10 main Kenyan attractions

1. Aberereire National Park (Tree Tops Manor – on the tops of the trees). Here is a huge variety of wild animals – you can see rhinos, antelope and t.D., And if you are lucky, then rarely found mountain inhabitants – antelope, black leopard, a giant forest boar or even the Royal Eagle, hunting for a herd of monkeys – the most beloved predator delicacy.

2. Lake Baringo. This is a fresh lake with purest water is 200 km from Lake Naivasha. Here lives a huge number of diverse bird species and many hippos. Living in the estate on the lake, you can visit the village of locals – Masayev to meet the customs and weight of their lives, to see the national dances, as well as go to the serpentry farm and enjoy the appearance of bird games during a boat or pedestrian walk.

3. Lake Nakuru. Located 156 km from Nairobi in Great Reef Valley. Lake Nakuru reminds a huge exhibition of birds – more than a million pink flamingos flies on the lake to taste the fish of special quality. On the lake can be reached by several roads: one of them passes through the village of Nakuru, which occupies the fourth place in Kenya in the number of residents and is the center of agriculture. Every 20-30 years, the lake dries up, and then many different species of animals move to the Lake Bogory.

4. A restaurant "Carnivor" in Nairobi. One of the most popular restaurants in the country offering a wide selection of dishes made from meat of exotic animals. Here you can try crocodile meat dishes, giraffe, zebras, ostrich.

5. Masai Mara National Park. Located in the south-west of the country at an altitude of 1650 m above sea level, approximately 275 km west of Nairobi. The road to the park passes through a non-fermented, places the rocky land of Masayev. From July to September over a million animals move from Tanzania in Masai Mara. Here you can see Lviv, Leopards and other predators, which are provided with an immense territory for hunting for Gazelle, Buvolov and Zebras. Disposable and powerful Mara River Kishit crocodiles and hypopotamas that share their possessions by the river. Perhaps this is the richest and beautiful Safari Park.

6. Amboseli National Park. Area – 3920 kV. KM. This park stretches from the foot of the highest African Mountain Kilimanjaro (5895 m) to the border with Tanzania. Snow-covered top of the mountain is visible from any part of the park. Famous writers, such as Hemingway and Ruhar, described these places in their adventure novels. The legend of Masayev’s tribe – recalcitrant, proud warriors, for whom the war and hunt were the most important classes in the past.

10 Main Kenyan attractions

7. Mount Kenya. This park lies right on the line of the equator, just 150 km from Nairobi. Even literally a century ago he was almost unfamiliar to Europeans. Now this place is quite popular with climbing lovers, as even newcomers can find the easiest paths for themselves and see how the eagles so far. Those who will get higher, can see elephants, buffaloes, leopards. Here is the most beautiful and respectable estate (club), in which many eminent and rich Europeans are stopped at rest. eight. Tsavo National Park. Giant Territory of this National Park with an area of ​​20 thousand. kv. km lies between the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi. The park lives a huge number of diverse animals: Lviv, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, gazelles, antelope. There are many baobabs in the park, as well as many umbrella trees and brightly colored acacias. It is also interesting to visit the sources of Mzimia, which are a real paradise for animals.

nine. Sambour National Park. The name of this park was given a shepherd from the Masaev tribe. Park is located north of Namibenia Mountains along the coast of the River Ivaso Ngoro. It consists of extensive savannahs, where thousands of various types of animals live, such as elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, zebras, giraffes and antelopes. This park is a paradise for eagles and falcons, swallows and sleds. In the river you can see the crocodiles in the sun, and nearby hippopots.

ten. Lake Naivasha. Beautiful freshwater lake covers an area of ​​170 kV. km, and surrounded by mountains, where extinct volcanoes are home to more than 450 species of birds. Water from the lake is used to irrigate crops on its shores.

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