10 hotels in Istanbul in Ottoman mansions

Istanbul ; Special city. Sometimes it seems that even the walls tell tales and stories about the glorious times of the Ottoman Empire here. And therefore, to settle for a couple of days in one of the historical mansions of the city, it can become an integral part of unique experience in Istanbul. See below our selection of 10 charming historic Istanbul hotels in different price categories.

Hotel Empress Zoe

Hotel Empress Zoe ; A small very pretty historical hotel located next to Ayia Sofia and ancient monuments of Istanbul. Interior interior in traditional style with a unique character, screw staircases, a charming patio with a garden, a small terrace with overlooking the city. Well, as bonuses ; Very pleasant atmosphere and delicious breakfast.

Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

This small boutique hotel is located in two old Ottoman mansions on a quiet street of historic Sultanammet. In the interior ; Charming mixture of old Istanbul with a modern city. From the roof terrace offers stunning views of the blue mosque, the hippodrome and the Bosphorus.

Hhk Hotel

A completely remarkable budget hotel located in the old Ottoman mansion next to Eminony and Golden Horn. The real pride of the hotel is a pretty large terrace with an open view of the Golden Horn. Here is very authentic and in Istanbul, without too much hotel chic. Clean, just furnished rooms, good breakfast, small swimming pool.

Celine Hotel ; Ottoman Mansion

Stylish boutique ; Hotel located in a renovated Ottoman mansion in the historic center of the city. In this place everything breathes history ; Walls made of old bricks, interior elements from marble, proper furniture, mosaic on the walls, bath rather resembling hamam ;

Hagia Sofia Mansions

This small boutique hotel positions itself as an affordable luxury. Each detail of the interior is thought out to the smallest detail and made in style, traditional for Ottoman mansions and palaces. This is exactly the place where you feel at least a member of the respected Pasha family. Charming courtyard with beautiful lounge furniture and restaurant ; Pleasant addition to the wonderful experience of living.

Saruhan Hotel

Budget Guest Hauz, located in the old residential neighborhoods of Sultanahmet, with its century old stone, wooden houses and a pleasant authentic atmosphere and close to the sea. Pure traditionally furnished rooms with charming small balconies or patio and a large rooftop terrace, which serves delicious breakfasts.

Marmara Guesthouse

10 Hotels in Istanbul in Ottoman mansions

This cozy guest Hauz will delight primarily those who love to live on a journey as visiting. In Guesthouse Marmara, the atmosphere is very homely, thanks to homely cozy rooms, friendly and sincere staff and homemade buns and jams on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Bosphorus.

Angel&# 8217; S Home Hotel

Angel’s Home Hotel – a tiny hotel in a pretty historic building in the city center with a pretty pretty room design. Breakfasts are served on the roof, during the day for guests free Traditional Turkish baking, coffee and tea. Comfortable, nice and relatively cheap.

Darussaade Istanbul Hotel

Darussaade Istanbul Hotel – Little Hotel, located in the old mansion in the heart of the city. In the hotel – tiny, but pretty well equipped and clean numbers. Exterior and interior in a charming traditional Turkish style, there is an upper terrace. Friendly staff and delicious breakfast.

Le Safran Suite Hotel

Despite its pompous name, this hotel, located in the old Ottoman mansion next to the Sultansky Palace of Topkapi, is rather a cutest guest than a suite hotel) High ceilings, a lot of wood in the surrier and interior, traditional Turkish carpets and coupling lamps are designed to create an authentic atmosphere of Ottoman Istanbul.

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