10 celebrities who are denied entry into other countries

Some famous actors and performers are denied entry into countries from the UK to China, many of them – For undefined period.

ten. Katy Perry (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry performed worldwide, but there is one country in which she is now forbidden to appear – China. The power of the Communist State stated that the performer of the hit «FireWork» It is forbidden the entry due to the fact that during the performance on the Taipei Arena on it there was a dress with sunflower, and in her hands she held the Taiwanese flag. According to IHEartRadio, the authorities considered such an outfit peculiar «Protest against Chinese Trade Agreement».

Katy Perry denied a visa, and she could not attend Victoria show&# 39; S SECRET FASHION SHOW, which was held in China in 2017. Jiji Hadid and Zayn Malik also did not receive visas and could not visit the show after Jiji «Too significant» Speared eyes in the photo in instagram.

nine. Kesha (Kesha)

According to BBC, the singer cache is not allowed to Malaysia since 2013, since its concerts «insulted cultural and religious feelings». Kesha planned to give a concert in Kuala Lumpur, but the plans unexpectedly broke, as the authorities of the country did not inform the prohibition details.

The singer herself expressed his disappointment by the situation on Twitter and even agreed to change the text of the songs and wear less candid costumes on the stage.

eight. Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus)

According to NME, Miley Cyrus was forbidden to cross the border of China in 2009 after she was seen by Paparazzi deliberately squinting eyes in the company of friends. The authorities have banned even the broadcast of the Disney show «Hanna Montana» and films with the participation of the actress, as well as the sale of any goods with its image.

7. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber became another celebrity with a ban on entering China in 2017 for «Inappropriate behavior». The Peking Municipal Bureau of Culture published the following statement: «Justin Bieber – Talented performer. But for the sake of maintaining order on the Chinese show business market, inviting poorly educated artists to the country is simply unacceptable». At the moment, no messages about the removal of the ban was not published.

6. Beyonce (Beyonce)

Even the Queen Bi, how herself calls himself Beyonce, can get a ban on entry into other countries. Malaysian authorities do not allow the singer to enter the country due to «provocative» performances.

Malaysia – Muslim country with strict rules, according to which women should wear the most closed clothing, and the performances and costumes of Beyonce modest called difficult. Therefore, now the singer can not give concerts in this country, but it seems to be no longer upset.

5. Martha Stewart

According to Independent, the United Kingdom authorities were not at all delighted the criminal past Martha Stewart in the United States and decided to prohibit her entry in 2011. Stewart was sentenced to imprisonment after recognizing her guilty to lies to investigators about involvement in Insider trading.

The United Kingdom refused a business woman in issuing a visa due to «serious criminal offenses abroad», Very serious about her lies to government agencies.

10 Celebrities who are denied entry into other countries

4. «Beatles» THE BEATLES)

Group «Beatles» It was and remains loved by fans all over the world, but according to Cosmopolitan, in one time the universal sympathy did not share the Philipps. The whole wine was the fact that the group participants refused to attend breakfast in the Presidential Palace from the first Lady Imelda Marcos. After the citizens of the country learned that the group refused breakfast, on them «attacked» when landing.

3. Eikon (Akon)

R&B-performer, known under the pseudonym Eikon (Akon), was banned from entering Sri Lanka back in 2010 after he starred in a music video for a song «Sexy Chick» with buddha statue and women in bikini on background. According to The Guardian, the scandalous clip would even provoke protest actions in the capital of Sri Lanka. And despite the fact that Subsequently, Eykon sincerely apologized for the video, the authorities still did not remove the ban on entering the country.

2. Sasha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen)

Actor Sasha Baron Cohen banned entry into Kazakhstan after the release of the film «Borate», who put a nation in the unpleasant light. However, after long reflection, Erlan Idrisov, the Kazakh Ambassador of Great Britain, admitted that the film helped to draw attention to national problems. The prohibition of Cohen was removed, and the actor removed the sequel «Borate 2» Already in Kazakhstan.

1. Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt)

Brad Pittu was banned from entering China for more than 15 years due to the role of 1997 «Seven years in Tibet». The film tells the story about the Austrian climber named Heinrich Harrer, who became friends with the Dalai Lama during the Chinese Capture of Tibet.

The Chinese authorities negatively reacted to such a role of Pitt in the film and banned him entry into the country, and also refused to show any other films with his participation.

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