10 most famous Chekhov

Czech Republic is a small country, but with a centuries-old history. Czech land gave the world a lot of talented people. Someone stayed in the country’s history forever, someone is only a star, burning and exhausted without a trace. We chose the 10 most prominent Chekhov and tell about them in this article.

ten. Cultan Yang Saudek with shocking photos

Foundation: His name for hearing, he himself created and took his niche in modern Czech art.

Jan Saudek (born in 1935) – Czech cult artist, having personal exhibitions in more than 400 cities in the world.

Together with the twin brother was brought up in a children’s camp after the death of the family in Teresine (sample German ghetto). For the first time taking a camera at 15 years old, does not release it to today. In 1990, award-winning French Orders of Arts and Literature.

The world glory of Budecu brought his shocking, causing and frank work. Photos of the Saudeka are always carrying a double meaning, surrealism is combined with classicism. Look on the Internet of his work: they will definitely leave you indifferent, and they will be remembered forever.

nine. Mr. Zero – Peter Czech

Base: He is just one of the best among goalkeepers. It is impossible not to include in the top ten most famous football player Czechs on the nicknamed "Mr. Zero".

Peter Czech (born in 1982). Czech Republic record holder in 2016 by the number of played matches. Fracture of the leg determined the further fate of the 10-year midfielder of the youth team. The gate became his dear in the big world of sports records. From 17 years old gates that defended Czech were impenetrable.

His record – 855 minutes of the game without missed heads. By selling your skill goalkeeper for millions of dollars in the team of other countries, Peter Czech never changed its habit: Do not miss the ball in your gate.

Being in the Team "Chelsea" from 2004 to 2015, he broke in 2005 the record of Peter Schmeyhel: 11 games and 35 minutes did not miss the goal, for which I was nosted "Mr. Zero". Another name gave him fans – "Tankist". After injury, the head went out to play in a special helmet.

One of the best goalkeepers of modernity. For the Czech Republic, Peter Czech played 124 matches. In 2016, he decides not to perform more internationally.

Along with numerous team awards, has personal titles and achievements. Among others, the "best goalkeeper of the French League" (2004), "The best goalkeeper of the world according to MFFIIS" (2005), "Golden Glove of the English Premier League" (2005, 2010, 2014, 2016), "Footballer of the Year in Czech Republic "(2005, from 2008 to 2016)," Golden Ball of the Czech Republic "(2005 – 2016; missed this title only in 2009 and 2015)," The best goalkeeper of Europe according to UEFA "(2005 and 2007).

Fond of music playing shock tools.

eight. Great reformer Jan Gus

Base: How not to include in the TOP 10 of a person whose death has become one of the reasons for the beginning of the Gusitsky Wars.

Jan Gus (1369 – 1415) – the National Hero of the Czech Republic, the ideologist of Czech Reformation, preacher. Education received in Prague University, there was also a lecture, being a decan of the philosophical faculty. Was a preacher in the church of St. Mikhail, Abbot of Private Bethlehem Chapel. In his sermons (and spent them in Czech), criticized feudalists, clearing and burghers, and also concerned the daily life of Chekhov.

His views differed from the official ideology of the Catholic Church. Calling Christians to always look for the truth, even if with a risk for life, opposed the blind subordination of the church: a person should think himself. It is impossible, according to Jan Gus, take a fee for the sacraments and sell church posts. Wealth must be hurt honestly.

According to his order, the walls of the Bethlehem chapel paint drawings with instructive plots. His merits include the reform of Czech spelling (books have become more understandable), the development of diacritical signs. Was the author of several songs, subsequently became folk. Jan Gus did not renounce his views, for which he was burned on the fire.

At the Old Town Square in the capital of the Czech Republic, a monument to the reformer. In Czech cities, streets wear his name. Every year on July 6 throughout the Czech Republic, fires are lit in honor of Yana Gus.

7. "President-liberator" Tomash Masarik

Reason: First President of Independent Czechoslovakia should be in the list of the most famous. He entered the history of the Czech Republic, forcing the whole world to draw gaze to his country.

Tomas Harrig Masarik (1850 – 1937) – First President of the Czechoslovak Republic, sociologist, philosopher, state and public figure. During his lifetime, Masarik was erected into the cult of the "President-Liberator", informally called him "Batyushka" (Taticek).

No one could assume that the guy from the working family, a teenager working with an apprentice in the blacksmith, will first be the leader in the gymnasium in Brno, then the movement for the independence of Czechoslovakia will be headed. All his life, Tomas Masarik followed his beliefs.

He first set the Czech question before the world community: it is necessary to create a Czech state. And he began to create it from a Czech society stuck in the "farm", frozen in its development.

Was the founder of the influential magazine "Ateneum". Ratched for the recognition of Czechs a special nation. Myth about Masarik was "subsidized" by many different labor of Karel Chapeka "Conversations with T. G. Masarik ". Memory about Masarik is immortalized in the names of streets, prospectuses, stations in the country, in the name of the largest road of the Czech Republic. Several coins with a portrait of Masyar.

Outside the country also remembers this outstanding person: the area in the center of Tel Aviv is named Mazarik, in the north of Israel there is a small village of Kfar Masarik.

Modern Czech Republic established an order in honor of his first president. They are awarded to the citizens of the country, actively participating in the development of humanity, democracy and the protection of human rights.

6. "Golden Age" Karl IV

Foundation: 6th place is assigned to a person who played a crucial role in the history of the Czech state, but a sign in absentia only by historians, people enlightened and familiar with the history of the Czech Republic, tourists who visited the country. Everyone has this name for hearing, but it does not diminish from this.

Karl IV (1316-1378) – Emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire, King of the Czech Republic and Germany. The period of his reign of the Czech state entered the story as the "Golden Age". Than "ozit" Czech Republic Karl IV? For the Czech Republic, Karl did enough to become flourishing at his board.

With the name of Karl IV, the most expensive and important regalia of Czech monarchs is connected: Svyatovaslavsky Crown, stored in the Karlstein castle (at the moment the crown is kept in the Cathedral of St. Vita in Prague Country). It was made specifically for the coronation of the emperor.

Karl IV for enlightenment and construction, was the patron saint of arts and science. Under its beginning, the resort of Karlovy Vary opens, Charles Bridge is being built, Castle in Gradchany and Karlstein Castle. The latter became the treasury of royal regalia and the storage location of the Holy Relics of the Monarch Collections. His Cathedral of St. Vita (Prague).

The merits of Charla include the development of Czech cities, the opening of the University of Prague. With his rule, Vltava becomes a shipping river, vineyards are laid in the Czech state.

They are established by the Union of Zemstvo world – these are agreements prohibiting the established time to conduct interne-free wars in Europe. If tourists are lucky with the guide, they will learn a lot about the acts of Charles IV for the benefit of the Czech Republic.

5. Golden Style Alphonse Fly

Base: This name is associated in the West with the "Golden Instant of Painting". In Russia, he knows little. The younger generation did not even hear the surname of the artist, and he put his style into art, subsequently called the "style of flies".

Alphonse Fly (1860 – 1939) – artist, posterist, illustrator, jewelry designer, representative of AR Nouveau style. I started the artist my creative way as an actor and decorator poster. Scribed a generic castle of Count Charles Kuan-Belassee and his front palace Emmahof in pear. Headed the Association of Slavic Artists.

Glory, recognition came to him in Paris, when he made a poster for the premiere of Zhismond with Sarah Bernard. His graphic series "Flowers", "Seasons", "Trees", "Stars", "Months", "Arts", "Precious Stones" and today are printed in the form of art posters. Reproductions of his paintings are in demand for tourists as a colorful souvenir from the Czech Republic.

There were two muses in his life: Czech Republic and wife Maria. In 1928, the artist’s dream is carried out: he finishes at the Motherland "Slavic Epopea" (the monumental canvas tells the story of Slavic peoples). Work is placed in the castle in Moravian Krumlov. Later she was presented to them Prague.

In the capital A. Fly creates the interiors of the municipal house, hotels in "Imperial", "Europe". The main stained glass window of the cathedral. Vita that in Prague Country, was created according to sketches. Mukhi.

Czech artist was the author of official banknotes and brands, government blanks, envelopes of sovereign Czechoslovakia. In the capital of the Czech Republic, a museum A. Flies, and his work became a decoration in many world galleries.

4. Recognized genius of Dvarak

Reason: in life recognized worldwide, his works knew not only in Europe and the USA, but also in Australia. He became the most famous musician-czech of all time.

Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904). Who could assume that a boy with a thin soul and wounded heart grow in the family of an offacarious butcher, which will sound.

His "dive" in the composer work occurs during the work of the organist in the temple of St. Adalbert (Prague). The operating of the opera "King and the coil" brings a disgust to disgust. Tours in England, taught in New York in the National Conservatory, teaching young composers.

Was the director of the Prague Conservatory to his last days. His funeral was accompanied by singing choirs. Of course, the composer’s famous "Requiem" sounded. Dvorak was very demanding to himself, so some works did not reach us: the author burned them.

In his creations used the motives of folk music of Bohemia and Moravia. Among the well-known works can be called Symphony number 9 "From the New World", the opera "Mermaid", "American" String Quartet, a concert for cello with orchestra, "Requiem", "Stabat Mater" and "Slavic Dances".

10 Most famous Chekhov

In the capital of the Czech Republic, there is a museum a. Noborika. In honor of the famous Czech, called Crater on Mercury and asteroid.

3. Incredible life of Gashek – Schweik

Base: Czech Republic is associated in the post-Soviet space with brave Schwek.

Who was born was in the USSR and found a socialist school education, he knows exactly the "adherents of the brave soldier Sewing" I. Gashek.

Yaroslav Gashek (1883-1923) – anarchist, playwright, Satir writer, Fakelonist, journalist. Still at school was a member of all antinec demonstrations in Prague, as well as scandals and specks.

All his life is a chain of incredible adventures, jokes, mysterious stories. Loved to travel. Knew several languages: Russian, English, German, French, Bashkir, Hungarian and others. Started his literary activity as a humor writer.

In his novel about Swiss a lot of stories that happened to the writer himself. For participation in the battle under Zarov, marked by the St. George Cross 4th degree. "The adventures of the brave soldier Schweika" – the first book in the Czech Republic, translated into world languages, the first circulation of 100 thousand copies.

On the novel shot several films, Bertolt Brecht created a play on his motives. In 2007, enters the world computer game – Quest in the story of the novel. The number of monuments Schweku exceeds the number of monuments to its creator. The first monument to the Hashek Hero in the Czech Republic appeared after 2014, the monument to the writer was delivered in the country in 2005.

Museums of Yaroslav Gashek are open in the Czech Republic and in Russia. In honor of Gashek and his hero called asteroids.

2. Hot heart of God

Base: On 2nd place is a Czech celebrity, which has become decoration of banknotes in 500 Czech crowns. Legend on a global scale, lived in the 19th century, but its glory stretches the train and today. In the Czech Republic, there is no such a resident who would not know her Roman "Grandma".

Bozhen Nemtsova (1820-1862) – famous and beloved by many Czech writers. Until today, the origin of the writer is questionable. There is an unconfirmed version that she was an extramarital child of Prince Metternich and Duchess Zagan. Brought up her grandmother on Magdalene’s mother. She grafted his granddaughter love for folk creativity and high moral foundations. His childhood of God was described in the grandmother’s novel.

Marriage without love with the tax inspector Josef German brings 4 children. God throws with his head in creativity. Collects folk works that came out in the collection "Folk tales and legends".

It is over one of the fairy tales of Nemtsova "Three Nuts for Cinderella". Optimist by nature, Nemtsova always ended his works happy finals. On the Slavic island, a monument to a talented Czech writer towers in the heart of Prague.

1. Saint patron Czech Republic

Reason: From around the world, Orthodox and Catholics follow his relics to worship.

Saint Vaclav (OK. 907 – 935 g or 936 g). Czech patron, prince from the Czech kind of Prezhysov. Around the world, he is honored by Catholics and Orthodox. Czech Rules from 924 and before his death.

His grandmother came to the Christian faith, although Mother of Waclav, Dragomir was a pagan. Religiosity was cultivated in the soul of Vaclav since childhood. Being a prince of the Czech Republic, Ryano introduced Christianity in the country. In the capital of the state, he builds the Church of St. Vita.

The Czech people loved Waclav, but his brother Boleslav wanted to the throne. During the pir, he kills the prince. The church canonizes Vaclav, he becomes the Czech Patron. Pilgrims from all over the world follow in Prague to St. Cathedral. Vita to the grave of Vaclav.

On the day of his death, September 28, the Czech Republic celebrates the day of Czech statehood. The name of Vaclav Named Square in Prague (Wenceslas Square). There is also a monument to the Holy Land of Czech.

Even more interesting about the Czech Republic and Czechs, we told in our articles (Links below).

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And Franz Kafka. He must be among the first

Alexander – Glavred site

Unlikely. Think by yourself how many of the readers of this article read Kafku? Hardly more than 1 percent. I read Kafku "Process" and "Lock". I would not call these works very valuable for humanity. They very well reflect the problems of the Austro-Hungary period of life of the Kafka. But this Austria-Hungary has not yet existed.

10 Most famous Chekhov

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