10 most famous Israelis

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10th place – Natalie Portman (1981 – now live)

Famous film actrix, Oscar owner

Natalie was born in 1981, her real name – Hershlag. Up to three years she lived in Israel, and then the family moved to America. Natalie received a magnificent education, in 2003 she graduated from Harvard.

Already at the age of 12, the future star of Hollywood successfully passed the casting for the role in the film "Leon" Luke Samon. The picture was published in 1994 and is still considered one of the movie School.

Next, the young star takes part in the paintings: "Development", "Fight", "Beautiful girls", "Mars Attack!". In 1997-1999, she devoted himself to studying. The exception made only for "Star Wars", where Princess Amidal played. This role glorified Natalie to the whole world.

After 2003, Natali returned to active film. For the role in the picture "Proximity" she received the Golden Globe and was in the list of nominees on Oscar. Many films in which the Israeli actress took part, became film host. Among them, "Paris, I love you", "Thor", "My Blueber Nights", "Another one of the kind of pain.

In 2010, Natalie Portman starred in Kinolent "Black Swan". For this role, she was noted by Oscar and another "golden globe". In addition, on the filming of "Swan", the actress met the future husband Benjan Milpier. Now Natalie is more time dedicated to the family than movies.

9th place – El Cohen (1924 – 1965)

The legendary spy that was able to take a high post in the Government of Syria

Eli was born in 1924 in Egypt, where parents moved from Syria. When the young man was 25 years old, the family moved to Israel, and Eli remained in Egypt. In the early 50s, he was arrested as an Israeli agent, but they were released due to the lack of direct evidence. A few years later sent from the country.

Cohen dreamed of being a scout, but he was not taken to the "Mossad" – the Egyptian arrest almost put a cross on a spy career. However, in the 1960s, military intelligence officers came out on Eli.

Cohen passed the training course and got into the "Mossad". The task of Eli is to break into the highest echelons of the power of Syria. According to legend, he is a successful businessman, heir to a rich Syrian family. Cohen has established friendly relations with high-ranking Syrians in Argentina, and in 1962 came to Damascus.

Literally a year later, Amin al-Hazef stands up at the head of Syria. He helped Eli get into the military and governmental elite of the country. The President completely trusted the Israeli spy, and the data transmitted by Koen was always exclusive and most reliable as possible.

In 1965, as a result of the Syrian counterintelligence operation, Cohen was taken directly during the communication session. He was tortured, and then hung. Israelis did not even give the body of a brilliant scout.

8th place – Tsar Solomon (presumably 990-931 d.N.NS.)

Legendary ruler, sage, philosopher

Great Ruler of the Israeli Kingdom. He was the owner of the legendary ring with the inscription "and it will pass".

The exact year of birth of the Great Tsar is unknown as the dates of his rule. It is believed that he was born in 990 D.N.NS., Israel rules during his heyday, approximately 970-931.N.NS.

The main source of data on Solomon’s life is the Bible. It is mentioned in some ancient works. There is no accurate evidence of the existence of King Solomon, but it is considered to be a historical figure.

Also, the Great Israeli ruler is a character of numerous legends in which it acts exclusively as a wise and fair judge.

Father Solomon decided to transfer the board to him, despite the fact that he was one of the youngest sons. Two years Father and son ruled together.

The legendary ruler tried to adhere to a peaceful policy. In particular, put an end to the enmity with Egypt, which lasted one and a half thousand years, taking the wife of Pharaoh’s daughter. However, according to the Bible, the king had about three hundred concubines and seven wives.

By the time of the Board of Solomon include the construction of the Jerusalem Temple, which was the main shrine of Judaism. With it, several cities were erected.

Immediately after the death of the Great Tsar, the uprising broke out, and the unified state was contemporary.

7th place – Izhak Perlman (1945 – now live)

Musician, one of the most famous symbols of the 20th century

Five-point owner "Grammy". His execution is allocated by interesting interpretations and grace.

Yitzhak was born in 1945. In 4 years, he got poliomyelitis, after which all his life is forced to use crutches. Because of this, playing the violin exclusively sitting. I studied music first in Israel, then in the US.

The first performance passed in 18 years in Carnegie Hall. At 19, Perlman won in the American music competition and soon began to give solo concerts.

He recorded a lot of classic masterpieces, but made a musician of works not included in the traditional repertoire. His interpretation of the Ragtights of Joplin, Jazz Things Previn, arrangements of the musical "Scripper on the roof". Also Maestro is known for the fulfillment of national Jewish music.

Perlman performed with all the leading world orchestras. Recently presented the world premiere of modern composers, for example, Robert Staler and Earla Kima. Grammy received the first prize in 1979.

Several times, Itzhak performed in the White House. He plays on an antique instrument – one of the best stradivari violins.

6th place – Avigdor Ben-Gal (1936 – 2016)

An outstanding military leader, war hero of the Judgment Day

Avigdor was born in 1936 in Poland, after three years the family moved to the USSR. The parents of the boy were exiled to Siberia due to espionage accusations, and his sister was taken to Palestine. Children brought up long-distance relatives.

In 1955, Ben Gal was called to the Israeli army. He took part in Suez War, after its completion graduated from officer courses. Led the intelligence unit during the six-day war, was injured, having exploded in a jeep on mine.

Avigdor spoke in advance about the upcoming start of the War of the Judgment Day, for which he was called crazy. But thanks to such a farewell, only his brigade was completely ready when hostilities began. Many believe that it is the personal heroism of Ben-Galya who played a big role in the victory of Israel over Syria.

In 1977, Ben Gal was appointed commander of one of the districts. He led the troops on numerous antiterrorist operations. In 1983, he tried to head the general headquarters, but unsuccessfully. Then resigned.

After the completion of the military career was headed by the advice of directors of several companies whose activity was related to the consulting, investment and trade.

Military hero of Israel died in 2016.

5th place – Gal Gadot (1985 – now live)

Popular actress, model, producer and just Beauty

The most famous filmmakers: "Forsazh-4", "Miracle Woman", "Spies next door".

Gal in 1985 was born in Rosh Ha-Aine. Soon the family moved to Tel Aviv. Hobbies of the future star changed from biology and dancing to jurisprudence.

Thanks to spectacular appearance, the girl was in demand in the model sphere. In the agency, she recommended to participate in the National Competition Miss Israel. At 18 years old, Gadot became the main beauty of the country. The title allowed her to participate in the contest show Miss Universe, however, Gal did not hit the number of finalists.

Gal called in the army, where she was a fitness instructor. During the service, she managed to play for Maxim magazine with the permission of the Israel Foreign Ministry. Returning from the army, the model was filmed in advertising. In 2010, he participated in the show "Beautiful Life", where it was struggling for the opportunity to cooperate with the New York model agency.

Movier Gadot began in 2008 with a role in one of the Israeli TV series. Having moved to America, Gal falls on the samples for the role of the girl Agent 007, but it was approved for shooting in Fursazh-4. Gal also appeared on the screen and in the following three parts of the cinema epopsychie.

In 2016, a chamber’s "Batman vs Superman" was released, in it Israeli actress played the role of a woman’s cat. They signed a contract for which Gadot will play this role in two films. In 2017, the movie "Miracle Woman" came out, here the Gal is already the main role, and it is this film that made her star Hollywood first magnitude.

4th place – David Ben-Gurion (1886 – 1973)

One of the founders of the state Israel, the first prime minister of the country

David was born in 1886 in the territory of the current Poland. At the age of 20, he moved to Palestine, there immediately began to actively lead social activities.

In 1912, the Turks evicted a young activist from Palestine for Zionist activities. He went to Egypt, and then in the USA, where he created a youth movement.

After World War I, David came to Palestine again and continued political activities. In 1930, he became one of the leaders of the working Mapai party created, and after 5 years, he was elected chairman. In this post, he remained before the formation of the state of Israel.

In 1947, UN approved a resolution for which Palestine was divided into Arab and Israeli parts, six months bend Ben Gurion voiced the long-awaited Declaration of Israel’s independence. It was he who served as Prime Minister until 1963 (with a break in 1953-1955).

In 77 years, David left the government, but remained by the Knesset deputy. Two years later, he left the Mapai Party, in which he consisted of a lifetime, and created his party Rafa. Ben-Gurion’s political career completed in 1971, leaving the Knesset. After that, he wrote memoirs.

10 Most famous Israelis

In 1973, one of the brightest politicians of Israel died. Dozens of streets and schools, university and chief in Israel near Tel Aviv are named after.

3 place – Dana International (1972 – now live)

The world famous singer-transsexual, Eurovision contest winner

Born Dana in 1972, real name – Yaron Cohen. Since childhood, the boy Yaron played only with girls. Music began to study at eight years, and a little later sang in the choir.

From 16 years, Yaron performed in nightclubs in wigs and bright women’s causing clothes.

The turning point in the fate of Cohen – a meeting with the Offer Nissim, who was looking for a soloist to the Review "I, her, Him". The young man got a pseudonym given. Already the first one’s own song "Dana International" became a hit not only in Israel, but also beyond him, fell into the charts of America.

For the money that brought the first success, Yaron in 1993 made a long-minded operation on the change of gender and changed the name to the consonant Sharon. Soon the first album of the performer became "gold". In 1994, he comes out the second album, which became "platinum", and Dana became the singer of the year in Israel.

In 1995, the singer tried the first time to hit Eurovision, but it was possible only after 3 years. In the international competition, she took 1 place with the song "Diva". It brings to her worldwide fame and superstar status. However, in this status in Europe, Dana did not work, she returned to Israel.

At the homeland, the singer continued to speak, the last album was released in 2014. In the same Dana debuted as a leading TV show.

2nd place – Itzhak Rabn (1922 – 1995)

Famous politician and military leader, Nobel Prize winner

Yitzhak was born in 1922 in Jerusalem. At the age of 18, he graduated from an agricultural school, a year later I went to a volunteer in Palma (Military Outdocks of Israelis in 1941-1948).

Rabin fought for the independence of Israel. He fought in Jerusalem and in the desert. In the late 1950s, awarded the title of Major General, and several years later became the head of the General Staff. It was he who commanded the army when she won in the six-day war Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

In 1968, Rabin was appointed ambassador to the United States. From America, he returned in five years and joined the Avoda party. Soon the national hero was elected to Knesset. He becomes Minister of Labor, and then Prime Minister. At that time, Itzhak was openly conflicted with Peres, Minister of Defense, because of this, the government was very unstable. In 1977, Rabin resigned.

In the 80s, Izhak became Minister of Defense. At the beginning of the "first infantide" (the uprising of the Palestinians) acted very hard, but over time I realized that this conflict could only be resolved through negotiations.

Again the post of Prime Minister Itzhak took in 1992. It was he who signed with Arafat "Agreement in Oslo". Such a step was perceived in Israel ambiguously, as the creation of Palestinian autonomy was recorded in the agreements. But the world appreciated this act: Rabin with Arafat and Peres received the Nobel Prize of the World.

Another sign step that has committed great politician – in 1994 he signed peace with Jordan. A year later, he was killed by an ultra-right extremist, student Igal Amir.

1st place – Jesus Christ

This article is written in Russian, therefore, the overwhelming number of readers is well to imagine who was Jesus Christ. Telling about his life we ​​will not, what to retell the new covenant?

Let us ask the question more closest to our topic: And whether Jesus Christ existed as a historical person?

Now much written on this score. There is even a brave theory that Jesus was grandson Cleopatra. How many historians, so many opinions and ideas.

Archaeological evidence of the existence of Jesus now. There is a "Turin Cloak", but it does not consider it as a physical proof of serious scientists.

Until 1961, even the existence of Pontius Pilate was questioned, while in Caesarea in Israel was found "Pilate Stone", which has his name.

But a lot of written sources mentioning and telling about Jesus. The first records of the Apostle Peter, mentioning Jesus, are written about 25 years after the death of Jesus. The main part of the early Christian texts is written in about 40 years. It is unlikely that all evangelicals agreed and wrote about a fictional man.

Many antique non-Christian authors mention Jesus Christ. In the books of Rabbi, they write about him as "the" extramarital son of Mary and Koldun ". Satir Lucian and philosopher Celsius write about Jesus as "Merzavets".

Roman historian Tacitus mentions Jesus and the fact of his execution during the management of Jews in Pontius Pilate. Tacitus writes about Christianity as a "destructive superstition". The Roman writer Pliny Senior speaks about Christians as a "pussy stubborn" people, and mentions Jesus.

As you can see, the estimates of Jesus and Christians have antique authors very negative and hard. However, note that none of them doubted the existence of Jesus as a real person. Of course, none of the ancient authors recognize the divine nature of Jesus Christ, rather consider him a prophet or a false prophet.

And although the "iron" evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ was found, many written sources give confidence that this person existed. Who was in fact he was already another question that we will not consider now. Maybe Jesus was the son of God, possibly a prophet, possibly adventurers with hypnosis skills. But in any case, he is the most famous native of Israel land in history.

Have a good holiday in Israel, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

10 Most famous Israelis

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