10 manshes near Moscow

How to get: From the Belarusian station to Station "Odintsovo". From there – by bus number 37 to the sanatorium "Barvikha". In addition, the pipeline walks the route taxi No. 101 from the Metro Station "Youth".

Abramtsevo – Commonwealth Muses

The estate, located near the ancient city of Sergiyev Posad, became known due to its owners – the writer Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov and the industrialist Savve Ivanovich Mamontov, as well as those who gave them to artists and writers. Here, famous Russian artists Ilya Repin, Vasily Polenov, Valentin Serov and Vasnetsov brothers wrote their pictures. Their efforts to Abramtsevo gathered a rich collection of objects of Russian artistic creativity and created a ceramic workshop who revived the traditions of Russian MOLOLIC. Until the middle of the last century, a holiday home worked in Adramsevo, where many famous Soviet actors and film director visited. And since 1950, the museum has been equipped in the estate. Or rather – a whole museum complex, where the works of folk creativity, graphics, painting and rich archival materials are collected.

How to get: on the train from Yaroslavl station to get to Abramtsevo station. The road takes 1,10-1.15 h. From the railway platform pictorial trail after 1.5 km leads to a manor gate.

Dubrovitsy – Church with crown

The temple of the gums of the River in Pakhra takes the temple, so unlike all the others that, at the end of the construction of Patriarch, Adrian refused to sanctify him. He considered that the Znamensky Church was implemented in the traditions of Catholic architecture. It happened because the owner of the local land, Prince Boris Alekseevich Golitsyn, invited to fulfill the works of the Italian architect. And only 7 years after the construction, in 1704, in the presence of Tsar Peter I, the church was finally sanctified.

The magnificent temple built from local limestone has a height of 42 m. It is luxuriously decorated inside and outside, and crowned with a golden "crown". Princely manor was also very rich. In addition to the amazing beauty of the temple, there was a huge Barsky house in three floors with Belvedere, an area with single-storey living fat, horse yard and lime park. Most of the buildings and park are preserved to this day.

How to get: The village, where the estate is located, is 7 km west of Podolsk. From Moscow to Podolsk you can come on the train. And from Podolsky station to Dubrovitsy – on the local bus.

Chessovo – Block Places

How to get: by train from Leningrad station to Sunflower Station. Or from the metro station "Water Stadium" to the Moscow region of Solnechnogorsk. From there – on the local bus before. Taraakanovo. From him to Chekhmatovo 2.5 km on foot. By car from Moscow, you need to get to the Leningrad highway to Solnechnogorsk, turn to Tarakanovo (20 km). And from here to right to Chekhmatovo estate.

Milmes – the place of the Great Battle

On the old Simferopol highway, from the south of the capital, there is a place that played in the history of Russia great role. On a large field near this, the Russian troops led by Prince Mikhail Ivanovich Vorotnsky, the headlong defeated the Crimean Khan Devlet-Hire, who went to break Moscow. From the XVII to the XIX century, the manor of the juveny belonged to different owners. Initially, she owned the prophyus Fedorovich Sokovnin, the father of the famous boyfriend Morozova. At the very end of the XVII century, Peter I complained to our companion Fedor Golovin. And then another eight decisions of the estate owned the descendants of the graph. Then they switched so.AND. Saltykov, from him – a writer with.G. Homemade. The last owner of the estate was.AND. Borodin. All this time in its territory was a construction site – the dilapidated and new buildings were reconstructed and erected. Now only the walls remain from the two-storey domicile house. But the picturesque landscape park and the Resurrection Church, built in the second half of the XVIII century, are well preserved.

How to get: on the train to the "collective farm" platform of the Kursk Railway.

Gorens – Memory of the near Moscow

How to get: Manor takes at home number 2-10 on the Enthusiast highway in Balashikha. You can get to her by train from the Kursk station (station "Gorenka"). From here to the estate 2 km, which can be held on foot or drive by bus.

Zakharovo – Pushkin’s Childhood

How to get: From the Belorussian station on the electricide station to Zakharovo station.

10 Manshes near Moscow

Vysomos – "House" Evgeny Onegin

Golitsyn Manor – Like Live Story Textbook. So many famous people visited here. The oldest buildings on its territory are the church and the belfry, built in the XVI century, with Boris Godunov. It is noteworthy that the three-role belfry remained in Russia the only monument of architecture of this kind.

In childhood, Alexander Pushkin, who lived nearby – in Zakharovo, often visited viscos. Later, this estate was chosen by the poet as "place of residence" Evgenia Onegin. The son of its owners – Golitsyn – Boris became for Pushkin’s prototype of Lensky. And the hostess of the house – Natalia Petrovna, who was an avid charter, – Pushkin "peak lady". Today in the estate can be visited.

How to get: Manor is in the village of Large Vsema. First, you need to get to the railway station "Golitsyno". From there to the estate, you can walk or drive up on a taxi.

Voronovo – Memory of Architect for Blanc

How to get: From the metro station "Warm Stan" by bus №508 to Voronovo.

Arkhangelskoe – Palace and Park Ensemble

Arkhangelsk is rightfully considered the pearl among all the estates of the estates and is often compared with the Versaille. The estate flourishing came to the first half of the XIX century, when these lands owned the famous admirer of the arts and passionate collector Nikolai Borisovich Yusupov. After looting by Napoleonic troops, the estate was restored the best architects of the time – Osip Bow, Evgraf Tyurin and Giuseppe Artari. Today, the territory of the manor is divided by Ilyinsky highway into two parts. The entrance to the palace complex is fenced and is paid. It is interesting here to visit the excursion. The territory on which Apollonian Grove and the Gonzague Theater can be visited free.

How to get: From the metro station "Tushinskaya" before the estate goes the bus and a route taxi. In addition, at the Riga direction on the electricide, you can reach the station "Pavino". And from there to the Arkhangelsky drive to the route taxi.

10 Manshes near Moscow

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