10 countries of Europe, where in the autumn you can go for the best wine in the world

Tourists go to the regions where wine is traditionally produced, the traditions and history of winemaking in different countries are studying, and, of course, taste local wine. We publish a list of 10 European countries, where the best wines can offer to enturists, as well as the conditions for recreation and entertainment.


France as a winery country with rich traditions do not need to represent.

However, in this country, there is a historically established rating of the development of winemaking, Burgundy in this ranking ranks first for many centuries.

Present Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Aligote and many other brands of Burgundy wines are manufactured and stored in the same antique castles — Chateau.

In the fall thousands of tourists go to France to the tasting of young wine — Beaujolais Nouveau.

At this time, difficulties may even arise with the placement of tourists, and the owners of Chateau prefer to accept only organized groups.


The history of winemaking on the Apennine Peninsula has no one millennium, the wine is grown in all Italian provinces, including in the north and on the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

The most famous Italian wine region — The province of Tuscany, in turn, divided into four «Roofing zones» — Chianti, Montalcino, Montepulcian and Coast Zone.

Chianti – The most famous and most popular wine in Italy, glorified by Tuscan winemakers.

Every spring in the city of Montespertole, the Chianti festival is held, in 2016 it was held from May 28 to June 4, but in the fall in «Zone Chianti» There is something to see and, most importantly, there is something to drink.


This country, due to the long-lasting traditions of winemaking and well-known Georgian hospitality, seems to be intended for enturism. In the heart of Georgian winemaking, the historical region of Kakheti, today there are even road signs with the inscription «Wine Route».

The route, of course, can be built on your own, the benefit of the geographical names Alazan Valley, Cinanandali, Gurdjaani, Sashino, Alaverdi, Salkino, Telavi are familiar to every true connoisseur of the oldest drink.

In Kakhetia it is worth going to ravies — Merry wine holiday starting with the end of the harvest in early September and the whole month.


Motherland Portweed is famous not only by this «Wine of real men». In the long list of truly Portuguese wines, you can even meet «Green wine», Portuguese Vinho Verde, however, the name does not indicate the color of wine, it is usual «wine» colors.

Specialists-winemakers still argue about the origin of such a strange name. Enotourists can express their opinion in these disputes, having participating in the grapes collected from September to October in the Altu-Dora area, everyone is invited here.

By the way, it is believed that Portwine famous in the whole world was first raised there. In some expensive hotels in Portugal, even special «Courses of young winemake».


Even one mention only «Tokai» leads lovers of wine to the idea that Hungary — Winery country.

And both in any such country, in Hungary, every fall under the sign of the collection of a new harvest of grapes, which means that young wine.

In September in Budapest, the International Wine Festival is held in the Buday fortress, almost simultaneously with it — In the Budaphochetian Wine Festival, with the collection of grapes, and in October, the days of wine are celebrated in the location of the world.

All this with concerts, live music and fireworks. It is impossible to miss the already mentioned region of Tokay, in the fall there are also preparing for receiving tourists.


As if in the peak, those who usually associate the Czech Republic and beer, annually, on September 11, the country officially starts «Czech wine season». At this time, it is best to go to the east of the country, to Moravia, — The main vineyards of the Czech Republic are focused there.

You can go closer — Just 20 kilometers from Prague is a famous miller, lovers are well known such a brand of wine.

Here, in Melnik, at the end of September, also has its own three-day wine festival — Vinobraní.

On the territory of this Mediterranean island, ready-made «Wine Routes». On a rented car, armed with a map with specified routes, you can combine a pleasant trip to Cyprus with a tasting of wines, known since deep antiquity or the times of Middle Ages.

10 Countries of Europe, where in the autumn you can go for the best wine in the world

Such as, for example, Commandary, this grade of the Crusaders, the Knights of the Order of Hospitallers began to grow in Cyprus in the distant XIII century. And guidelines in your unforgettable journey at the wine places «Mediterranean pearls» Provide special road signs of brown, the grape cluster is depicted and the route name is written.


Autumn Wine Tour in Moldova — Excellent solution for enotourists, not burdened by a solid budget. In addition, for traveling to this country, Russian citizens do not need a visa. And the names of Moldovan wines — Fetaisk, Graties, Viorika are familiar with our compatriots since Soviet times.

In the village, small milles can be visited by a 200-kilometer wine cellar, here is the largest Vinotec in the world.

And you can evaluate the quality and variety of brands of Moldavian wines, having arrived in Chisinau on the second Sunday of September and taking part in the celebration of the National Wine Day.


Spanish Malaga once thought to taste Russian Empress Catherine II, that she even freed the import of this wine from the duty.

Spanish laws are allowed to produce Malaga only in her homeland, in the city of Malaga in the south of the country.

This is a well-known tourist center, Malaga tasting can be combined with a visit to the House-Museum Picasso (the great artist was born and grew up in this city), spectacle of the Corrida and sea bathing.

If you are interested in other varieties of Spanish wines — Welcome in the second half of September to the city of Logrono, on the Wine Festival of San Mateo.


In Russia, enotourism is still only gaining momentum. But lovers of good domestic wine are where to go to the present fall.

For example, to Kuban, in the Krasnodar region, in the famous village Abrau-Durso.

Here, under the auspices of the center of wine tourism, excursions are held, during which tourists visit the legendary winecraft with old tunnels, wine cellars built for the royal family in the XIX century.

Winemaking in the Kuban in recent years is developing rapidly, excellent wine is produced in small farms,

Owners of whom willingly tell about their products, about the Kuban wine traditions, and will definitely offer to taste the excellent Kuban wine.

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