10 incident linguistics

At our request, the online school of English Skyeng asked his subscribers and students to share cases, how they led them or rescued knowledge of English.

No fun in the toilet

Once in the hotel Boston I found that there is no hair dryer in the bathroom. Discovered more than not on time – wash my head and late to meet. Out from the room with a towel on the head, I shouted the administrator to the entire corridor: "There IS No Fun in the Toilet!"Already, then it came to me that I replaced two English words at once, and finally it was clear why the administrator refused to enter into a dialogue for a long time – I demanded something toilet for fun. Katya Golikova

Two cups of tears

In the Spanish cafe I managed to order two cups of tears. "CAN WE HAVE TWO CUPS OF TEAS PLEASE?"I was happily asked the approached waiter. He first kneaded, then everything understood everything and replied: "A Lady Like You Should Not Cry" ("Lady seems to not cry"). But I needed half an hour to understand that I added an extra S to the word "tea" (Tea – "Tea", Tears – "Tears". – approx. Red.). Julia Malyhina

I work at night!

My friend worked in the USA Researcher under the contract. The language knew much worse than the subject of his research, worked a lot at night. Once he broke the floor. He went to the nearest store and for a long time demanded from the sellers "A NEW BRA". Not understanding why he winks and drag into the department of female underwear, he insisted: "I Work Night Shifts, I Work At Nights, Please I Need A New Bra Its An Emergency!"(" I work in night shifts, I work at night, please, I need a new bra!"). Sasha Kononenko

Girl with a fish tail

I once got lost in Copenhagen and for a long time to passersby with the question, where to find a girl with a fish tail: "A Woman with Fish Tail …" I didn’t know how in English will be "Mermaid". It seems that I was lucky that no one caused an ambulance! Katerina Balakina

Martini with tea

I once still could not drink on a cruise liner. We have long and persistently asked to bring us Asti, and got ice tea. I have already thought that the cruise is non-alcoholic, has not yet realized that I was "Ice TEA". Yulia Schubina

Sunday afternoon

Dinned somehow a large company in Toronto. It was hot, dinner was satisfying. After eating my friend who generally spoke in English, leaned back in the chair, rather yawned and offered others: "WELL, Would Anyone Like to Get Laid for An Hour?»Girls inquired, men rounded their eyes. I died from laughter and sympathy: two years of emigration and such a gap in knowledge! (To Lay Down – "Lunch" (after lunch); to get laid – (slang) "Have sex". – approx. Red.) Alla Bondarenko

Human meat

Lossing at Toronto Airport, I have stuck to security with the question: "I am looking for PEOPLE MEET". The airport serving, whims from horror, quietly asked: "People Meat?"(Verb MEET -" Meet ", looks like a noun MEAT -" Meat ". – approx. Red.) Natalia Belkina

These Russians

10 Incident linguistics

I have a problem with the pronunciation of the word Beer (in fact not only with him). Once I could not interrogate in English Pub Beet. Barman looked at me surprised, then annoyed, then he said, "I’m sorry, dude, but we do not hold bears here". I felt very Russian at that moment. Ilya Bric

I generally have nothing

Once at the event, where a large number of my colleagues played, I was asked in Small Talk mode: "Are You Enjoying Yourself?"I was very embarrassed, which is what you need to be self-satisfied to answer" yes "! And put to explain to the unfortunate man with fervor, that I generally have nothing to do with the rest of such wellms, and I enjoy their performances, not your! Then it turned out that this question is a form of courtesy and means not "enjoying themselves", but "just a good time". Nina Antonova

I feel bad

My husband worked for an American company. Once he got sick and wanted to get down. He wrote his boss: "I Need a Day Off Because I Feel Myself Bad". I think the chief is imbued: the employee feels not a very good person, so takes the day off. And what, respectful reason! (To Feel Bad – "Feel Bad" (Physically or Moral), to Feel One’s Self Bad – "Feel a bad person". – approx. Red.) Elena Nesteryuk


I corresponded with an American in the chat and wrote one day: "I need to do my homework". He was extremely surprised and certainly scared very much – he decided that he was rewritten with a schoolgirl, and not an adult woman. Then only we realized that I meant, of course, HouseWork (Homework – "Homework", HouseWork – "Homework"). Svetlana Mayskaya

You can find a common language with the world in different ways, but to do it with the help of the second language much easier. Learn languages ​​and do not be afraid to make mistakes. After all, the Lodir is not mistaken!

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