10 days in Dominican Republic

We went to the Dominican Republic for 10 days at the end of March. We went through a ticket in four: I, wife and two children. I will tell about our holiday in Dominican Republic: hotel, weather, prices, souvenirs and local population.

The travel agency has turned up a good offer at this time in a great hotel "Barcelo Bavaro" in Punta Kane. I read reviews about the country and the hotel and realized that Dominican was what you need.

In Dominican, comfortable service is combined with the ability to plunge into the water of the Atlantic Ocean and knowledge of their own experience, what it is – the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, the visa in the Dominican Republic is not needed.

And here is a 10-day trip to a five-star hotel bought, and we are all ahead.

As we got

We flew by the plane. The aircraft is quite tedious and occupies 12 hours. Flight with us entered the price of the tour. On the plane, we filled out a migration card.

Punta Cana Airport is made in the form of a tropical bungalow.

Arriving in place, I understood the correctness of the preliminary training on the Internet. With the move Dominican Border Guard for $ 10 offered its services for reissuing the entrance card. I smiled in response to his snow-white smile and, having fun dancing, passed on. Further-transfer, which was included in the cost of a ticket, and after half an hour we were at the hotel.

Hotel Barcelo Bavaro – Tropical Paradise

The hotel is not just good, he is great.

In fact, it is 5 hotels connected together – with a huge territory, dozens of types of tropical plants, savory birds, fountains and excellent service.

On the territory runs a mini-train, because you are not on foot on it. We, of course, were excluded him and in this way.

Guests of the hotel live in the Bungalow Dominations, drowning in brown vegetation

The hotel has a wonderful beach, where the waves of the Atlantic Ocean are lazily something thumps, and snow-white sand and manitis on it. For all the time our tour was about + 30 ° C, water temperature + 25 ° C .

Sometimes waves, there were serious. Tropical shower started once, barely managed to run away from the beach, and the rest of the time from the ocean, a light breeze

Service is customized in Dominican "All inclusive", Many tourists do not leave the hotel territory. Moreover, there are legends about evil hats, crossing the country’s arrest and creating problems to tourists. We are not of those, and traveled a lot.

In our hotel, the system "All Inclusive" is not as in Turkey or Egypt. Here it is elite, if you can put it.

If whiskey is expensive, if the coffee in the secluded Hemingway bar is tasty and fragrant, if the power is mostly restaurant – then very diverse.

Well, if you get tired, then you can eat in Brazilian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai restaurants a la carte, what we did. Service in all these beautiful restaurants included in the price of the tour, and they are all located on site.

The beach also has its own bar with drinks, as well as palm trees from which periodically fall from a high height of coconuts. So you have to look at both.

This joke, of course, but jazz-orchesttrick from local boys, who, as soon as the security turns out, penetrated our closed beach and gave out superconcert, accurately deserved attention. At the sight of their smiling faces, I just wanted to go to dance.

Did not cost without purely Dominican stuff when placed. it The most unpleasant, What was all the trip.

I read about such stories on the Internet and was ready for them, but when it was not yet written to us that while our room was not released, but they can offer us super conditions in another bungalow, and for it you need to pay. I had to raise a little, say that I will call to the travel agency to Moscow. The room immediately "released". This mini-episode did not affect our wonderful trip and mood.

Hotel personnel Spanish, but English everyone knows very well.

Dominican’s excursions – "Golden Reservation" or Wonderful Country?

Many write that Dominican is due to their neighborhood from Haiti and illegal migrants – this is a "golden reservation", where you can walk and ride only in certain places.

Thick is complete. Where did you want, there and went. Impressions are the most pleasant.

Our trip on the route especially remembered City of Artists – Star Bay – Sonta Island.

It cost this pleasure $ 90 per person. It was not suiced, but the impressions were provided. We purchased a trip from the hotel guide, you could look cheaper in Punta-Cana, but our option is somehow more reliable.

First we arrived in Altos de Chavon.

Altos de Chavon or city artists ; This is a talented stylization under a medieval Italian village.

There are very cute buildings, amphitheater, views from above on a richwood chavon.

Then we descended the stairs to the river and sat down on Füluk, Johnka or how it is called there, I do not know. In general, on a long narrow boat under the awning. On this motorized boat, we sailed along fairly mutted chavon, until we went to the Caribbean sea.

Waves there are quite essential, the water changes its color all the time, and you are waiting for that the "black pearl" of Jack Sparrow will appear from somewhere.

Filuku brought us to just a wonderful place called it – Bay of Star.

These amazing creatures live here at a small depth ; sea ​​stars

We had a stop. We dived, caught them and immediately let go. Just this unearthly beauty doesn’t live long in the air. Very curious occupation, they stick to hands a little, and than the star older than and more, the more stronger.

Further before us had an amazing Sona Island.

I traveled a lot, but I have not seen such beauty and peace and has not experienced.

Here are snow-white sand, huge palm trees, turquoise shrill sea

Coconut oil here sell for $ 5, It turns out a wonderful tan.

Sun in the Dominican Republic Hard. If you go to my footsteps in such a tour, we definitely provide on Saon sunscreen.

10 Days in Dominican Republic

Cafes, restaurants, food

It is lobster near $ 30, depending on weight. The taste of his remarkable sauon is just amazing. Especially since you drink it Dominican Roma Barcelo. It was included in the price of lunch, but it costs about $ 10 Behind the bottle. Good like souvenir.

How we 3 months traveled in India on the Motorcycle Royal Enfild

After lunch, a catamaran is served in the turquoise lagoon of sauons, and they return home on it. But in order for the time for nothing, we were taught by the incendiary Latin American dances. After Roma – the most.

It was our most wonderful day in Dominican. But there were other interesting lessons.

For example, we went to the sea walk, where I was given a little charging

Where else to go

Interested in I Peninsula Samana. There is a stunning nature. You can see whales, but not in March, so they did not go there.

Deserves attention Extreme Fun-Fun Cave, But there it is necessary to climb on the rope, go to the horse, to cross the vbrod. Children don’t really love it.

But B Santa Domingo, The capital of the country, we visited and visited Lighthouse Columbus, where the famous navigator rests.

We did not get closed in the walls of the hotel, and traveled around the country. Somewhere we went, somewhere with a guide. No incidents were.

What to bring from Dominican Republic

Smoking I brought Excellent cigars, who bought in the factory.

We were drunk there. It is worth a quality Dominican cigar about $ 10-30, but on the beach they sell fakes for $ 4-5. They should not pay attention to them.

Similarly, with Rom: Dominican Rum Barcelo and Brugal I bought in supermarkets . Prices start from $ 10-12 per bottle and reach $ 30 for the Imperial. Fakes on roma a little, but they are, and you should not take it in the lavety.

Still in the dominican you can buy coffee (also in large stores), it is very good quality, as well as products from Larimara.

Larimar is such a blue amber. It is sent in silver, it turns out very beautiful.

Daughter bought a transformer ring, where on the one hand amber, on the other – Larimar. Very unusual.

Ring cost about $ 90. The pendant with the lamarimar in a good store costs about $ 70, on the market – $ 40, but there is afraid to buy. Earrings with Larimar can buy for $ 30.

Our trip to one of the best hotels in Dominican Republic. She cost approximately at $ 7,000 on four, But the impressions that we got not buy for no money.

Sometimes I close my eyes and a magnificent Isaone island with a crispy lobster, a wonderful "Barcelie Bavaro", is getting up, and the whole wonderful country is.

10 Days in Dominican Republic

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