10 most impressive waterfalls of the world

The most spectacular waterfall of New Zealand is located in a remote area, deep in the wild and beautiful Fjordland National Park among virgin, mountain landscapes and crystal clear lakes. Giant 580 meters high takes its origins in Lake-Bashe located at the slope of the mountains.

Photo Credit: Dennis Knothe, Flickr

2. Falls of pliber lakes

Plitvice Lake National Park, North Dalmatia, Croatia

The largest of the 8 Natural and National Parks of Croatia is located between the Mountains of Dinar Highlands. Plitvice lakes -unical natural phenomenon consisting of 16 lakes connected to each other by more than 140 ducts, thresholds and cascades of waterfalls. Water in Lakes Emerald-Blue due to the high content of calcium carbonate, as well as specific algae and bacteria.

Photo Credit: MPANCHA, Flickr

3. Waterfall childfoss

Vatnayajudl National Park, Iceland

Kitfoss, one of the largest waterfalls of Europe. Fearing glacially waters The waterfall passes through itself about 500 cubic meters of water per second. The volume of water is so great that it makes tremendous stones in the canyon, and above the stream is a watery dust pillar. The kids fossa is part of the impressive Jökulsárgljúfur (Grand Canyon) and is surrounded by other large waterfalls.

Photo Credit: Daniel Brim, Flickr

4. Waterfall Gudelfoss

River Khvitau, Haukadalur Valley, South of Iceland

Gudelfoss ; ; Golden waterfall ;, one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland. The widespread river River River is directed to the south, but in a kilometer from the waterfall turns sharply to the left and the water is bottled along a winding three-step staircase and then collapsed from a two-tier cascade.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Fay, Flickr

5. Fire waterfall ; Horsetail Falls

California, Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park)

Gudelfoss ; ; Golden / Fire Waterfall ;. He is because several times a year the sun sits above the water cascade in such a way that the water appears a bright gleam amber. This effect turns not only the flow of water, but also the entire park in the enchantment.

Photo Credit: Andrew Kee, Flickr

Photo Credit: Adarsh ​​Dattani, Flickr

6. Waterfall Kaietour

River Potaro in West Guyana

Guyana in the language of Aboriginal means ; Country of many water. There is almost three hundred waterfalls on its territory, but Kaietur is the most impressive of them. Each second from a height of 226 meters, more than six hundred cubic meters of water is collapsed. For the main ledge, a series of cascades are followed, which increase the overall height of the Kaietelet for another 25 meters.

Photo Credit: Pieter Van Maele, Flickr

7. Waterfall Angel

Canaima National Park. Churun ​​River, Venezuela

The waterfall is in a dense rainforest, where there are no roads and you can only get to it on a helicopter.
Angel ; The world’s highest waterfall and water flow has to fly almost a kilometer before he reaches the earth.

10 Most impressive waterfalls of the world

10 most impressive waterfalls of the world. PHOTO CREDIT: Dinarte Franca, Flickr

eight. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls City, Ontario Province, Canada

The most famous waterfall is not only in North America, but also all over the world is the most powerful ; The volume of falling water in the waterfall ribbon reaches more than 5,700 cubic meters per second. Niagara ; This is a complex of waterfalls on the River of the same name, separating the American state of New York from the Canadian province of Ontario. Niagara actually consists of three waterfalls – Fatas, American and Canadian.

10 most impressive waterfalls of the world. Photo Credit: Benjamin Becker, Flickr

nine. Waterfall Victoria

One of the main attractions of Africa is on the River Zambezi, the fourth largest on the mainland, on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Unlike Niagara Falls, which is visible from afar, Victoria falls into a huge gorge and can only be considered near. The famous feature of the Victoria Falls is ; Devil’s pool ;. The wall of the stone on the edge of the cliff slows down the flow of the pool and prevents from falling into the abyss. It is safe to swim on the edge of the pool bowl only when water is at the lowest low level (September-November).

Photo Credit: Ian Barbour, Flickr

10 most impressive waterfalls of the world. Photo Credit: Peraion, Flickr

ten. Waterfalls iguhasu

Misona Province, Argentina / Foz Do Iguazu, Brazil

Waterfalls iguhasu ; are located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, on the Iguazu River, on the territory of the two National Parks. Complex from the endless water flow 275 picturesque cascades. The largest of them ; Devil’s throat ; ; Arc-shaped opening of the border between Brazil and Argentina. 80% of waterfalls are located on the territory of Argentina, however, from Brazil, a good view of ; Devil’s throat ;.

10 most impressive waterfalls of the world. Photo Credit: ShannonMichala, Flickr

10 most impressive waterfalls of the world. Photo Credit: Jeremiah Thompson, Flickr

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