10 dreams that shook the world

Alexander Macedonian’s mother – Olympiad – Woman Fire. It is not surprising that on the eve of the wedding with Philip II, she had a completely "transparent" dream. As they say, Freud. As if around her, "the storm’s noise, and bright lightning strikes her in the womb, from which a bright fire shrugged, the devouring flame that was widely spread around".

After some time, the sleep sees Philip II. Also quite unambiguous. He seals his wife’s womb, on which the lion is carved. Everything like one, oracles are delivered by the verdict: the king is worth it to guard his marital rights. And only the well-known Jewelner Aristandr Telmesky said: "Do not seal anything empty". Therefore – the Olympics is pregnant. And the son. Moreover, "which will have a brave, lion character". And let you – guess.

Sleep Macedonsky

Despite all his alpha signedness, Iskander Zulkarnine, he is Alexander Macedonian, also did not mind to be poured on the topic of Morphey (ancient, as you know, in general with great reverence treated sleep). Once on the way to Egypt, the great commander could not take a small town of Tir. Deciding what will do it on the way back, the Macedonian continued to go. And now, returning, he rests on the wall. Deaf and serf – Tir does not give up. Start long nine months of siege. Macedonian began to lose patience, but saw sleep. On his shield danced and mocked Satir. Behind the interpretation of the commander came to Oracle ARESTANDER. And he, taking a wand, painted the word Satyros on the sand, which crossed the line in the middle. It turned out SA Tyros. That is, "Tir Your", they say, wait a little. The next day, Tir fell.

By the way, this approach to the interpretation of dreams is called linguistic. Among others, it is used by modern psychoanalysts.

Dream Caesar

During his opposition to Senate, the great commander was forced to temporarily leave Rome. At this time he sees a dream in which … copulates with his mother. Overcoming embarrassment, he tells his interpreter. He hurries to calm him: Mother is Rome, Earth, His His His, She "Suggested" Caesary Samar. The result is known – Guy Julius crossed Rubik and became the head of Rome.

Sleep emperor Incov

Warakoko Inca called Emperor Incas. Viracoo – the Indian God, the "Creator of Total Living and Divine". Once in a dream, the second appeared first and said: "People with white leather and sticks, spewing fire". Thanks to this, the famous Spanish Conquistor Francisco Pisarro in 1531 was accepted by the Incas with surprise and reverence. This initial benevolence played to the hands of conquerors and facilitated the conquest of the inhabitants of the "Earth of four quarters".

Dream Zhuang Tzu

The Great Chinese philosopher was once great. At that very temper, he dreamed of a strange dream. The essence of it is simple: Zhuang Tzu became a butterfly. In the morning he was depressed. "Now I am puzzled," he said to his friends. – If Zhuang Tzu in a dream can become a butterfly, then perhaps now the butterfly fell asleep and she dreams that she is Zhuang-Tzu ".

The modern biologist would smile, someone would not pay attention, and Zhuang Tzu created a whole teaching, considering the life of limited, and knowledge – limitless.

Sleep of the Japanese emperor

Once the overthrown 96th Japanese emperor go-Daigo saw in a dream a huge evergreen tree with thick foliage. Most of his branches was addressed to the south. Under the tree cozy, three great ministers and other Japanese know, sitting in accordance with their rank. But the main place facing south was free. "For whom it can be cooked this place?"- thought the emperor in a dream. And here there are two children with hair combined for sample. Staying his knees in front of Go-Daigo, they, whopping in the sleeve, said: "On the whole earth there is no such place where His Majesty could hide him even for a short time. Yet under this tree there is a place sitting on which you add to the south. This is an imperial throne designed for you. Please sit there a little!"After that, the children disappeared, and the emperor woke up.

Go-dygo regarded it as a sign. And, in general, did not lose. Thoroughly all overwhelmed, he placed the Hieroglyph "South" with the hieroglyph "Tree" (remember the linguistic approach), and voila! – It turned out the sign "Camfare Tree", sounding Japanese "Kusunoky". "When those two children asked me to sit under the tree, turning to the south, it should have been a sign from Bodhisatv Nikko and Gakko, which will again find power over these limits and will manage their people," the emperor judged. Thille thinking, he called for himself one of the monks of the Knaging Temple and asked if the warrior named Kusunoky in these parts. So it turned out. In the face of Kusunoki Masashige in 1331, the emperor and found help. However, already in the 1336th Kusunoki army was broken and the faithful vassal of the emperor committed suicide.

Lincolna’s sleep

It happened on the night from 4 to April 1865. Abraham Lincoln saw empty white house cabins in a dream. But in one of the long beds there was a crowd. Going there, he saw a coffin and soldiers standing in Karaul. "Who died?"Lincoln asked. "President" – was the answer. Lincoln recorded this dream in his personal diary, and in ten days he was killed at the Ford theater in Washington at the premiere of "My American Cousin".

Non the founder of atomic physics

10 Dreams that shook the world

In 1913, the Danish scientist Niels Bor was young and full of forces. At that time, he just broke his head about the atom, or rather, about his structure. And once after a long reflection lay down. And saw himself standing on a burning gas sun, around which planets are rotated with thin threads. Suddenly the gas hardened, and the planets and the luminaire decreased. Waking up, Bor realized: he just saw the atom model, which he called the planetary. Planets electron rotated around the sun.

Just do not think that everything is given so simple, it is worth only to fall asleep. No less famous dreams Dmitry Mendeleev, as you know, I did not like it very much when I "recalled" a story about the table with the table. "I think over her, I thought 20 years old, and you decided: I sat, and suddenly ready," said good-natured old man.

Sleep of the founder of organic chemistry

By 1865, the German chemist Friedrich Augustus Kekule was able to synthesize benzene, but the exact formula of the substance remained dark water in the clouds. But once happened: Kevel dreamed of a snake, biting his tail.

Uroboros is one of the oldest symbols of humanity, meaning first of all eternity and cyclical nature of the nature of life: alternations of creation and destruction. But the chemist interpreted the snake in his own way. He realized that he had a dream of a benzene formula, which is known now, the view of the right hexagon.

True, there are other versions. As if Kekule had no sleep did not see, and it came across this thought ring in the form of a typoros or a Persian carpet pattern. So this or not – the story is silent. It is said that, that a few years earlier in Omnibus, Kekule saw another dream: "Atoms frolic in front of the eyes. Two small atoms were combined into a couple, and the larger took those smaller. Another, larger, keeps three more or four smaller ". Having woke up at her stop, the scientist concluded: carbon atoms can be connected in long chains. It is believed that this particular dream laid the foundations of organic chemistry.

Sleep Paul McCartney

In 1999, the British radio station BBC 2 conducted mass surveys of musical experts and listeners, and also analyzed sales results. The result was unequivocal: Single of the Bitles Group Yesterday – the best song of the 20th century. And according to the Guinness Book of Records, more cover versions was made to this hit than any other in history.

One of the founding fathers Paul McCartney claims that yesterday melody came to him in a dream. And, waking up, he was sure that he had just heard this entanglement, but did not compose him at all. The first words of the song, laid on the melody, were such: "Scrambled Eggs, Oh, My Baby, How I Love Your Legs" ("Bolt’s scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how do I like your legs"). Under the name "Scrambled eggs" George Martin and released the instrumental version of the song in the US. It was long before the work on yesterday was fully completed. Therefore, American fans excitedly wrote each other that they heard "something called SCRAMBLED Eggs representing a full copy of Yesterday".

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