10 caribbean islands for any rest

Pristine beaches, lush palm trees and crystal clear water – hardly at least someone else on earth can become "Rest of the dream" more than Caribbean. At first glance, each Caribbean island is ideal even in Instagram, but if you look more carefully, you will understand that each of them has its own, unique atmosphere. So which one for you will be the best place to stay? Consider more of the most popular islands for any type of traveler.

1. If you do not like to stay in place ..

… then go to Bahamas. With more than 700 islands to choose from, here will never be boring. Start your exploration tour in Capital Nassau. From here you can make a luxurious boat trip to exclusive private Beaches Rose. But do not forget to explore myself Nassau city. There are many historical architecture, and exquisite culinary treats are waiting for you in a charming colonial city.

2. If you want to detect your wild face ..

… then Aruba Must be your destination. Here, stunning beaches are found with untouched nature. You love to swim in Caves and dive with scuba among flocks Tropical fish? Or do you prefer to watch Iguanah and Gecconami During the equestrian walk in the island? Nature lovers have a lot of opportunities for choosing entertainment on Aruba.

3. When you love to celebrate ..

… then you can’t do not like holidays on Cayman Islands. Meet here Gavana pulsating energy With glamorous Ciffine Miami. Enjoy the evenings with cocktails on the shore and dance on the sand at dawn. And the day will get an unforgettable impressions of a unique travel on a boat full of various adventures.

4. If you can’t live without music Bob Marley ..

… then there is no better place than Jamaica. Start B Kingston, where on ul. Type of waiting for you Spicy chicken. Order a tour dedicated Bob Marley, With a visit to B His former house, And today an exciting museum. Then go on a trip through the history of Jamaica music Ruts Regiga v Dannsholl – Such Jamaici rhythms you never heard before!

5. Those who want to immerse themselves in other cultures ..

… will definitely love live streets St. Martin. One side of the island Dutch, Other French, and both have tangible Creole Atmosphere. Check out all the sights individually during a private tour on the yacht, which includes French and Dutch side of the island and sails through Great Bay, pristine beaches and charming Marigo City.

6. If you want to get a dose of vintage charm ..

… then come to Cuba. Bright Colonial architecture, classic vintage cars On the streets I Musicians at every corner – Retro Charm Cubes are simply charming. You love to walk through the streets Havana and learn more about the history of the country. Be sure to change the heat of the city on the tour to green tobacco plantations viniales. And do not forget to try one of the raisins of Cuba &# 8211; Cigar Khabana!

7. If you love water sports ..

10 Caribbean islands for any rest

… Take your scuba diving equipment and feel free to go to Dominican Republic. This island is a paradise for fans active rest and offers a variety of events, such as Swimming on high-speed boats, surfing, snorkeling and even scuba tourism. No, it’s not a typo – with the equipment of the scuba you can Walk under water. Sport is not your element? Then just relax all day on white sand Huanio Beach.

eight. You like luxury and relaxed rest ..

… then sit on the next aircraft to Barbados. Isy Isya island elegant luxury Resorts. The only thing you need, &# 8211; it takes the best place on the beach. And if you need a break in a beach vacation, go to Green District On an excursion of PO Dick Safari.

nine. When you threaten to get acquainted with locals ..

… then recommend you one of the Friendly Islands of the Caribbean Sea: Trinidad. This lively island is always full of life, but the best time for the visit is during the famous Karnavala. He converts the whole island into a single Road festival within two days at the beginning of each year. If you have fun for a long time, just go to the next Tobago, where clean and empty beaches will wait for you.

ten. If you love history and romance ..

… then you will not get a lot of impressions in Island State of Grenada. This compact island combines heavenly beaches with a busy capital Saint George. Distracted for several hours from adoption Sunbathing, snorkeling and hiking, To explore fascinating Architecture and culture of the city … or enjoy Roma cocktail In one of the atmospheric bars!

10 Caribbean islands for any rest

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