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In France there are hundreds of castles, many of which were built in the ancient Middle Ages. But which of them are the best? Turmp made up a special selection of France’s castles to inspire you for new interesting travels! Let’s consider a list consisting of ten medieval castles of France, which preserved their original appearance.

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  • 10th place: Chateau de Fua

France, the most south: fua can be found in the capital of the Arjez Department of the same name in the south of France. The beginning of the history of this building dates back to 987 g, but the final appearance it acquired much later, t.To. constantly improved. The castle belonged to Roger Carcassonne and his descendants, and from 1034 G. was transferred to Fua County. Between 1211 and 1212, the castle was besieged by the crusaders, but was not destroyed.

  • 9th place: Chateau de Tarason

The next of the dozens of the best French castles is in Tarasonon. It was built in 1400 g of Sicilian King Louis II. Interestingly, from the 16th century until the 1920s of the 20th century, the castle was used as a prison.

  • 8th place: Chateau de Vinsenn

Castle Vinsenn was originally a royal castle. It is located on the southeastern outskirts of Paris. Start of construction goes back to 12th century. He was built by Louis VII in the Winenne Forest as a hunting house, which in the 13th century was rebuilt into the Royal Castle. Over the past centuries, several construction works were performed.

  • 7th place: Mont Saint-Michel

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit throughout France. This is a small island on the coast of Normandy, offering a really exciting spectacle. Unlike other castles, the local building did not serve as a ruler’s residence, but was always the center of education and recreation. This is reflected in the local atmosphere.

10 Most beautiful castles of France. Stock Foto Tourism articles from tourism
  • 6th place: Chateau d’Ass

Traveling in France, the fans of the locks should not miss the Chateau d’Ass (or in another transcription – the castle of the YUSSE), which is also known as «Castle Sleeping Beauty». It is said that the author of the famous history, Charles Perra, was inspired by this structure when he wrote his world-famous work. In addition to an attractive interior, visitors can admire a beautiful open garden.

  • 5th place: Chateau d’amboaz

The castle, which also served as the residence of the kings of the Valua dynasty, is in Amboise. This is one of the number of important historical buildings near the Loire River. Initially, it was a medieval castle, which was gradually rebuilt in his current form. The first major modernization was conducted by King Carl VII. It is worth noting that one of the greatest great people of their time is buried in the local chapel, Leonardo da Vinci.

  • 4th place: Chateau de Shantilia

This castle is located on the northeast outskirts of Paris in the 11000-year-old town of Chantilly. The first part of the mansion was completed in 1560 g. Later, during the French Revolution, most of the range was destroyed; Damage was completely restored in 1882. Today in the castle gardens, Nyu de Fe Fireworks is regularly held, which is a popular tourist action.

  • 3 place: Chateau de Schononso

One of the most famous French castles is located on the merger of Cher and Loire about 240 km from Paris. This is the second on attendance of the castle in France after Versailles. It is also sometimes called «Castle of six women», because he gradually belonged to six women.

  • 2nd place: Chateau de Chambor

Of all the castles near Loire, this is the biggest castle. He was built by Frantishek I, served as a hunting house. The building was built between 1519 and 1547. This Renaissance Castle offers truly unique impressions; Visitors can admire 440 rooms and walk around 80 stairs.

  • 1st place: Versailles

The most famous castle in France is 20 km south-west of Paris. Most of the 17th century Versailles was a small village, but everything changed with the construction of this magnificent building. From 1682 to the French revolution there was a residence of the government and the royal yard.

Scheduled by vacation in France, you will most likely visit some of the local historical sites. For example, locks that in this country a lot. Of course, the most famous and visited castle in Versailles, but others also offer unique impressions.

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