10 budget hotels in the center of Paris

According to expert estimates, Paris Class 2 * and 3 * hotels in the last six years have risen on a third. British edition "Telegraph" Offers its dozen worthy hotels, where for a double room per day you need to pay no more than 120 pounds.

It is worth keeping in mind that in French hotels, breakfast, as a rule, the price of the room is not included. Its cost in the hotel is about £ 10.

1. ARTS £ 66

Hotel "ARTS" Located on the Montmartre and decorated in the appropriate style, right up to a huge picture on the front of the building. At the entrance to the hotel you will meet a local dog, Labrador named Caramel. Hall walls, living room, basement room for breakfast, bedrooms and corridors are decorated with works by Montmartra artists.

Bathrooms are lined with tiled mosaic. The cheapest number for £ 66 is decorated rather gloomily, there is no kind of its windows. Rooms overlooking the city – more expensive: For example, numbers 41 and 42 per £ 93 have a balcony from which the magnificent panorama of Paris opens. Hotel 50 rooms.

2. Grandes Ecoles £ 76

"Higher Schools" – Complex of small hotels on one territory: three buildings of the nineteenth century fell apart from the noise of the Latin Quarter by a fence and garden. Flowers – a symbol and raisin of the hotel. The garden has been planted with floccals for several decades. Flowers are put in the bedroom, and at the request of the guest, the breakfast is covered in the garden, also among colors.

The hotel is of great popularity, especially among Americans, so if you decide in it, then about booking the room should take care in advance. You can do it through the site "Higher Schools". Total in the hotel 51.

3. Mayet £ 83

Hotel so-called "budget" Design. Walls in bedrooms are decorated with bright graffiti, rooms are furnished with furniture from "Ikea", And the bedside tables are small metal cabinets-stands. In rooms overlooking windows in the courtyard, little light. In those with windows to the street, significantly lighter, especially on the fifth floor in rooms having narrow balconies. Breakfast is served on a shared colorful table in a vaulted ground floor.

Location of the hotel "Mayet" Profitable for tourists: On a quiet street, two minutes walk from the metro station, 15 minutes from Saint-Germoman. The hotel has 23 rooms.

4. Valadon £ 83

Considering the price, the bedrooms of the hotel can be called small. The rooms are simple, in black and white tones. The most expensive number 51, which overlooks the Eiffel Tower. Two rooms in the rear of the building are combined into family apartments. Quite interestingly decorated by the breakfast room. By the way, the owner himself, Victor Orsini, makes jams that serve to guests to tea.

And not far, on Claire Street, there is a grocery market, so if you do not care about the restaurants, there can always be purchased products. The hotel has only 12 rooms.

5. Amour £ 83

8, Rue Navarin, 75009, 0033 148 783180.

"Amur" – Adult hotels only. It was created as a competitor to another, more expensive Paris hotel "Jimmy". Outdoor in May 2006 on the famous Pigal Street, the hotel contains only 20 rooms, but they are all unusual. The interior varies: from purple curtains in a bathroom to bicycles as decor. Hotel Design Element – Erotic ART and Photos. Some rooms are decorated in France by artists.

Breakfast can be obtained both in the room and on the big gallery, overlooking the windows to the streets of Paris. The hotel has 20 rooms; Breakfast costs £ 7.

6. Nicolo £ 87

Hotel "Nikolo" settled in the building of the beginning of the 20th century, while successfully burdened out from the city bustle. It is located in a decent district near the Eiffel Tower, mostly built up the buildings of the XVI century, where at night quietly, and many shops and boutiques are open.

For rooms for such a small price, in the rooms too large windows. Let’s say if it were a hotel somewhere in Saint-Germain, for the same number it would have to pay twice as much. Each bedroom – a bed with a carved Indonesian headboard with images of wild animals and birds. Most often, the interior consumes Persian carpets and antiques. Hotel 28 rooms.

7. Danube £ 91

Hotel "Danube" – Typical representative of the Saint-Germain district. Private mansion of construction of 1870, it consists of two buildings combined with a small cute patio. Decorated with antiques, gilded mirrors and other raritets, bedrooms worth up to 120 pounds look luxurious.

Standard rooms, worth from 91 pounds, furnished with bamboo furniture and look more modest. True, here is your element "Beautiful Life" – Marble baths. Common premises are also laid out marble. Hall for breakfast decorated porcelain stucco. The hotel has 40 rooms.

eight. Le Sainte-Beuve £ 97

For its price category "SEN-Bove" Very stylish hotel. Soft sofas, multi-colored floral compositions and modern fine art objects as decor leave a favorable impression.

Features champagne in a bucket with ice. Each bedroom is equipped in its own way, with its set of antiques, paintings and engraving. The cheapest (?97) Rooms are small, there are four in a hotel. At the same time, bathrooms are the same as in expensive rooms. Improved apartments are here £ 121.

The hotel is located on a quiet street Montparnas, not far from the Luxembourg Garden. It has 22 rooms, breakfast is paid separately – 10 pounds.

10 Budget hotels in the center of Paris

nine. Residence Foch £ 103

The walls of this hotel are decorated with flowers, luxury bedrooms are painted by screen drawings. The rooms are old-fashioned heavy curtains laid out tiled bathrooms – this is a classic French hotel. It serves a classic breakfast here, but, unlike traditional French, tea and coffee can serve in the room – at the request of the guest.

Rooms 50 and 62 have large terraces here. The hotel itself is located on a quiet street built up in the XIX century, next to several embassies. To the metro from the hotel 10 minutes walk. Hotel 25 rooms. Breakfast cost £ 8.25.

ten. Verneuil £ 112

Built in the XVII century in the Saint-Germain district, the hotel building is near the Museum of Orsi and is one of the most pretty Paris hotels in our price range. 26 individually designed bedrooms include several common elements like that: walls, tissues of the famous Zhui Factory, and a specific headboard beds – from Indian printing up to glass flower compositions. Baths are quite small. Room halls look home-friendly thanks to books and minibars.

The only disadvantage of the hotel is that most are expensive numbers – from £ 145. Total in the hotel 26 rooms. Breakfast is served separately and costs £ 9.26

In addition to the aforementioned dozens, experts "Telegraph" Recommended to pay attention to some more hotels:

Holiday Inn Paris-Republique

Huge – in 318 rooms – the hotel is conveniently located on the Republic Square, where five lines of the Paris Metro are converged. Almost all rooms here are worth £ 90, and only some £ 105.


This hotel can be a good choice for traveling with children. Modern rooms are equipped with kitchenettes, in one of the rooms there is a sofa bed, to the other – two more beds. Prices here from 103 pounds of sterling for such three-bedroom apartments when booking via the Internet. With direct removal price will be above.

Saint Thomas d’Aquin

Hotel named after St. Thomas Aquinas is extremely old-fashioned and is located on a quiet street of Saint-Germoman. Most numbers are estimated at £ 90; Breakfast in this value is not included and costs £ 6.

Almost all French hotels today prefer to work with customers through their own sites. When booking numbers via the Internet, you can not only enlist the guarantee that on arrival in the capital of France you will not be left without sleep, but also pay significantly less.

10 Budget hotels in the center of Paris

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