10 countries where it is convenient to travel with children

Most people believe that with the birth of children’s children is better not to think. After all, some ladies can be quietly resting on white light with children, even if, just happened to them.

In this country The sun is shining year-round, here still local residents are well referred to Russian tourists, marine water is not contaminated, the beaches are delighted. At such a place of rest like Protaras, there are playgrounds for games, amusement parks and aquarium.

Follow this better with the kids: in June and in the last decade of August, September, as well as October. Temperature day +30 GR and at night 20 gr, water 24 grams.


There is a large number of residential complexes in the private sector. Housing Full: Apartments in Townhouse or a large house designed for several families, with loggia, swimming pool, veranda, garden, garden. Ecology delicious here, Plus, a couple of pines are growing on the sun with a marine breeze. To this country, it is better to take some children’s children (4-5 years old), they can not drive them by hands, while only you learn walking without mom, and do not worry about them, letting go swimming, because the coast in Croatia is often stony.

Advantages: There is almost no strong sun, there are a lot of trees and therapeutic air with the presence of flavors of needles.

Flaw: Urban transport is developed bad, therefore, a trip to the store or different interesting places, especially with a child, then better on a personal car.


Denmark is the happiest country. Copenhagen not only a beautiful city, And still cozy for tourists with children. You can go to the Guinness Museum, there are various silhouettes of high, fat and amazing people. Still see many things, such as the sample of the Taj Mahal built out of 300 thousand. Matches, and watch dialogs on fairy tales Andersen Girl with matches, thumbs and mermaid. In the planetarium quiet brake is possible together with chad explore the model of the solar system and look at the particles of heavenly stone. You can go to the circus museum, here the child will try on the role of the artist. In the Children’s Museum of Art there are excursions for children, a school of artistic creativity, and you can also visit the classes on the modeling.

Sweden, Stockholm

She also refers to children. In Stockholm, the most good social policy is held, but also for children there is plenty of leisure.

On Island Museum of Unibacin It is allowed to touch the braids Peppi Long stocking and familiarize yourself with other heroes of Tales Astrid Lindgren. Bother with mummy trolls and induce fish with snusmumric. View presentations in the theater, and purchase a very tasty ice cream in a tent.

Skansen Park Plus Zoo. Little Sweden, it has its own forge, bakery, glass-powder and pottery workshops, church.

Vasa ship Museum, it has been preserved to this day. Still baby will visit 9 exhibitions that are connected with the ship.

Amusements Gren Lund, It has a tunnel of love, laughter room and 7 American slides.


The specificity of such a country is that every city and province Ideal for tourism with children. Here shores with a mild climate and a clean beach. Museum of magic with a mirage and quirks, Zoo with an unusual love and contact zoo, as well as Amazing Museum in the Grass, Water attraction. Disneyland – is one of the best and interesting worldwide, the desire of each child.


This place is The most favorable and cost of the flight for travelers, And climate. Most adult travelers want to get there to see the Unique Gaudi Towers in Barcelona, ​​but they will be interested in the kids. You can go B Tibidabo Amusement Park, Mammoth Museum, extraordinary fountain, he surprises especially in the evening.

Czech Republic, Prague

10 Countries where it is convenient to travel with children

Czech Republic is and so country of different antiquities and monuments, Here, any castle becomes a great place to stay. But still the defector is worth going to the children’s island on Vltava. In Prague there are 10 wonderful and mysterious theaters. V ; black theaters ; Actors in the dark arrange a decree with a bright spectacle. Famous and adorable theaters – Theater of Light and Shadow and Black Light Theater Little lovers of sweets Go to the Chocolate Museum – Any Excursion goes with the opportunity Try confectionery and with the ability to participate in the master classes on the preparation of dessert.

Prague Zoo, similar to safaris, possession of its approximately 60 hectares. It includes not only the usual dating with animals, the rate goes to the zoo-cinema, contact the goats and chiches in special pens, will play in the sand and ride a swing. The toy museum will send even a strict parent during childhood.

United Kingdom

Here, most of the cities are perfectly suitable for families with children, you can Rent a palace for joyful screams Death. But still it is worth going to London. This is Pratrodina Peter Pan, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Guys like it Traveling on Dubdeker for beautiful streets.

For example, go to the baby in British museum, To see the mummies or the Museum of Natural History, in which there are the core of the lizards in the natural value. Harry Potter Museum will like the guys, and they are impressive for life. Also, if children enjoy the secrets and detectives forward to Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes Museum. But the silhouettes covered with the wax Madame Tussao, the Museum of Childhood, the Museum of Science, which is allowed to arrange easy experiments and games with optical illusions.


In 2014, Berlin received Name of the very ideal city for recreation with family. The defender will be interested to go to Legolynd on Potsdam Square. Embedded by the center of the famous designer lego. And in the center you can not only play, but also see the case of creating a constructor.

Museum Matchemit, It requires concentration and perfection, when penetrating inside, you can get carried away with your head experiments, get lost in a large maze and placed mirrors.

In the capital is the largest water park – Tropical Island. Water slides, pools for small children and their parents, sea sand, palm trees, waterfalls. A huge Zoo of Europe is deployed in Berlin. It is near 2000 variety varieties, Water inhabitants, reptiles and beetles. Nearby with zoo have a water-tall in 3 floors.


In winter, go to the present Santa Claus in Lapland, Residence is in Rovaniemi. You can ride on deer sledding and snow scooter, arrange skiing, go to the zoo with dogs of the hassiness breed, and t.D.

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