10 cases that need to be done before calmly go on a journey

1. Understand the accounts. Pay all current accounts, connect automatic payments for mobile communications and utility payments, but you can not pay for home Internet during a long trip (discuss with your operator, what fare will be more profitable in this case). Remember the bank-online service, it may be very useful in the journey.

2. Call to your bank. Before you go on a journey, it is better to inform your bank about it. It will help prevent the map blocking due to the "unexpected" transactions outside of your city or country. Specify the terms of international operations or possible bonuses.

3. Sort the contents of your wallet. Remove those discount cards that you are unlikely to come to you on the journey (because, for example, what happened solely on the territory of your country). Leave the houses of bills and coins from previous trips, which will not be able to pay in the country of arrival.

4. Make copies of important documents. These include passports (intravenan and abroad), medical policy, vouchers on hotels, train tickets / Buses / planes. In addition to paper, save yourself electronic versions of copies (in email and on the flash drive, we recommend that we recommend in manual sting).

5. Make a list of things hand-made. Be sure to include money in it, credit cards required in the field of medication (and recipes on them from the doctor), a route list, confirmation numbers, chargers, passports, tickets and T.D. When collecting bags, stick to the list.

6. Update your worker calendar. In order not to deprive yourself in journey carelessness, be sure that you have fulfilled all your obligations on time. If something does not require a quick solution, transfer it to the post-post period. Make sure that you have passed the case right and you will not have to be distracted by the workflow.

7. Determine the trustee. Observe who from your environment can be trusted (and, of course, who are ready to take responsibility for …) Your pets, watering potted flowers and timely check of mailbox correspondence. Pass the attorney and all contact details for which you can quickly respond if necessary.

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10 Cases that need to be done before calmly go on a journey

eight. Take care of the preservation of energy and make order in the house. If you still leave the house unattended, we recommend to disable everything that it is possible to turn off: get out of the plugs of all electrical appliances from the rosettes, shut down gas and water. In Flowers, arrange devices for auto.

Clean the refrigerator (ideally, it should also be turned off, but if the freezer is full of supplies, try to get rid of at least a perishable products). Fix and bed fresh bed linen (oh, how nice you will stick to your native bed after a wrapping at the airports!). Do not forget to endure trash on the eve of departure.

nine. Take care also about replenishing energy. Fully charge all the electronics that you intend to take with you. Check if the chargers are fine. Be sure to capture portable charging for smartphone and e-book, they will be useful during long docks at the airport.

I will not be superfluous to think about the energy of your body. In order not to apply a sensitive blow to the budget acquisition of food at airports, fold a light snack with you: Muesli bars, sandwiches, candy, nuts. Water can hardly succeed, but you can take a blank bottle with you, and after inspection to fill it in a cafe.

ten. Eliminate risks. Before leaving, visit the dentist and other doctors, communicating with which the regularity implies. Make it is especially important in cases where your health needs a specialist supervision. Even if now you don’t hurt anything, it is better to be sure that it won’t overtake and while traveling. Search and explanations with a doctor abroad can cause difficulties.

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