10 famous natives of Turkey

In this article, let’s talk about the most famous natives of the Turkish land. Our rating includes not only residents of the modern Turkish Republic and the Ottoman Empire, and all the famous people born in the territories of modern Turkey. Do not be surprised to see here even the Greek philosopher or the Christian saint.

10th place. Anti-Darwin

Adnan Octar (1956 – now live, but in prison)

The writer Adnan Otar became famous by the literary talent, but his position in the world criticism of the theory of Darwin. In 2007, he sent thousands of copies of his book "Atlas of Creation" by scientists, Congressmen and the library in the US.

Similar shares Adnan Octar suits often. Over the past decades, he has filed about 5,000 lawsuits under the organization under the organization, and hundreds of Web sites were blocked as a result of court decisions. He has its own A9 TV channel, broadcasting content, promoting creationism and criticizing the theory of evolution.

However, if you deepen in the beliefs of Adnan Octara, then his arguments are largely logical. He claims that the Darwinian idea "survives the strongest" serves as ideological base for racism, nationalism and terrorism. That Darwin’s theory denies the existence of God, and therefore, the moral values ​​shares. In all this there is a rational grain. He is right or not? We provide every reader to solve yourself.

January 11, 2021 Adnan Octar became completely famous. He was sentenced to the Turkish court by 1075 and 3 months of imprisonment for 24 different crimes. And it would seem, where else? It turned out to be somewhere. With the further consideration of the affairs of his associates (partners), he was still added until 903 years and 6 months.

We will not consider the details of the case. And we will not comment on.

9th place. The main thing is the simplicity of life

Diogen Sinopsky (412 – 323 years.N.NS)

Ancient Greek philosopher Diogen was born in the city of Sinop on the Black Sea coast, this is the territory of modern Turkey. Diogen became famous as a philosopher practicing the utmost ease of life.

An interesting fact that in books and textbooks can be found that Diogenes lived in a barrel. In fact, the ancient Greeks did not create barrels. Diogenes lived in a large clay jug "Pyfosa", in such vessels stored oil and grain.

Alexander the Great won Athens, where Diogenes lived. Alexander invited Diogen to fulfill any of his desire, and Diogen asked: "Get away, do not turn around the sun". To accustom yourself to failures, he asked alms from statues. There are still dozens of statements and cases from the life of Diogen, who became "folk wisdom".

8th place. Turkish pop music

Singer Tarkan (1972 – now live)

The famous singer Tarkan was not born in Turkey, but in Germany, that he did not prevent him from getting into our list. Tarkan is very popular in Europe, although he sings in his native Turkish. On the account of the singer, 29 million albums sold and singles.

An interesting fact that in 1999 the singer Tarkan was discussed by the Turkish parliament, he was even offered to deprive citizenship and declare deserter. The fact is that Tarkan has not passed a mandatory military service. From 1995 to 1998 he had a delay, but at the end of the deferment he did not appear to serve. Only in 2000, Tarkan was able to take advantage of the amnesty, paid 16,000 dollars to the Earthquake Help of 1999 and served.

Two most famous hit Tarkan – Shikidim (Sikidim) and Shimarik (SIMARIK) sounded at all discos of Turkish resorts, and from CDs selling stalls in Moscow, and from headphones half of Russian women. Who knows, maybe exactly the singer Tarkan Turks are obliged to popular with their resorts among Russian tourists.

7th place. Grivist helmet decorated

Hector (13 or 12 century d.N.NS)

The eldest son of King Troy – Priama, the strongest warrior and commander-in-chief of the Trojan army during the famous war with the Greek-Ahetis, described by the poet Homer in the poem "Iliad". Hector is considered a fictional character, but most likely he had a real historical prototype.

The legendary Trojan war, most likely, took place in history, but not in the form of a military campaign us, but in the form of an attempt to resettle the Ahasey Greeks to Maly Asia (the territory of modern Turkey). Local peoples naturally resisted, and the historical prototype of Hector was the leader of this resistance.

Hector as a literary character causes an oriad readers with no less sympathy than the Greek heroes Achilles, Ajax, Odyssey or Patrole. And in the last movie Troy performed by Erica Ban, he may argue for the title of chief character painting.

6th place. The author of the first world map

Piri Reis (1465 – 1554)

Turkish navigator, admiral fleet and cartographer Piri Reis is famous as the author of the first world map. Of course, in the 16th century it was still impossible to make a complete map of the world, because Australia, Antarctica, and most of America were not yet investigated. However, Piri-Reis made the most important step in cartography – he collected several cards in one big and showed the whole world famous at that time.

The first card was drawn up in 1513, only a third of her was now preserved. Fortunately, the map was performed on parchment, durable material. Piri Reis used Arab, Portuguese and Spanish cards.

In practice, this map for sailors was almost useless, for the sailors of that time, Piri Reis prepared the "Book of the Sea" – a real atlas from maps and descriptions of the regions of the Mediterranean Sea. The first "sea book" was written in 1521, contains 132 descriptions. The second "sea book" was written in 1525, contains 210 descriptions. In these books, Piri-Reis describes cities, bays and harbor, sources of fresh water, reefs and melels, potential dangers for sailors. How many lives sailors saved Piri Reis? Count it difficult.

5th place. Rich faith

Saint Nicholas Ratio (270 – 345)

He is St. Nicholas Wonderworker. The most revered Christian holy in Russia was born and lived in Turkey, in the field of Lycia, in the city of the world. Now the Church of St. Nicholas is a popular excursion direction, about the excursion here we wrote in the article "City of the World".

According to the legends, during a swimming in Alexandria, one of the sailors on the ship, on which Saint Nicholas sailed, broke from the mast and crashed. Saint Nikolay resurrected this sailor and since then has become a patron of navigation.

In different parts of the Christian world, Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of various professions and a layer of society. In the West, his image has passed in the famous Santa Claus. Another miracle of St. Nicholas is the salvation of three innocently condemned when Nikolai stopped the sword of the executioner during execution. Thanks to this miracle, he became one of the symbols of justice and justice for Christians.

Nearby see the famous picture of Ilya Repin "Nikolai Mirliki", where the scene of salvation of innocent from execution is depicted. The picture was written in 1888. Click to enlarge.

4th place. James Bond in Turkish

Anwar Efendi (fictional character)

Character Books Boris Akunin "Turkish Gambit", the main villain of the book and the film – the tricky, dying, always beating from under the bore Turkish spy. It is considered a fictional character, and that he did not have a real historical prototype, but the big character of the character allowed him to enter our rating.

Plot books and movies simple. There is a Russian-Turkish war of 1877. The Turkish Agent Anwar Efendi is being introduced into the camp of the Russian troops, he speaks Russian perfectly, has European appearance, trained and prepared. Anwar immediately actively acts – changes the name in encryption, and Russian troops are sent in the wrong direction. Erast Fandorin tries to figure out the Anvara.

Cinematographers made a special contribution to the popularity of Anvar. The fact is that in the book and the film Anwar hides both different people, in the book as a French journalist D’Eevre, in the film as Captain Captain. The film turned out to be interesting to watch even those who read the book. See the frame from the movie where there are both characters, click on the photo to enlarge.

3rd place. Constantinople in fire

Sultan Mehmed II Conqueror (1432 – 1481)

Challenges the title of the most talented commander of the Ottoman Empire, the second challenger – Suleiman I, who will still appear in our ranking. It was under the command of Mehmed II, the Ottoman army took Constantinople, the city was renamed Istanbul (Istanbul), and the Ottoman Empire gained the usual appearance as presented in history textbooks. Byzantine empire ceased to exist.

10 Famous natives of Turkey

In addition to the capture of Constantinople, Sultan Mehmed II won Albania, Herzegovina, part of Serbia, drove from the Balkan Peninsula of Venetians. Mehmed II army even invaded Italy, but were forced to retreat.

Interesting fact that Mehmed II was Sultan twice. Initially, his father – Sultan Murad II beaten from the throne in his favor in August 1444, and Mehmed II in 12 years old became Sultan for the first time. However, the serious threat of united Poles and Hungarians hung over the Turks, their campaign on the Turks even had the status of a crusade.

Then Mehmed II took advantage of his status and ordered his father to head Turkish army. Turks broke the crusaders in the battle at Varna. In 1446, Murad II returned to the throne, and Mehmed II remained in the status of the heir. In 1451 after the death of the Father, Mehmed II became the Sultan for the second time.

2nd place. Father of the Turkish Nation

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881 – 1938)

This person is called the "Father of the Turkish Nation", his surname translates as "Father Turk". By law, any citizen of Turkey is free to choose myself, but only one last name he has no right – this is the name of Ataturk.

As a child, Mustafa showed the ability of the mind, for which he received the second name Kemal in school, translates as "intelligent". Mustafa Kemal was not from a rich family, and for such people the way up the social staircase was possible only through the service in the army. Mustafa Kemal in 1893 entered the military school.

In the post officer of the army of the Ottoman Empire Mustafa Kemal participated in wars in Africa and the Balkan Peninsula. During World War I, the star of Kemal Mustafa. He commanded the Turkish forces from Dardanell, when the British landed the landing, trying to capture the strait and after Istanbul. The British were crowded by the Turks, and Mustafa Kemal gave his famous order: "I do not order to step, I order to die". Turkish units switched to successful counterattack, broke the British, and Mustafa Kemal became a national hero.

Already after the war, Mustafa Kemal becomes a politician. He collects patriotic forces in Ankara, tolerates the capital of the capital to Ankara from the captured by the British. War begins for the independence of the Turkish people, in 1923 the Turkish Republic is proclaimed, and Mustafa Kemal becomes the first president.

During the presidency, Ataturk, reforms changed the country to be unrecognizable. A new alphabet was introduced, most of the population became competent, the country passed to the Gregorian calendar, the metric system and the 5-day working week. All ataturk reforms do not list, for this you need a separate article, which on our site will ever appear.

1st place. Magnificent century

Sultan Suleiman I (1494 – 1566)

Sultan Suleiman Russians sign primarily on the TV series "Magnificent Century". Turks call him Suleiman legislator, as he introduced several codes that complement the laws of Sharia on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. In the era of the Board of Suleiman, the Europeans called him "terrible" or "conqueror", his military campaigns were so fortunate.

Suliman’s military victories are striking, his Janacares took Belgrade, defeated the Hungarian army in the battle of Mohachi, took the famous Rhodes Fortress – the masterpiece of the fortifications of the Middle Ages, was askedid by Vienna, but they could not take the Austrian capital. In North Africa, Osmanians occupied Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.

In the popular culture, the story of Love Suleiman and Roxolants – Slave, which was brought in His Grief. This story is full of legends, as it should be for romantic history. However, historically confirmed facts about their love almost no. Roksolaan is accused of told Suleiman to kill his friend and Vizier Ibrahim and execute the Son and the heir to Mustafa, but it was not documented.

Suleiman was not only a talented commander and ruler, but also a poet. His government is called the "golden age of" Turkish culture and art. The famous Sulimania Mosque in Istanbul is built in his board and by his order. Official documents confirm that Sultan held in the palace of more than 600 skillful masters – jewelers, shepherders, artists, carvers, only 40 professions.

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10 Famous natives of Turkey

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