10 Lifhakov, who pump your travel pictures

On the horizon season of vacations, and soon instagram will get acquainted with the pictures with the xesteg. #Vacation. Photos on the background of attractions, beach shots in swimsuits, smoothie on an elongated hand … How to stand out in the tape and bring really cool pictures? School of photographers of mobile phone is divided by 10 lifehams that will help you get closer to fashion travel bloggers.

1. Get up early in the morning or go out with a camera at twilight.

Hour before and an hour after dawn or sunset – the so-called "regime" time that is best suited for filming. The sun is low, and we have an excellent chance to look at the familiar objects in soft lighting completely different color: bluish-rose in the morning and golden-red in the evening. As a bonus – the complete absence of people and the opportunity to fall out empty squares and streets of cities.

2. Click higher.
Everyone loves to look at the opening landscapes. Put a person away from ourselves and catch the contrast of a little figurine on the background of a huge space.

3. Taking pictures of details.
Think about what the most characteristic will tell about the country and the city of your stay. Painted tableware in Morocco markets, fresh fish in the port of Palermo, bright gingerbread on Oktoberfest – All this can be an emphasis of your travel, especially if the weather does not allow you to shoot colorful landscapes.

4. Experiment with the composition.
Leave a lot of heaven, or vice versa, remove it from the frame at all, tilt the camera, look for repetitive lines. For a long time in the trend, violate all the laws of the composition, instead of boring to follow the rule of the third.

5. Concentrate on color.
Try to focus on some concrete color for one day, analyze pictures and choose what you like more. Color Frame must be justified by the presence of a juicy shade. Such pictures are easily combined with each other and quickly make the Stylish Instagram Ribbon.

6. Do not be afraid to shoot in the CB.
We are all accustomed to the fact that Travel Photography is colored frames, but some cities and countries only won in a black and white palette. The main thing is to follow the contrast and composition, then black and white pictures will be much expressive than some color.

7. Processing – Half.
If you take off to your smartphone, use VSCO filters when processing pictures, do not be afraid to experiment. Not necessarily impose only one of the filters and 100%. Play with other settings, try using snapseed or other programs in conjunction with VSCO. Most of the beautiful tape Travel bloggers in Instagram created using a uniformity of processing. Find your style in the flower, and the number of subscribers will go up sharply up.

10 Lifhakov, who pump your travel pictures

eight. Score!
Boldly go shoot in a rainy and cloudy day, just decide in advance what and how you will take pictures. If you are in nature – go deeper into the forest and remove the aerial perspective of the wet trees. To the sea – Move the camera mode in the CB and photograph the boats, barely catchy in the fog. In the city – remove under the roof of the house and catch in the lens of people who run under umbrellas, jumping up puddles.

nine. Find motivation.
Every year in the world there is a huge number of photo contests with cool prizes, in which you can participate absolutely free. Look in advance their list and find what suits you and will be inspired throughout the trip.

ten. Decorate album.
Tell stories, imagine that you already hold a photo album from a trip. By the way, it can also be printed. See pictures on paper yourself and show them friends – exactly what will add significance to the work done.

And bonus. Travel with like-minded people!

The art of photography does not tolerate. Well, if you will be friends with you on the trip, which, like you are interested in beautiful pictures, and will not sigh, if you once again want to stop the sake of the perfect frame. If you do not have a suitable company, join the school photographers of the Mobile. Here the guys travel and exhaust the photomaster in real conditions. After such a phototrip you will definitely leave for a new level!

10 Lifhakov, who pump your travel pictures

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