10 books that will inspire a new journey

People are divided into two types: Some of the ears are in love, keep the nose in the wind of change and every new day meet as 24 hours of new opportunities. Others just did not travel for a long time. Online store "Chitai-city" Presents ten books that will be returned to the thirst for adventures and cause an insurmountable desire to go on the road.

"Where best to go right now? We asked everyone in Lonely Planet, from authors and publishers to our online family of bloggers ".

After the hot debates of real experienced travelers, hundreds of options decreased to ten best directions. About them – the annual publication of famous guidebooks. A very beautiful book with detailed routes for those places where all the most interesting is right now.

"Left and on the right began to manifest a genuine Russia. Russia, which I was so lacking in Moscow ".

The best answer to everyone who is mistaken, thinking that travel is the pleasure of expensive. The real story of a man who went to the army, having 100 rubles in his pocket. He fell into a thousand and one adventure that changed him forever. And this book will change your view on the world.

"Traveling through railways of Russia is possible. In my experience, it is easy and safe. My trip was held in the conditions of the usual city inhabitant, not alien adventurism. ".

Traveler tips are simple and exhaustive: how to plan the route that take with you, where to stay, which see how not to run into trouble and how to communicate with local. This is an impressive, insane and, most importantly, a budget journey can repeat each.

"As Mark Twain said, in 20 years you will regret more that they did not do about what they did. This thought covered in my head, and it is she who pushes me to new achievements ".

Evgeny Pokiaev collected coffee in Colombia, explored the witch market in Bolivia and met Grizzly in Canada. His way went about the bottomless lakes and endless pamps, cactus forests and red cliffs. Two continents, 16 countries, 33,000 km, one person and bike. Funny and philosophical traveler diary, inspiring, surprising and useful.

"That was the purpose of the journey: to give a woman who loved so much and cherished others all his life, the opportunity to learn something new and enjoy the last days on this earth".

The heroine of this book is 90 years old, and the doctors put it a terrible diagnosis. It was possible to go into despair, and you can send everything to hell and go on a trip. The norm Bauershmidt reminds us that life is beautiful and amazing, and persistently advises to meet new impressions.

"After I survived in the last days, I was absolutely humble. But at the same time he felt not clogged, on the contrary, infinitely free ".

Throw everything to go into the sunset – many sometimes dream about it, but units are solved. For eight years, Kristina Türmer passed 12,700 km on foot. Before you, her journey, read about which is doubly interested – with someone else’s experience to meet, and just in case.

"Our land is not going to disclose all its secrets immediately. In one place are the mountains of unprecedented colors, in the other – the largest cave in the world, in the third – the sea, where the icebergs convert landscapes right in your eyes ".

10 Books that will inspire a new journey

Source inspiration and specific recommendations for drawing up a dream travel plan. The book has everything you need for both: great photos, detailed descriptions, accurate knowledge of amazing facts and the mass of inspirational beauty.

"On both sides of the border lived and live ordinary people, Russians and the Japanese, who will be born in the neighboring Islands, love these islands and the ocean.".

The author of the book was born on Sakhalin and always felt the presence of two cultures. Japan for most people remains a mystery, but for her she is also familiar as Russia. Much in the behavior of the Japanese makes us idle, resent and crushed. But we have something to learn.

"The reasons why you decide to go somewhere rarely based on logic. Something attracts you – the name, the book you read, a friend’s story, a film, your own dreams ".

Racing on Swiss trains, sincere conversations with Kenyan prostitutes, Hunting on the White Bear, Fighting Rotavirus in Hanoi, New Year with Cuban family, dating on nudist beaches – 34 exciting travel stories that happened in fact.

"I acted as if I knew where I went, although I understood it years later. Maybe it’s all you need to know young writers about work. Maybe it concerns and travel, and all life. ".

The action of these stories occurs in Iceland, India, Italy, Idaho, Samoa and in other places around the globe. Readers are waiting for love, surfing, risk, mysterious sadhu, clubs merchant, jumping through fires, contemplation of canyons and much more.

And the most important thing: to all readers "My Planet" is available 10% discount on books from this list – just specify the code word "my planet" when ordering. The code will be valid from December 20 and until the end of January.

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