10 Lifehakov for those who are going to Istanbul

In Istanbul, there is a great thing – Istanbul Kart, a card for which you can ride almost on all types of public transport and even for ferries. It is valid even on the islands next to the city! And in the subway with transfers at some stations on the map you can return money for a perfect trip. The fact is that somewhere the cost depends on how many stations you drove. Entered – pay the maximum amount; came out – returned the difference in the read terminal. Check where this system works, you can at the exit, in the device. It is easy to notice – all local click plastic there before climbing the surface. It is even easier to ask the station controller, is there a Return car here.

To purchase a card, descend to the subway and look for a black and yellow machine with the inscription Biletmatik. You can also buy a map directly by arrival at the airport or in kiosks not far from large bus stations. Istanbul Kart can use several people at once (up to five) by passing each other. In this case, the first passenger will pay the minimum cost for transfers, the rest – full.

The map is valid for three years, so you can use it and upon subsequent trips to Turkey, just after replenishing the balance. It can be checked in automata like those stand at stations in our subway.

Book with the mind

Since the autumn of 2020 (and so far) in Istanbul, the popular home search site Booking is blocked.Com. Those who are used to it enter only through a VPN service that helps hide the location, or seek options on Booking.com, and book already on the spot, negotiating the best price. Hotels do not like to overpay the intermediary, and their own sites are far from all.

On the spot can be discussed – depending on how much the hotel is loaded. Less tourists – below the cost of housing! Speak at the reception that you will not stay for one day, and boldly ask for a discount. To interest you, you can offer a room better and type of painting. Feel free: Thank and enjoy the rest.

Food: What, where, how much

Prices in the city center and prices on the outskirts are different. In the popular area of ​​Sultanahmet, a breakfast from Omelet and a pair of local lepsek can be given about 1000 rubles. (96-97 lire). For this amount on the outskirts you will get lunch for two with an assortment and excellent service.

Be sure to try local shaver from mackerel. It can be found, for example, in the fish market area at the Galat Bridge. Jump Meneen – Local Omelet. This dish is simultaneously easy and satisfying – so as not to get rid of lunch. The composition includes eggs with tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and spices (classic recipe). Cheese or meat products can also add to it. Enjoy Pahlavoy! Prices for it are generally not low everywhere. Some of the most profitable – in network stores where Pakhlava is already packaged and weighed. In the same supermarkets you can buy fiscal. In addition, in the city you can often find something like tableware with low prices and large portions.

Love Mussels? Buy them piety right on the street! It is cheaper than ordering in a restaurant. Called dish "Multier Dolma". Each shell is stuffed with rice with spices. If you need a luxury, choose a restaurant overlooking the sea or a mosque and order a lamb meat or kebab there (will cost about 1500 rubles.) – It will be a completely different dish than in Russia. And yes, do not rush to order tea. It is often brought in the form of a compliment. Like "Turkish Coffee". Something to eat for free and water is served – most often in expensive institutions. Well, if you travel with children, lead them to a street ice cream. He trades donadurma – Turkish cold delicacy, similar to a stretching paste. And he will never give you a cup just like that – it will be a whole funny show.

Excursions and entertainment

May Local guides forgue me, but I will tell the truth: Istanbul is more interesting to investigate yourself. In the center of the city you, for example, will be offered an evening cruise on the Bosphorus. We go to the wharf Eminian, buy a ticket to the steam at the checkout several times cheaper … and Kaifuh from species! Although, if you really want, you can take the same tour of the guides. But bargain – it’s for the Turks as a game. You will definitely drop the price. Making up the route yourself, see alternative options. For example, you can go from one part of the city to another on the ferry, and back to the subway. It is very beautiful, comfortable and worthy of attention. You can take an advertising leaflet of any tour and the same idea to implement yourself – on a convenient day and time. In addition to Istanbul, do not forget about the princes of the island (Adalary) nearby. There is also easy to get on your own on the ferry (Istanbul Kart ticket will rise in 5.20 liters vs. 8-10 without).

A little more about transport: taxis and buses

In Istanbul, Uber does not officially work. If it happens that you managed to make an order, keep in mind, it will not be a service machine. (The application does not actually work, but in fact, local cakes can see, hiding behind the famous name.) It can circle around the destination, winding your money on the counter. Instead, advise to pay attention to the Turkish Bitaksi brand. In the app you will see all the driver and car data (different comfort) and calculate the cost in advance. Transport can be selected on the street or ask you to call it at the hotel. In this case, the hotel officer will call, most likely, his familiar taxi driver. It will be a common taxi. In Istanbul, by the way, you can find a three-colors taxi: yellow, blue and black. Last – the most expensive. Yellow – most popular, the most budgetary, the so-called economy class.

From the airport to take a taxi not necessarily. The city center and back can be easily reached on comfortable Havaist or Havabus buses. Havabus is lucky from Sabich Airport to Taksim Square, to the port of Kadykyuy and to the subway "Yenisahra". Havaist goes from the new airport to almost all areas of the city. You can pay in them by card, cash or purchased in advance Istanbul Kart.

As for urban transport, it is divided into two types: buses and minibuses. With the first everything is simple, like us. Buses take passengers from 06:30 to 23:30. Minibuses, or dolmoshi, braking the raising of the hands and plan you where they ask. Very comfortably.

Shopping: from budget to suite

I want diverse and fun? Go to Taksim Square and Ostiklal Street. Shops There – every ten meters: from Mango, rare original VDRs, luxury brands to local producers. Need cheaper? See there their native massmarket: Koton, Waikiki or Bambi. Want to class? Then go to the chic six-storey shopping center "Jewahir", "Canyon" with flower beds and fountains, sparkling and chrome futuristic "Zorla Center" or "Tinter Park" (here are all novelties Gucci, Armani and Dior). Budget shopping shops are "Forum", "Demireren", "Marmara Forum".

In Istanbul, by the way, you can buy high-quality leather products for a very pleasant price (fashionable women’s summer shoes – just 2000 rubles., for example). Bazaners in the center will offer prices overestimated several times (up to seven!) designed for tourists. There are atmosphere, beautiful photos. Well, or then to hit the companion (or satellite) generosity. Plated Grand Bazaar is definitely not for profitable shopping, but it is incredibly colorite. Look at the Arasta market – there are carpets, jewelry, souvenirs and antiques. Need wholesale? You in Lales. It is also called the Russian Baza. In Sahaflare will find rare bucinistics. Local gifts – in the bazaar of Eshilki.

Money, Money, Money

Going to Istanbul, it is worth clarifying with your bank, is it possible to open an account in the lirah in a mobile application. So you will pay the most advantageous way, minimizing the losses on conversion. Retain from the country, again go to the ruble account. As for cash, it is profitable to remove large sums at once. For example, 300 lira at a time (this is about 3116 rubles.: 1 LIRA – 10 rubles. 40 kop.). In such cases, an ATM can do without commission (see information on the screen in each specific machine). One of the most profitable ATMs with the minimum commission was Halkbank.

Remember also that, arrived at the airport, you do not need to have a local currency, dollars or euros. It is not necessary to urgently change them in local kiosks at a disadvantage. You can go to the city on the local bus, paying a plastic card, and buying or issuing currencies to do already in the center. Or find the same Halkbank in the airport building.

Maps and mobile applications

Significantly ease your life can the most comfortable application MAPS.Me. On this map, right in the phone you can make a route, see what type of transport to get to the place, see which there are restaurants and attractions, read comments of those who have already been there, and leave their label. It can also find very rare places with unique reviews.

10 Lifehakov for those who are going to Istanbul

Actual Farm Schedule You can find out online in the Sehir Hatlari application, and Metro Istanbul will be an assistant in travel planning using the subway. In offline mode, it does not work, so see all the information in advance.

For the search for ATMs there is a special EN Yakin ATM application. It will easily find the nearest devices.

Fixtable picks up restaurants and cafes by rating, their kitchen and even medium check. You can pre-extract the menu in advance and read reviews of other guests.

As for the local Internet, good news: Free Internet in Istanbul has. The network is called IBB Wi-Fi, its availability will indicate special stickers in public places, or look for it in the Wi-Fi-point list of your phone. You will be provided up to 1 GB per day. You can catch a connection in public places – parks, in squares, in some buses (the same Havaist). Registration on the network occurs at the phone number. You can use the Internet at airports, but no more than an hour per day for each mobile device. In some cafes there is an annoying complexity – the Internet is, but registration is only in the presence of the Turkish number. Do not confuse, ask staff to help. Most likely, you will be provided with access through your number.

Shock Content: Free Istanbul!

Read item 4? Perfectly. Now we tell you how to find entertainment in the city, without paying no lyry. First, many attractions like mosques and the same bazaars are completely free, and you will get impressions almost more than inspecting paid palaces. The same Egyptian Bazaar – Go on it yourself and enjoy the flavor. There you can participate in tastings, for which you do not need to pay, but you can even ask for me.

If you still want to go to the museum, go to Doganda and Elgiz. In Ellgiz, you will find the works of European and local masters. In the drawings – drawings, photos, sculptures and pictures of the artist-modernist Burkhan Doggy. Just over 100 works.

Option for sociable: Many local will be ready to tell and show you the city! Space with someone right on the street and go for a walk with sociable Turks easier than simple. Personally, I met a street photographer that I saw me coffee, photographed and showed the center. "Thank you" he was enough;)

In Istanbul there are also many parks that are absolutely free. Yes, and the palace-park complex Yyldyz will meet you with Ottoman houses, a beautiful view of the Bosphorus, and I will not take money for the entrance.

Dress code, or why do you need long clothes

It is no secret that Muslim shrines need to visit, having twisted the bare parts of the body as much as possible, and not only men, but also women. Before COVID-19, it was possible to rent robes right at the entrance to the temple. Now there are no more security measures and clothing to each other anymore. And in a short skirt, tight jeans or shorts you really will not be empty in any mosque.

If we are talking about the city center, then there, near the mosques, in the shops for tourists sell long prostratins. But if you go to the Asian part, there is no such thing – you can lose time and not to see what we wanted. Therefore, think about the dress code in advance.

Otherwise, Istanbul, though religious, but "understanding" city. Often you can meet local, and, of course, visitors – in frank European clothing. So no one will condemn you for the skirt. Although it is not Antalya: in beach slippers and pareo do not go here either. And in restrained urban clothes you will be just most comfortable.

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