10 Little-known islands of Vietnam

10 little-known islands of Vietnam

Vietnam has many islands, only in the area of ​​the Halong Bay of about two thousand. One of them ; These are picturesque rocks protruding from water, others – islands with small mountains and stripes of wild beaches. But untouched tourism or, let’s say, the least famous islands have along the entire coastline of Vietnam.

Island Hòn Khoai

In the southernmost point of the Vietnamese coast is the island of Hòn Khoai, which is part of the same name of the archipelago, consisting of five islands. Rocky with beautiful scenery island covered with rare trees rare. At the highest point there is a lighthouse built by the French in the 19th century. On the lighthouse there is a pickle tube through which you can look at the islands of the archipelago.

Hòn Khoai Island, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Camautrave

The island is located in Ca Mau province (Kamau), southwest of Năm Căn. You can reach it by honeying the boat in the South Fisherman’s village TRầN đế .

Island Hòn Khoai. Vietnam. Photo Credit: Camau.GOV.VN

Island Hòn Khoai. 10 little-known islands of Vietnam. Photo Credit: Bantindulich

Island Hòn Chuối

The island also belongs to the province of Kamau. Hòn Chuối seven square kilometers area, it has no roads and covered with dense forests. Along the coast there is about fifty houses of fishermen, which make up the whole population of the island.

Island Hòn Chuối. 10 little-known islands of Vietnam. Photo Credit: Tintucmientay

Island Hòn Chuối. 10 little-known islands of Vietnam. Photo Credit: Tintucmientay

Hòn Nam Du Island

Hòn Nam Du literally translates as "Journey to South" and is halfway between the Island of Fucca and the Western coast of the province of Kamau, but as fucked refers to the province of Kyenzyng. This is an archipelago of 21 island of volcanic origin, of which Hòn Nam Du ; The biggest and highest. Here is a tropical monsoon climate with rains from April to October, based on what, the most favorable time for a trip to the islands falls from December to May.

Island Hòn Nam Du, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Luna Nguyễn, Flickr

The starting place for the archipelago is the coastal town of Rach Gia. You can travel between the islands by rented at the locals the boat. It is worth paying attention to the islands: Hon Ngang, Hon Mau, Hai Bo Dap and Bai Cay Men. If you take a tent with you, it will be possible to swell on one of them ; Hai Bo Dap with its beautiful coconut palm trees most suitable for camping.

Hòn Nam Du Island. 10 little-known islands of Vietnam. Photo Credit: Minhphuc_99KDD, Flickr

Hai BO DAP Island. 10 little-known islands of Vietnam. Photo Credit: MộC DZị, Flickr

Island Hòn Sơn

Not far from Hòn Nam Du to Northeast Island Hòn Sơn. Eighty percent of which is covered with a thick forest inherent monkeys, squirrels, lizards and in a very minor quantity of python. The rest of the island mainly consists of gardens planted by local residents.

On the island there are five beaches the most remarkable of which ; BÃi Bàng with a strip of white sand and border cable palm trees.

Island Hòn Sơn, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Nguyen Hung Tran, Flickr

Island Hòn Sơn., Vietnam. Photo Credit: Khiem Vo, Flickr

Island Hòn Tre

Hòn Tre should not be confused with the island of the same name near Nha Trang. The island of Hòn Tre, which is spent on, is located in the Siamese bay to the northeast of Hòn Sơn. He is unofficially called the "Turtle Island" thanks to the two mountains that are the island of the turtle with their silhouettes.

Like a neighbor, HòN TRE island covered with forest and agricultural plantations, but the main source of income for the islanders is fishing. The island is famous for shrimps, oysters and a variety of fish, which is perfectly prepared here on one of the few sandy beaches BÃi Chén.

Island Hòn Tre. 10 little-known islands of Vietnam. Photo Credit: M.icon.Com.VN, Flickr

Island Hòn nghệ

A small island of two and a half kilometer long is located in the Siamese Gulf in the Hà TiN bay Cyenzyng province. He is failing and has only two villages, the rest of the island is covered with forest. Quiet calm island with deserted rocky shores and floating fish farms in blue water. On the island there are a pair of temples and a 20-meter Buddha statue – a kind of lighthouse built in the 70s.

Island Hòn NGHệ, Vietnam. Photo Credit: dulichhatien

Island Lý Sơn

Another of the regions of the province of Chianjung ; Lý sơn is located approximately thirty kilometers from the mainland in the South China Sea. In addition to fisheries, the main activity of the islanders is the cultivation of garlic, because of which the island is informally called the "garlic kingdom".

Island Lý Sơn, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Dong Bui, Flickr

Island Lý Sơn, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Nam Nguyen, Flickr

Island Lý Sơn, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Nam Nguyen Hoang, Flickr

Islands Cù Lao ChÀm

CHÀM islands – this is a group of eight islands, which are part of the Sea Park Cù Lao Chàm and for the list of little-known islands they are pretty popular). With the exception of the island of Hòn Lao- Islands. Local landscape – this is snow-white sandy beaches, covered with forest hills and incredibly blue-green sea. This is a great place to do a diving or "bag" on the beach. To the islands can be reached by ferry or spedota from Hoian.

Island Cù Lao Chàm, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Linh Xu, Flickr

Island Cù Lao Chàm, Vietnam. Photo Credit: MA (32627462 @ N05), Flickr

Island Hòn NGư

This, in fact, two interconnected islands four kilometers from the coast of Cửa Lò in the north of Vietnam. Two low hill from the side resemble fish swimming on water, probably therefore Hòn NGư is also called the island of fish.

Island Hòn NGư, Vietnam. Photo Credit: vemaybayaz

Island đảo ngọc vừng

One of the least famous islands in Halong Bay and, mainly because of its remoteness. It will take about five hours to get to the island from the pier in Halong. On the island there is a fishing village, in which you can buy fresh seafood, rent a boat or bike. NGọC Vừng is the perfect place to relax – here is very quiet and calm. Long Beach Line, Blue Water and Peeling Wave Whisper. There is no developed infrastructure on the island, there are few hotels, but you can smash camping and content with wild rest with parties by the fire.

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