10 most famous Austrians

In Austria, only about 8 million people live, so the list of famous Austrians is not as rich as representatives of other countries. But bright personalities in our ranking enough.

Felix Baumgartner, Famous parachutist.

Why got on this rating.
Agree to glorify as a parachutist – it is no longer.

Why only 10th place.
Almost all know about him, but few people remember his name.

In 2012, the whole world had a news about a new record jump from the stratosphere from a fantastic height of 39 kilometers. It is a pity that the name of the hero almost no one remember. And his name is Felix Baumgartner, and he is Austrian.

Jumping from such heights is very dangerous. Previous record holder Our compatriot Evgeny Andreev jumped from a height of 24.5 thousand meters. But he jumped not alone, and with another parachuticist Peter Dolgov. Debolov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

At such a height, any damage to the skateland leads to the imminent death of the brave, resolved on this step. The goal of jumping officers of the US Air Force and the USSR was testing the possibility of evacuation of cosmonauts from space. It can be said that these were scientific research.

Baumgartner jumped soon for promotional purposes sponsored by Red Bull.

Friedrich Hundertwasser, painter.

Why got on this rating.
This man is an icon for environmental defenders.

Why only the 9th place.
Unfortunately, few people know about him in our country.

The nee Friedrich Stowasser took himself new name and surname Freedsraich Hundertwasser, which translates as "rich in the world of hundreds of water". Artist and architect promoted love and unity with nature.

Hundertwasser was born and rose in difficult time. He escaped from Nazi repression only due to the efforts of his mother who kicked him into Catholicism, otherwise the life of the Jewish boy would be interrupted before 1945, as it happened to all his own artist.

It is little known to us, but in the Western world for fighters for the purity of the environment He is a cumier. His most famous work is the "House of Hundertwasser" in Vienna.

Franz Schubert, composer.

Why got on this rating.
His name is known almost all.

Why only the 8th place.
Sorry, but with his works the Russians are familiar not very good.

Music Franz Schubert was not popular with his life. It can be said that he simply did not have time to "promote", because the death of the composer on 31 years old.

Many readers will say that they do not know his works, but you heard their dozens times. The most famous of them is "Ave Maria". Lovers of computer games it is familiar with the series "Heathman". It also managed to sound in many films. According to the IMDB website, the Schubert works sound in 504 films and TV shows, but this list is not yet complete.

Niki Lauda, race driver.

Why got on this rating.
The most famous representative of the racing profession from Austria.

Why only 7th place.
There are competitors rising.

Niki Lauda – Three-time champion of Formula 1 racing. Previously, he was known only to fans of this sport, but after the release of the film "Race" ("Rush"), he learned the whole world.

In 1976, during the competition on the Nürburgring highway in Germany, he fell into an accident and turned out to be clamped in his racing car, which was already burning. Having received serious burns, Lauda did not give up and after a series of complex operations returned to the motor racing in the same season. In that year, his competitor James Hunt was the champion, just about a duel with him and tells the film. But the next year Niki became the champion for the second time.

For his calcability in races, Nicky Laud got a nickname "Computer".

Unfortunately, Niki Laud left us on May 20, 2019. The world of his prahu.

Gustav Klimt, painter.

Why got on this rating.
The most famous Austrian artist.

Why only 6th place.
Little known for us, despite his contribution to world culture.

Gustav Klimt was in disfavor in our country during the USSR. Perhaps because of this, his work is almost not familiar to the Russians. Those who at least somehow familiar with his work express different opinions. Someone, they do not like it frankly, and someone is delighted with his skills of women on the canvas.

Most of his works did not leave their homeland and exhibited in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. The most famous picture of Gustav Clima is called "Kiss" and exhibited in the "top" part of the palace.

Johann Strausy, Composers.

Why did you get this rating.
The most famous authors of Waltz. Johann Strauss (Son) is recognized as "King Waltz".

Why only 5th place.
They have more serious competitors.

The composer of Johanna Strauss know almost everything, but the fact that the famous Waltz writing was two, not known to many. The son became famous a little more than his father, he was called "King Waltz".

The most famous two waltzes are "Tales of the Vienna Forest" and "On Beautiful Blue Duna". The second waltz is recognized as an unofficial anthem of Vienna and all Austria.

Waltz "On the Beautiful Blue Danube" you definitely heard and more than once. He sounds in the fantastic movie "Space Odyssey of 2001", a cult computer game "Elite", the film "New Spiderman", and in the cartoon "Simpsons" this waltz appeared four times.

Sigmund Freud, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalysis Father.

Why got on this rating.
Author of modern ideas about the human person.

Why only 4th place.
Not everyone loves him and ready to accept his knowledge.

If you carefully ask the opinion of the people around the psychoanalysis and the Sigmunde Freid itself, then make sure that few of them are ready to accept his views. Perhaps you yourself are not ready for this. However, methods developed by him and theory are actively and, most importantly, successfully apply to the treatment of people.

The main reason why most people do not recognize Freud’s theory is the impossibility of recognizing themselves about the existence of the "super-ego" or "subconscious". After all, for this you need to recognize the fact that you do not manage your life 100%.

Adolf Shiklgrububer, Artist-Portraitist and Politician.

10 Most famous Austrians

Why got on this rating.
Everyone knows exactly, without exception.

Why only in the 3rd place.
He has a bad karma.

Unfortunately, the artist from the Shiclgrubler did not come out. And how it would be nice to look at his paintings, and not on the monuments in Vienna in honor of his acts.

We specifically publish his only photo from very little age to not embarrass readers. And about whom we are talking, educated readers have long guessed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California California State Actor and Former Governor.

Why got on this rating.
One of the world famous natives of Austria, he knows almost everything.

Why only in the 2nd place.
He is a celebrity, but his contribution to the culture of Austria and the whole world is not so high.

Not everyone knows that the famous film acter, a member of the US republican party and the former (at the time of the acutylization of this article in 2019) California State Governor was born in Austria near the city of Graz. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has two citizenship – Austrian and American.

And you know that "Iron Arnie" also a real tank driver? He received this specialty during the years of service in the Austrian Army.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer.

Why on 1st place.
For many Mozart is a symbol of Austria.

Austria’s symbol in the consciousness of most Russians. His name Austrians call everything that can be called. For example, we wrote about candy and liqueurs, called him name in the article "What to bring from Austria".

"Wedding Figaro", "March of the Turkish Soldiers" and the 40th Symphony – these are the most popular works of Mozart. You heard them and not one hundred times.

We hope you liked our rating.

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I would like to know about the famous Austro-Hungarian seafarers.I understand that Franz Joseph’s land did not fall from the sky. By the way, Adolf Aloisevich (3rd place) in childhood was prettier than with nasty mustache and la-furer.

Good rating, but we will be just. Character, satisfied in the 3rd place, never surname Shiklgrubber. These are fiction to Savetskaya propaganda. His father, Aliza Shiklgrumber, changed the surname, and the portrait artist was born already under the surname under which we know him.

Alexander – Glavred site

I will not argue, and I don’t really care about this question. I just don’t want to write his name under which we know him. It can have a site negative consequences. And how else to call him? If you have ideas – how to call it, share.

I adore Austria and the Austrian people. Austria Wonderful European country gave us wonderful writers, poets, composers and artists. Vienna is truly heart of Europe and culture.

10 Most famous Austrians

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