10 facts about New York that will surprise you

Regardless of whether you admired with personally shining lights New York Or not, you definitely heard a lot about "Big Apple". You admired them in countless films, read about it the packs of articles in magazines – and even if you were never there: at least one of your friends was definitely.
When do you think about New York, You probably think about skyscrapers, Cosmopolitan lifestyle and famous yellow taxis. You may even think that you have already heard everything you need to know about this city. So, here 10 facts that you definitely not read in any journal.

1. New York – Perfect Labor Laboratory

Want to learn a new language or improve your knowledge of a foreign language? Then go B New York. V Empire City speak more than 800 different native languages, which makes New York a real cultural melting boiler of the world. English is not the first language about half of all families New York, and more than a third of all urban residents were born abroad. Stroll by three of the five very different areas within a half-day tour, and you will experience a language world tour.
Who knows, perhaps you even learn several new offers – besides typical "Hey, see where you go!"

2. New York’s great-grandmother called New Amsterdam

Walking through the hypermodernist megalopolis, it is difficult to imagine that in this place there were times completely without shine and chromium. But even New York was built not in one day. V 1626 Island Manhattan was purchased by the Dutch settlers and received the beautiful name "New Amsterdam". Later the city was used Dutch East India Company as a furs in fur trade. He became New York only in 1664 year, When the British captured power over the city.
If you are planning to visit New York In the future, find out all about the modest sources of the city during a pedestrian tour of Nizhnya Manhattan. Admire the legendary architecture, get acquainted with her story … and strengthen yourself, tasted the hearty piece of pizza in New York style.

3. The origin of street light

New York skyline – world famous landmark. And from the point of view of street passes, he is sometimes so impressive that people will unsubscribe the jaw. Architects of these giant skyscrapers had to work wonders to at least a little light could get to the city jungle. Take, for example, Empire State Building: He is so huge that Your postal code. Such huge challenges required bold measures, such as the procedure for approving the plan 1916.
According to this leadership, architects had to build their skyscrapers in such a way that they did not block the hit in the street canyons below. Resolution, which literally lit the life of modern residents of New York – and made them much safer.

4. New York – Mecca for LGBT

Perhaps you will not be surprised that Cultural capital of the world also Extremely friendly to gays. But do you know that in New York more people identify themselves as LGBT, than in anyone another city of USA?
Same-sex marriages were legal in New York only with 2011, but urban traffic Gay Rights has a rich event that goes far away in the past.
No journey to New York will not be complete without a visit to the famous hotel "Stonevoll". You can get even a deeper idea of ​​how the movement for Gay Rights, From the stories about the powder barrel and the infamous uprising 1969. Stonewall-Inn Now it is considered the place of birth of modern movement LGBT, and its doors are open to all.

5. Gold City

You love movies about robbers of banks that make particularly smart coups? Then Federal Reserve Bank maybe you have a long-time trustee. It is well known that the world’s largest gold reserves are kept here – gold bars allegedly weigh more 7000 tons – and precautions, of course, respectively, serious. So climb into the building through the ventilation shaft it is unlikely to get.
If you are traveling with Professional with Wall Street, You will probably get access earlier. And when the journey becomes possible again, you can also get here a few tips on how to earn a fortune.

6. Apple with hippodrome

Origin Nickname New York Several mysterious. But one thing you can say for sure: the city in no way looks like a fruit. Instead of this "Big apple»Grew out of a completely unexpected nonsense – namely the reporter comment on racing. Yes, in fact. John J. Fitzgerald introduced this term in Article in 1921: "There is only one present Big apple. And this New York".

7. Even library cards here are of great importance

10 Facts about New York that will surprise you

As they say? ;Knowledge &# 8211; force. ; A C New York Library Ticket Citizens get access to more than 50 million books &# 8211; Many, not? New York State Library is the third largest library in the world and is open to the general public. You do not have to miss this intellectual power management center during the next tour of New York, which must be visited. Elegant Reading rooms hidden for famous Stone lions on the front facade of the library. Take a good book, arrange more comfortable and start working on your read list Together with the inhabitants of New York.

eight. Streets (almost) packed with pearls

Dutch founding fathers New Amsterdama were shocked by many oysters they found on Ellis and on the island of freedom. That is why two islands at the time were also called Small and big oyster island. To secure your enthusiasm, the Dutch even used oyster sinks to choose what is called now Pearl Street. By the way, the delicacies can still be found at every corner of New York, Although in the form of street food that can be taken with you. During Culinary tour in the city You can enjoy authentic, and sometimes frankly artistic delicacies of street food. You have already been hungry on the next trip to New York?

nine. Myth about terribly buzzing taxi drivers

What first comes to mind when you think about "Big Apple"? Probably, avalanches made of leaf metal of yellow taxis are pushed out of the streets, which wild buzz (and then someone screams: "Hey, leave the road!"). However, in fact, everything is different. Taxists have to pay Considerable fines, if they signal without good reason. So they really do it only in Emergency cases.

ten. Without coffee nothing will happen

Want to be accepted for Real resident of New York? To do this, sit in front of the cafe and order Large coffee with ice. Of course, you can drink it also on the go, exploring the streets. Global health research has shown that A resident of New York drinks about 7 times more coffee than the average American. So it is not surprising that this city never sleeps.
And yet New York residents Best health from all country megacities. So join them and treat yourself caffeine addiction.

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