10 items for survival

For survival in the wild (it does not matter place or time of year), Playing a huge role that from the equipment will be with you. All survival experts recommend constantly carrying an emergency equipment set, also called, Wearing emergency reserve, or abbreviated &# 8211; Name.

If you get lost, or God forbid, injured, from the content of&# 8217; Or maybe depend on, you will spend the night with the comfort of the fire, or you will freeze from the cold.

In many cases, it is possible in your backpack can literally save you life. But what to take with you?

An example of a complete set of shop&# 8217; A.

Waterproof box size with a wallet in which are placed The following survival items: Whistle, fishing hooks, signal mirror, lightweight, moisture resistant matches, compass, adhesive tape, pin (rope), wire, pins, sewing needles, aluminum foil, magnifying glass, nylon thread, razor blade, pencil and tiny sheets of paper.

You can find such sets in stores, and You can collect yourself A similar name.

The kit presented above has its own limitations, it Little universal set, which can only provide short-term stay in the wild. It is better to assemble an individual individual called with more practical content.

Most survivalors converge in the opinion that the main element of the equipment for survival is Fixed blade knife (It is with a fixed blade, not the fold, T.To. Such a knife is more reliable). ; good knife can be a set of survival in itself ; &# 8211; Approve survival experts.

You can nourish the branches for the construction of housing, or to make a leek drill for friction fire, from the disturbed branches can be made and trap for shallow game &# 8211; The knife in the hands of a knowledgeable person will be the main survival tool.

In addition to the knife, Good name Must include such items as: Flask with water, terrain map, compass, cosmic blanket (rescue thermal dryer), first aid kit for first aid, flashlight and means for ignition fire (matches, light, lighter), condom. It should be constantly physically attached to your body, For example, be in the bag on the belt.

Given the modern realities, an important element of the survival equipment, a mobile phone can be considered, especially if it ; Tourist smartphone ; With GPS navigator and other useful features. Happen to you get lost, you can easily find the road on the navigator, or in the case of which cause rescuers by phone.

Three survival tourists called 10 items, which they always take with them going to the campaign. In 10, they did not meet, in one paragraph included a pair of items:

First option.

10 Items for survival
  1. Knife
  2. Matches in a waterproof container + lighter
  3. Water bottle
  4. Small aid kit
  5. Rescue blanket
  6. Mobile with GPS navigator
  7. Local map
  8. Compass
  9. LED flashlight + spare battery pack
  10. Whistle

Second option.

  1. Waterproof matches and lights + clutch
  2. Knife
  3. Cooking kittel
  4. Water purification tablets
  5. Awning (cloak tent or poncho)
  6. Motor Rope (Paracord)
  7. Gloves
  8. Whistle and alarm mirror
  9. Mechanical watches
  10. Cellular telephone

Third option.

  1. Big knife
  2. Smartphone
  3. Lighter, hunting matches and lights
  4. Awning
  5. Rescue blanket
  6. LED mini flashlight
  7. Water purification tablets
  8. Army flask + bowler
  9. Motor Like + Hooks
  10. A thousand rubles (if the will of the case will be entered into an unfamiliar city, then at least I will buy food, or a train ticket to the house).

A set of survival is that most tourists, hunters, and ordinary citizens will never lose and constantly holds with you. Such a kit, packed in a waterproof container, can be on the bottom of the backpack for many years, and once save your life.

I hope that the voiced examples of survival sets will help you decide on the choice than staffing your own individual.

10 Items for survival

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