most famous and delicious cheeses. But in the case of Turkish cheeses it is impossible to do. Middle Russian equally unknown all Turkish cheeses. How to place them on prizes?

So we will not choose the best, but just tell about 10 kinds, and we recommend trying each of them. What will like, so buy home as a delicious gift from Turkey. Read the rest of interesting gifts in our article "What to bring from Turkey".

Mikhalych (Mihal&# 305;&# 231; Peyniri)

In Turkey, there is a cheese with the name "Mikhalych", which causes a smile among Russians. And many want to try it purely because of the name. And try, because the cheese is good.

"Mikhalych" closest in consistency to the usual Russians semi-solid cheeses (Russian, Tilziter, Maasdam, Edam). On foreign sites it is compared with parmesan, but the comparison is clearly inappropriate, as Parmesan is much hard. Mikhalych elastic, nicely stretches after melting, so they love him in hot toasts.

The main indicator of the quality of Mikhalych cheese is the presence of "peephole" (more often they are called "holes"). Eye should be small – 0.5-1 cm, eyes must be evenly distributed. Excellent example in the photo above, click on the photo to enlarge. Unfortunately, now in supermarkets such perfect Mikhalych is almost never found.

Mikhalych cheese from the Bursa region, which is 120 kilometers south from Istanbul. Bursa is the famous Turkey Culinary Region, Döner and Iskander Kebab invented here. Now Mikhalych cheese is produced not only in Bursa, but also throughout Turkey.

Price – from 90 to 120 Turkish lire per kilogram.

Washing cheese EGRU (&# 214; rg&# 252; peyniri)

Reminds familiar to the Russians who kept the Russians, but softer and pleasant. Taste milk, slightly salty. Turkish Egyry is well cut and perfectly suitable for sandwiches or just for eating plates. Structure fibrous, but not pronounced. If desired, Yogry can be divided into stripes.

Cheese Egor Rod from the regions of Sanliurf and Diyarbakyr, that in the east of the country. But now it is produced throughout the country. EGR is made from cow milk, and according to logic, the price must be low, but Egyry is dear.

Most often in stores are found by Egyry from the manufacturer Tahsildaro&# 287; LU, will learn it on a label of green and orange flowers. Such cheese is considered one of the best. Also very good is considered to be Egyry from Muratbey, but it is rare.

Price – 18-25 lire per pack 250 grams.

In Supermarkets, Yogry can be bought for weight. Price below – 70-80 lire per kilogram. If you want to just eat, then you save a good option. But we do not recommend driving cheese.

Labne (Labne)

This product is distributed not only in Turkey, but also in all countries of the Middle East. In Turkey, it is called "Labn", in other countries "Labab" or "Labana". This is a product from a lean yogurt, and even difficult to call him cheese.

Labn is very popular in Turkey, and more often the Turks are preparing him, what they buy in stores. But in stores a range worthy. Most often meet Labna brands "&# 304;&# 231; im "and" p&# 305; NAR ". In both cases, the quality and taste of height, the packaging of the green color.

Consistency Labnu is thick sour cream, but more liquid than intimidated cheese. Closest consistency to cream cream. Labna is very convenient for sandwiches, as well as it is convenient to wrap in thin pieces. As a sauce for chips or crackers, Labn is well suited.

Turks are applied with labne dozens of ways – eating on sandwiches, they prepare from it rolls, cheesecakes, tiramisu and even glazizing chocolate and caramel. Label Low-calorie, if compared with other cheeses – 200 kcal / 100 gr.

Price – 15-20 Turkish lire for packing 400 grams, 10-12 per pack 200 grams.

Recently, the supermarkets appeared a portion labne in small packages of 20 grams. 1 Packaging = 1 Sandwich. Price – about 12 lir for 8x20g.

Tulum (Tulum)

This is a crumbly cheese of sheep milk, sometimes with an admixture of goat. As sheep milk is expensive, then get ready for high prices. Tulum is a purely Turkish cheese that is almost never found in other countries. Don’t miss a chance to try.

The recipe for traditional Tulum is complex. Initially, milk coagulates to cottage cheese, then a serum is drained under the press, then they interfere with milk and maintain at low temperatures (about 10 degrees) in salted from the inside sheep’s sheep. Withstand 6 months. Naturally, modern factory toulum makes faster and easier, but the taste suffers.

Tulum’s consistency – solid and crumbly, color – white or light cream, taste to pass it difficult, you need to try. The most delicious is considered toulum from the Aegean coast – Izmir Province, Aydin, Mugla. On the label, look for the inscription "&# 304; Zmir Tulum ».

Tulum is used in sandwiches and sandwiches, eaten in a mixture with nuts, salads make out of it. Tulum is considered one of the best snacks to Turkish vodka "Craki".

Price – from 60 to 100 Turkish lire per kilogram.

Fresh Kashar (Taze Ka&# 351; AR)

Taza Kashar is close to consistency and taste to the usual Russians semi-solid cheeses (Russian, Tilziter, Maasdam, Edam). Close, but the differences are still significant.

Taza Kashar has a half-solid and a little fibrous consistency. Flesh is usually white, less often light cream. The taste is lightweight, fresh and slightly salty, something like mozzarella, but without strong creamy notch. Most often, the basins of Kashar do from cow’s milk, although there are expensive goat varieties.

Taza Kashar is very common due to its lightweight. It is this cheese in Turkey to use for pizza, PIDE, in cheeseburgers and sandster. The second reason for popularity is a neutral taste that every one will like. And the third reason is a low price, because the Taza Kashar do not stand, but just dried only one week. Now the share of Kashar Tazar in the cheese market in the package – 41%.

Price – from 50 to 70 Turkish lire per kilogram. Best brands: "Torku", "Tahsildaro&# 287; LU "," P&# 305; Nar ","&# 304;&# 231; im, "Muratbey".

We will pay those tourists who love to save and eat on trips sandwiches. Practically in any supermarket Taza Kashar can be bought in cutting. For sandwiches, it is perfect. And cutting at a price almost no different.

Restered Kahahar (Eski Ka&# 351; AR)

This is the same Kashar cheese, but with an excerpt from 6 months to 3 years. Cheese is gaining a taste that will not like everyone. Cheese hardening, but remains half-solid on consistency, it does not reach the hardness of parmesan. The color of the pulp becomes yellow or saturated cream.

Eski Kashhar is made separately or on bread. In cooking it is extremely rare. First of all because of the bright taste. Secondly, due to very high prices.

Some Turks who love a prestone Kashar claim that it is necessary to buy only commodity cheese, and in packages the taste is not at all. This opinion is subjective, you can check themselves. If you want to bring home, we recommend buying in factory package, for sure there were no problems at customs.

Turkish cheerful Murat Kochak from Kars invented an interesting way to determine the quality of Kashar cheese – to upload. According to him, the real Kashar should not burn, and the fakes are burning. True it or not? Difficult to say, you can try yourself.

Price – from 100 to 120 Turkish lira per kilogram.

White Cheese (Beyaz Peyniri)

This cheese almost completely repeats Feta or Balkan cheese. Traditionally, it was made from sheep milk, but now more often make from cow, so cheaper. Previously, white cheese was the best selling in Turkey, but now I have already lost the first place to the young casha.

White cheese is prepared without a renewed enzyme. Initially, the milk turns into cottage cheese with the. Then the serum is puffed, cottage cheese is pressed and placed in the containers for exposure. White cheese can be set up to 6 months, usually stand 3 months. There are variations with different fat contents, taste and consistency are slightly different.

Let’s just say, nothing special in Turkish white cheese. According to the consistency and taste, it does not differ from the usual ballroom or the Greek feta. It is unlikely that it makes sense to bring it home.

10 Best Turkish cheeses

White cheese in Turkey is eaten separately, on sandwiches, in salads. It is added as a filling in pastries – buns, boosters, top on PIDE or pizza. In Turkey, you will definitely try it, it is simply impossible to miss it.

Price – from 40 to 100 Turkish lire per kilogram depends primarily on the type of milk from which cheese is made. We recommend brands: "Do&# 287; Ruluk ","&# 304;&# 231; im, "p&# 305; Nar, "Tahsildaro&# 287; LU ".

Consider that in the package there will be not only cheese, but also brines. Some brine manufacturers are a lot, and you still have to pay for it.

Whey Cheese (Lor Peyniri)

Under the word "Lor" in Turkey imply several different products. The first is the familiar Russians of milk cottage cheese. You can try it and feel the difference in taste.

The second product called "LOR" is serum cottage cheese, also called serum cheese. This product is similar to Italian Ricott. For its production, serum remained from the production of other types of cheeses.

Serum LOR is a very useful dietary product, tasty and low-calorie – 100-120 kcal / 100g. In Turkey, he is also very cheap. Thanks to the cheapness, it loves to use in Bereki and the other baking. In Turkey, cottage cheese cakes and cookies, dolt and sarma with cottage cheese stuffing and even its version of the White.

How to distinguish? Look at calorie on the label. If caloric content from 100 to 150 kcal / 100g, then before you serum ENT. If more than 200, then this is milk cottage cheese.

Chery Laura price – from 15 to 25 Turkish lire per kilogram.

Smoked cheese (&# 304; SLI Peyniri or F&# 252; me peyniri)

These are young semi-solid cheeses, which are molded in a wheel weight from 800 grams to 2 kilograms, and after smoking on pine wood. Cheese crust acquires brown. The pulp becomes a creamy-yellow color, the texture becomes a little crumbly.

Most often in stores there are variety "&# 304; SLI &# 199; Erkez "(" Smoked Circassian "). Popular brands: &# 220; NAL, Y&# 246; Re, Lente.

Smoked cheeses do not use big popularity in Turkey. First of all because of the high price. In addition, they have no bright smoked taste, the taste is quite mediocre.

Our advice: First buy minimum weight packaging (usually 200 grams), try and buy home if you like. In large supermarkets, smoked cheese sell for weight, you can buy 100 grams per sample.

Try also &# 304; SLI &# 214; rg&# 252; Peynir is a smoked pigtail cheese.

Price – from 60 to 100 Turkish lire per kilogram.

Language cheese (Dil Peyniri)

To language, this cheese has nothing to do. May be externally like something like, but it is only in Turkish ideas. We have such cheeses to call "fibrous".

Dil cheese is made in the form of cylinders that are easy to split into fibers. We love to eat beer. Turks Muslims, but beer also drink, although relatively little – about 10 liters per person per year (Russians about 75). Cheese Dil in Turkey is also popular as a snack to beer.

Dil eaten separately, most often with tomatoes and (or) Walnuts. In dishes, dil do not use. The fact is that he retains a fibrous structure even when melting. For PIDE, pizza, boaches or other baking it does not fit. In addition, the price is relatively high.

If you buy a diva dil, then the shelf life does not exceed 3 days. That is, it is desirable immediately. Dil in the factory package has a longer shelf life – look at the label.

Price – from 70 to 85 Turkish lire per kilogram. From the brands we will recommend first of all "Tahsildaro&# 287; LU ".

Useful and important to know

– In Turkey on the shelves of supermarkets you can find original European cheeses. That is, if you wish, you can buy a "sanctions". But it is unprofitable, as prices are twice as expensive than in Europe;

– Some cheeses sell in brine. Consider that when transporting home, the brine can spill, and then spoil things in the suitcase. It is better to think about protecting the fragile packaging of such cheese. Details in our article "What to take with you to Turkey";

– If prices are interested in other products in Turkish stores, read our articles "How much products cost in Turkey" and "Fruits in Turkey";

– Do not forget about the rules of hygiene, do not eat products with unwashed hands. Turkey Country is hot, and any bacteria here multiply faster. Read our article "What is impossible in Turkey".

Pleasant tasting of Turkish cheeses, and read our interesting articles about the Turks and Turkey (List of articles below).

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