10 castles in Europe that should be seen

Real Bavarian Miracle, the most fabulous and beautiful from the castles of Germany. The history of its creation is associated with the name of Ludwig Bavarian, nature fine and unusually romantic. Ludwig walked the patron saint of the arts, a passionate fan of Wagner’s music, as well as a big moto and waste, ready to put all his state on the altar of the arts. For the construction of this castle, Ludwig lowered a record amount – almost 6 million gold stamps. He bequeathed so that after his death the castle blew up. Fortunately, neither one of his subjects did not rose a hand to destroy this beauty.

The algae, lonely and wonderful castle, rising over the surroundings of the Valley, lonely and the beautiful castle, looks like a sophisticated and slightly sad, with all his own kind reminding the fate of her creator. This castle served as a source of inspiration to create magic locks in Disneyland parks around the world.

The castle is located in Bavaria, not far from the border with Austria, the town nearest to him – Füssen. From there to the castle you can take by bus. Most often, tourists come here from Munich, at the same time inspecting the Bavarian capital.

2. Bran, Romania

This medieval castle was built at the end of the XIV century. He was built on the means of residents of the city, for which those were exempted from paying taxes for a long time. The history of the castle is shrouded in gloomy legends and mysticism. Castle often changed owners. At one time, the Romanian Queen Maria lived here, but the most famous owner of the castle was the famous Count Dracula (real name – Count Vlad III chains). The collection of one of the castle halls is fully dedicated to this ominous character. In the interiors of the castle passed the shooting of the film "Dracula" Directed by Francis Coppola.

Whether the graf-vampire lived there, whether the blood died with ordinary mortals, as the fantasy of Brama Stoker attributes him, the story silent. To visit the castle is worth at least in order to enjoy the gloomy beauty and feel like a hero of the real Gothic novel.

The lock is located on the border of transylvania and the mintation. The closest to the castle town – Brasov (30 km) and Risnes (20 km). Buses go from Brasov to Bran.

3. Shambo, France

One of the main attractions of the castle is the famous spiral staircase created by the project Leonardo da Vinci. The castle is surrounded by a magnificent ancient park, on whose alleys is nice to wander after inspecting the halls.

20 km from the castle there is a city of Blois, from here to the castle you can take the shuttle or auto. The road from Paris will take more time (180 km), but it is quite realistic to meet in one day.

4. Deep over Vltava, Czech Republic

Snow-white handsome man, proudly towering over Vltava, attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. The castle is built in a neo-neutic style and amazes with a luxurious view. This is the most "English" from Czech Castles. It was founded in the XIII century, repeatedly rebuilt. English features Castle acquired in the XIX century. His then owner, the Duchess of Eleonor Schwarzenberg, after a trip to England was fascinated by Windsor Castle, so I decided to globally reconstruct my own possession of its sample and likeness.

The pride of the castle is superbly preserved interiors, one of the richest and most impressive among European castles. Here you can see the richest library with a collection of rare books in several languages, unique objects of furniture and porcelain, a collection of painting, a collection of knight armor and weapons.

The castle is located in the southern part of the Czech Republic, near the city of Cesky Krumlov. Distance from Prague – 140 km.

5. Mavrov Castle, Portugal

Medieval castle with powerful fortress walls spread out on a mountain peak. The castle was built in the VIII century Moors and performed simultaneously defensive and observational functions. In 1147, he was removed from the Moors of Christians, later in his walls was the Jewish community. To this day the castle is not preserved in perfect condition. In the XVIII century, he suffered severely from the earthquake. He was restored in the XIX century during the reign of Fernanda II, but not in the original form, but in romanticism style.

Eastern and European features splated in the architecture of the castle together. Most impressive powerful fortress walls with teeth who can be seen from afar. For these walls, it is necessary to climb to the very top to enjoy the magnificent panorama. From here you can see the whole city, as well as the picturesque surroundings of Sintra and the sky blue expanses of the Atlantic Ocean.

The castle is approximately 20 km from Lisbon. From there to Sintra, you can drive by train with three urban stations (Rossio, Oriente, Entrecampos). From the center of Sintra to the castle go buses.

6. Butron, Spain

The elegant Gothic castle in the north of Spain was founded in the XI century, survived a lot of alterations and reconstructions. The lock is located on a small island – to get there, you need to go down 237 steps down. The castle bears the name of its first owners – Batron family. It was built as a fort, but later was transformed into a residence. Many legends are connected with the castle about the enmity of influential clans, intrigues, murders, power struggle. The castle surrounds the beautiful garden with old trees and wonderful plants. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get inside the castle now, tourists can admire the lock only outside.

Batron Castle is 19 km from Bilbao, from where buses.

7. Aragon Castle, Italy

Located on a small island of volcanic origin, very close to the shore. This is the main attraction of witness and one of the most ancient castles of the world, the first mention of it refers to 474 BC. NS. The flowering of the castle fell on the XVI century, when the Clarissine Monastery was opened on its territory, there was also a bishop residence here. Now the castle belongs to private owners, but is open to public visits. In the summer, concerts and musical evenings are often arranged here. The famous festival of musical and theatrical art is held on the territory of the castle.

Aragon castle is located 220 meters from the shore of Schia, in the southeastern part of it. It is connected to the island of dam and a stone bridge. For the first time, the bridge connecting the castle and the island appeared here in the XV century. Inside the castle, you can get through the tunnel or using the elevator. The tunnel is the chapel of St. John Joseph, which is considered the patron of the island. Those who wish can occur on the territory of the castle, in one of the monastery premises is now opened.

10 Castles in Europe that should be seen

eight. Windsor Castle, United Kingdom

One of the most beautiful castles of England, over the centuries, which is a residence of British monarchs. Windsor Castle – the oldest residential castle in Europe, in 1070 he founded Wilhelm the conqueror. Was originally built as a fortress, but very soon became a favorite place of stay of the members of the royal family. The castle has a huge territory, it is one of the largest residences in the world. Royal Family, and especially the British Queen Elizabeth, often loves to stop here. When the Queen is located in Windsor, over one of his towers is proudly brought by the Royal Stand. Most of the castle is open to visit.

Chapel of St. George is the largest structure in the territory of the castle, there are burials of British monarchs. In this chapel, the marriage ceremonies of members of the royal surname are held. One of the latter – the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Marcle.

From the observation deck of the Round Tower, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the vicinity of Windsor. The tower stores the famous Sevastopol bell, cast in Russia in the XVIII century and captured by the British during the Crimean War. By tradition, the bell is calling only a day when someone from the British monarchs die.

Windsor castle is located in the city of the same name, in the county of Berkshire. Vindzor can be reached by train from London Paddington Station.

nine. Shilon Castle, Switzerland

This romantic castle resembling an impregnable fortress and at the same time similar to the luxurious residence of the monarch, felt in his poem "Shilon Prisoner" Lord Byron. Once in the castle there was a prison in which the prisoner of Francois Bonivar, the main hero of the poem of Byrona. He was a monk convicted for sermons, contrary to the church implications of that time. Inside the castle, a place was preserved where he presumably serving a sentence. Lord Byron left his autograph in this place. In addition to Bayron, the beauty of the castle admired. Duma, B. Hugo, J.-J. Rousseau and other famous writers.

Shilon castle stands on a small island in the Lake Geneva, close to Montreux’s popular resort. With mainland island connected with the help of a bridge. Montreux and Villenev to the castle can be reached by bus.

ten. Kronborg, Denmark

The castle was built as the royal residence in the first half of the XV century, and became famous for Shakespeare, who settled his famous hero in him – Prince Hamlet. In the castle, you can visit the maritime museum, to visit the old chapel, go down to the incomes and see the sleeping Holger of Danish (Hero of the Danish epic, reminiscent of our Ilya Muromets), inspect the royal chambers and dance halls, climb the tower.

Capella is the only location of the castle in which the original interior is preserved – a wooden carved ceiling, the floor "Chessboard", the royal bed. Now this is a valid church. The castle stands on the shore of the Ereinsn Strait, in the narrowest place, on the opposite bank of which is Sweden.

In the town of Elsinor, where the castle is located, you can get from the center of Copenhagen on the train (go about an hour).

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