10 facts about Uruguay

One of the smallest countries in South America is often in the shadow of their more popular neighbors. And in vain! Here you can enjoy juicy steaks and fragrant mate, as in Argentina, and beaches that will satisfy even the brazilians spoiled by the Sun. But by itself, Uruguay is full of surprises and willingly break stereotypes about a typical Latin American country.

Uruguay caused the first and only war between Brazil and Argentina

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And as a result of this war received independence. Of course, none of the warring countries asked the liberation of Uruguay (at that time – the Brazilian province of Sisplatin). But the protracted three-year war has exhausted the forces of opponents and led to the creation of a new state in 1828 on the principle of "Do not go to anyone".

Uruguay – not the tropics

Uruguay – the only country in Latin America, located completely outside the tropics. The climate of the capital of Montevideo can be approximately compared with Sochi: in winter + 10-12 ° C, wind, occasionally freezing, frost.

Here four times more cows than people

In the country with a population of only 3.4 million people for each resident account for almost four cows. Cattle – the most important and most profitable part of the country’s economy, so farmers have to strictly monitor the quality: a few years ago Uruguay introduced an innovative system of livestock marking by electronic chips. Now each consumer can track all the way of its steak: from the native farm to the table.

Uruguay call "Switzerland of South America"

True, the point is not in the climate and not in cows, but in a very advanced social policy. One of the first on Continent Uruguay began to implement the concept of the state of universal well-being and achieved significant success. For example, in 2009, Uruguay became the first country in the world, which provided each student free laptop and Internet access. And in 2015, the government began to distribute (at his own expense!) tablets also retirees.

In Uruguay do not celebrate Christmas

Uruguay, where Catholicism profess less than half of the population, renamed traditional Catholic holidays. So, Christmas has become a family day, the Epiphany (a holiday of three kings) – on the day of children, and the passionate week and Easter – a week of tourism.

Marijuana has legalized here

In 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world, where production, sale and consumption of marijuana are allowed. Yes, here the country has overtaken and the Netherlands, where the practice is essentially dispersed with sufficiently strict legislation, and some US states where marijuana is allowed in medical, but not leisure purposes. True, legalization in Uruguay applies only to citizens of the country, foreigners use these freedoms by law can not.

10 Facts about Uruguay

Ex-President Uruguay deserved the title of the poorest president of the planet

José Mukhik, President Uruguay from 2010 to 2015, a monthly gave 90% of his salary for charity, refused to move from his farm to the official residence, all the years went to work on the old "Beetle". Such a lifestyle to couple with bold political decisions made his superstar on the political arena of Latin America. And for the signing of the law on the legalization of Marijuana, Muhika was nominated for the Nobel Prize of the World.

Uruguay – the least corrupt country of Latin America

According to the International Organization to Combat Corruption Transparency International, Uruguay at least the last five years confidently keeps the position of the country with the lowest crime level on the continent. In the World Rating of 2016, Uruguay is located at 21st place, between Japan and Estonia (the lower the level of corruption, the higher the place in the ranking). Moreover, the country ranks first in the region for the democraticness of the regime, quality of life, freedom of printing, the size of the middle class, the work of e-government, prosperity and safety.

Uruguay – the venue of the first World Cup

Uruguay, at that time two-time Olympic champion in football, was chosen by the first world championship under the auspices of FIFA in 1930. This choice was not very successful for FIFA: to send the team so far was expensive, so European countries were not burned by the desire to take part. As a result, only 13 national teams fought for the title of world champion, this is the smallest number of participants in the championship in his entire history.

Hymn Uruguay – the longest in the world

Hymn Uruguay with a ringing name "Uruguayans, depreciation or a grave!»Contains 11 versions and in the full version lasts more than five minutes. Why not? They definitely have something to be proud!

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