10 facts about Berlin who will surprise you

When it comes to fashionable European cities, which are absolutely necessary for the legislators of the mod, Berlin, of course, is on top of the list. Find out what makes the German capital of such a fantastic, from cultural centers to the pillars of urban life.

You will pass a lot of miles in these sneakers

Do not worry if your shoes will not stand excursions on Berlin safe and safety. Megapolis on the spree is world famous for its sneakers. Therefore, it is not surprising that The largest in Europe wall for sneakers is in Berlin. Yes, you read correctly: wall sneakers. More than 370 models are available here, so you are guaranteed to find a suitable pair to stroll through the East Side Gallery.

You are what you eat ..

… and sometimes in the literal sense of the word when you arrived from Berlin. It is known that citizens wear the same name as cookies with lard, which is very popular in Germany. That is why some listeners, for obvious reasons, could not resist smile when US President John F. Kennedy in his famous speech of 1963 in solidarity said: "I am Berlinets".

Father and mother traditional German street food: curryworthist with red and white potatoes

The most fashionable menu of the day is still remaining Traditional curryvursta, widespread in Berlin. In fact, Berliners eat up to 70 million servings every year. True mountain sausages and rolls! Another famous local dish offers a small variety of menu: doner kebab. Daily in Berlin twisted more than 950 skewers for kebabs – you do not have to worry about food – on every corner you will come across the next skewer.

Infinite trips to work

Berlin public transport system is one of the best in the world. That’s why Most Berliners prefer to use buses and trains, and not spend hours looking for parking space. BVG and Deutsche Bahn networks have an impressive range. All routes of buses, trams and suburban trains Berlin together cover the globe 8.7 times.

Berlin metro

Although Berlin is known for its expansion, surprisingly about 40% of the city is underground. A huge network of lines of the subway, bunkers and military tunnels branches right below the surface. And, of course, there is an underground brewery – all the same you are in Berlin.

Night life

Oh yeah, in Berlin many holidays. In fact, the metropolis on the spree is probably a real "city that never sleeps". On weekends there is no official curfew, And many clubs are open from Friday to Monday. Forgotten deodorant and toothbrush to refresh during a festive marathon? No problem &# 8211; These things are sold in many clubs.

Pretty expensive cell for rabbits

10 Facts about Berlin who will surprise you

Berlin Wall is known all over the world, and it is always worth a visit. However, most people do not know that in fact There were two walls walking in parallel to each other. The space between them was a drawing ground and for 28 years was a playground for rabbits, which really liked to live here.

Night shopping

Thanks more than 1000 corner stores throughout the city, which are affectionately called spectacle here, you will never have to go far beyond beer or snacks in Berlin. If you are approaching the night runway or you need a study in research: spectsy always next to you.

Shop up to fall

Want to pamper yourself with something new? Go to Kaufhaus de Westens, More known as Kadewe. This shopping center is one of the largest department stores throughout Europe and offers you more than 60,000 m² of retail space for purchases before the doctor coming.

Multiple Choice when visiting the museum

Berlin clearly does not suffer from the lack of good museums. Officially, 108 of them are distributed throughout the city. Definitely best to visit Museum Island in Berlinsky district Mitte. Some of Berlin’s most famous cultural institutions are going to the island with a very suitable name. It is worth visiting the new and old museum, the Pergamm Museum, the Museum of Bode and the Old National Gallery.

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