10 cities in the world for vegan and vegetarian

The largest cities of the world go back with time and boasts a very diverse menu of vegan dishes, be it vegan sushi, desserts or even artificial meat. In addition, now there are applications and sites that will help you find dishes without meat … no matter what country you travel.

Over the past 2-3 years, travel, being vegan or vegetarian, It became much easier! Today we present to you the capital of the world, who are a real paradise for all vegans &# 8211; Be sure to visit these cities or live for a while.


In the cafe and stores in London, the real stream of Vegan delicacies &# 8211; and it is not surprising that this city has always been serious about the rights of animals. So, if you give up animal products, you will have an easy life in London: you will find in supermarkets Many excellent vegan dishes and delicacies, also in the city there are many unusual, very steep restaurants who like everyone. Typical example: Temple of Hackney was the first place in the world where you could buy a fried vegan chicken (imitation).


In Berlin, there is the first and only Vegan Street in the world – Schivelbeiner Strae. On it is abundant, institutions and shops offering dishes for Vegan! In Berlin, almost anywhere else is not a problem, many restaurants offer, for example, hamburgers with artificial meat, ice cream from almond milk and t. D. Price in Berlin Attractive. You can buy the main dish about 6-12 euros, burger and another fast food in about 4 euros.

Be sure to visit Bistro Vegetarian meat shop Der Vegetarische Metzger. Here you will get various imitation of classic meat dishes that are very close to taste, texture and t. D. on meat. In addition to several hamburgers, For 4 euros you can eat, For example, vegan skewers.
In 2015, the authoritative American culinary magazine Saveur called Berlin "the new vegetarian capital of the world".

New York

Probably, few will surprise that the first place in the ranking of America’s most vegan cities in 2018 was taken by New York. Here you can find a vegan alternative to any food, about which you just might think, Whether a sandwich with soybean beans, burger (which "bleming") or an extravagant vegan breakfast (including a fake bacon). All this is in New York &# 8211; and much more. Among the institutions that you need to visit, this, for example, Blossom Vegan, Buddha Bodai and Dirt Candy.

Tel Aviv

Today Tel Aviv (Israel) &# 8211; One of the largest vegetarian cities in the world. Delicious falafel can be found on every corner, as well as around the city there are vegetarian bistro with kebab. The most famous vegan cafe in Tel Aviv &# 8211; "Anastasia", where presented a wide variety of dishes. There you will try noodles with cream from artichokes and olives, Vegan Omelet from Tofu and Shakshuk.

Los Angeles

Another American Refuge for Vegan &# 8211; Los Angeles with his delicious vegan desserts, vegan cheese and many other local delicacies. If you want to spend good time, go to the Little Pine restaurants, Crossroads Kitchen or Sage Vegan Bistro, and then go to Donut Friend, where you are waiting for excellent vegan donuts.


10 Cities in the world for vegan and vegetarian

The Dutch is very often Eating dairy and meat products. That is why the veganism here is still considered a little alternative way of life. However, to be vegan in Amsterdam not so hard. There are many shops with vegetable food &# 8211; Vegabond, Ecoplase, Albert Hane, and Vegan Cafes – Dophert, Spirit, Las Vegan and T. D.


Although the capital of France is famous for With your baking and confectionery, She is also surprisingly progressive and suitable for Vegans. Most of France &# 8211; These are open markets that are replete with the most fresh and useful products that will definitely force the heart of any vegan / vegetarians to beat faster. In Paris, you will find more 45 Vegan restaurants. It is definitely worth visiting Hank Burger with his festival of Vegan Pop Music Smmmile, which takes the veganism to a new level and promotes it as a lifestyle (and they turn out well). Bon Appetit!

Turin (Italy)

Vegan, perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you are talking about Italy or Italian cuisine, but Turin is definitely, is One of the first Cities, where Veganov love. Go to COOX or IL Gusto Di Carmilla to try vegan pizza, and then eat delicious ice cream with almond milk.

Mumbai (India)

In Mumbai live The largest vegetarian community in the world, so veganam here will also be very comfortable. City literally full of exotic tastes and fresh products, so many specialized cafes and restaurants. For example, Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar, Bastian (which is not strictly vegan restaurant, but there are also a lot of excellent vegan food) or Bombay Bizare Bakers .

Charming city in many ways, which even in the region of gastronomy is the best, However (this may seem amazing) it is also a very good place for Vegans. Breaking Bread Bistro &# 8211; One of the many first-class vegan restaurants, where you will find delicious dishes of Italian cuisine in a purely vegan style.

10 Cities in the world for vegan and vegetarian

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