10 cases that are waiting for you on a trip to Romania

In a tourist trip to a new country, you can, of course, restrict ourselves to the visit of the capital. But, of course, this is not the best form of acquaintance with the country, too much interesting remains «behind the scenes».

What is clearly visible on the example of Romania, the country is too colorful and rich in the sights so that you can restrict ourselves to a visit to Bucharest. In Romanian «Depub» You are waiting for at least 10 cases that you must commit.

1. Visit to the castle of Dracula

Even for those who are not a fan of vampire aesthetics, a tour of the Castle of Bran will definitely be an interesting and cognitive. You will learn a detailed story of this legendary castle, which is now owned by Domenika Gabsburg, the descendant of the Romanian kings.

The castle is incredibly beautiful and is in a picturesque mountainous area, and his centuries-old history captures no less than the story about the adventures of the bloody «Transylvanian vampire».

If you, on the contrary, are interested in all that is connected with the name of the Count Dracula, you will be quite able to satisfy your interest here and experience a lot of acute sensations.

You will be given walks along the dungeons of the castle of Bran, rest in the coffin (!) in the local bar, and many different variations of plug-in «Vampire» jaws that are sold here as souvenirs.

2. Visit to residents of the Romanian village

The soul of the people will learn when meeting rural residents. In Romania, you can visit a few villages, unusual even by local standards. Suffice it to say that the rural cemetery in the sapan is called «Welcome» (Tombstones painted and decorated with ironic verses. Local artist),

And the wooden Orthodox Church on the hill in Judea Deal is protected by UNESCO.

Residents of these Romanian villages not only excellent guides, but also hospitable hosts, always ready to talk to a tourist at a glass of local plum vodka.

3. Descent to Salina Salina Tourda

Old abandoned salt mine in the city of Turda in Central Romania turned into an underground entertainment center.

Here you can correct the health, having risen with the air filled with salt, and wagon on mysterious labyrinths of workings.

Shoe in special «Echo room», look at the car, once raised salt on the surface, and on the Orthodox Church with the altar of the stone salt.

And also swim on the boat on the underground lake in the mine, and quite an unusual business: ride a mine on the ferris wheel!

4. Visit «Little Vienna» in Timisoara

«Little Verya» Call the center of the old town of Timisoara built in the style of the Baroque in the west of Romania. You are waiting for the Opera House, built in the 19th century, the majestic Cathedral of the Three Saint and the Victory Square, from where in the late 80s began the overthrow of the Causheck regime in Romania.

You can admire here a exact copy of the statue of the Roman Capitol Wolf, and if they are tired, to enjoy ice cream in the local bar. By the way, local residents love eat ice cream, lying in hammocks — Try and you.

5. Walk through the medieval city of Sigishoara

This city in the heart of Romania in the XII century was founded by German colonists, people from Saxony. The spirit of the European Middle Ages vitates here so far, all the same Draculas in the mystical spirit.

Here, among narrow medieval streets, a house was lost, where, according to legend, the legendary vampire graph was born.

And annually, in July, not only conduct the knights contest, but also… burn the sorcerer!

6. Visit to the first Romanian school in Brasov

The ancient city of Brasov in Transylvania builds up buildings in the Gothic style, there are many vintage temples.

And on the narrow street of the city, the prad-sforia, the first school was sheltered in Romania, it was built in 1495.

From here, not only Romanian enlightenment, but also a typography.

You can sit in this school outside the XIX century desks, and if your visit came for the winter, immediately go to the ski resort,

This is just 12 kilometers from Brasov.

7. Holidays on the Black Sea — Mangania

10 Cases that are waiting for you on a trip to Romania

Romania — Sea powder and owns an extensive part of the Black Sea coast.

Which is well adapted for beach holidays, as well as mud.

Health can be corrected with the help of thermal and mineral sources. All this can be found in one place — In Manglia, Sea Resort in Southeast Romania.

Here even ordinary sea sand is considered healing.

eight. Watching birds in Danube Delta

«Berdvotching» — So now it is customary to call a type of tourism, the essence of which is to observe birds in the places of their mass habitat. One of these places — Biosphere Reserve Delta Danube.

There are nesting birds flying from different countries and different continents. Delta has long been chosen by fishermen and photographers-landscape players. Observe nature in comfortable conditions — Swim on the Danube on the boat, and stay in the cottage or in a floating hotel.


Your trip to Romania lacks acute sensations?

Go to Transylvania through the Mountain Array of Fagarash.

Here, on the mountain route with a length of 261 kilometers, continuously looping between rocks and picturesque volcanic lakes,

You will get enough extreme, but not so much to not notice the amazing beauty of these places.

Moreover, it is possible to ride on the highway only in the daytime day and only in summer, in July and August.

ten. Tasting tussuyki, chorba and other

Traveling in Romania, do not forget to taste local dishes. It is tasty and very diverse. And do not be surprised if the soup will not be fed into the plate, but inside the bread loaf — This is chorba, fragrant praise from beans and red bow. Of course, Mamalyga — The thick corn porridge, with which perfectly combined fried sausages or strokes, stewed with spices of pork.

As for Tsuyaki, fruit vodka from plums, apples or peaches, then this tasting is better to produce in the evening, after another rich impressions from traveling in Romania Day.

10 Cases that are waiting for you on a trip to Romania

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