10 most interesting monuments to musical idols

«Our idols were better than yours» — Probably, this eternal claim of the older generation to the youngest explains the logic of the installation of monuments to the famous executors of past years.

Other reasons for the emergence of such monuments — the desire of the city authorities to decorate the city, attract tourists, as well as the requirements of fans to give them the opportunity to gather from the monumental image of their idol, of course, also play their role, but not decisive. Whatever, monuments of musical idols are around the world, travel agencies willingly include them in the list of attractions of different cities, so we have a reason to tell about the ten most, in our opinion, interesting and well-known.

Nikcolo Paganini, Italy, Parma

None of the people who live today did not hear how Paganini’s violin was playing, who gave the public with his skill at the beginning of the XIX century. Nevertheless, it can be called a musical idol of his era with a full basis — Paganini’s popularity was huge, famous writers and poets dedicated to him many enthusiastic lines. But, as it turned out, the most jar it «fans» were servants of the Catholic Church.

After the death of Paganini in 1840, the church announced that such an unimaginable talent is not different from the devil, and forbidden to bury the maestro on the Christian rite. The son of Paganini had to go around with the body of the father almost all Italy, separated by the principality and duchy. Nowhere did you want to bury «Devil’s virtuoso». So continued for almost forty years, several times already devoted to the Earth, the body was again pulled out, until the great virtuoso found his last shelter in the city of Parma. On the grave «Great and Cursed» Paganini installed a bust with colonnade, it can be considered the first monument to the musical idol.

Louis Armstrong, United States, New Orleans

You can argue about the artistic advantages of this monument in the park of New Orleans, but he is delivered, undoubtedly, «at the place». New Orleans is recognized by the birthplace and the capital of Jazz, here in 1901 Louis Armstrong, singer and trumpeter named «Sachmo» — pussy. In the first half of the last century, Jazz was the most fashionable musical direction, and the most popular jazz performer was Armstrong, who came to music very original way — Through a local colony for minor non-ferrous criminals.

In the colony there was a spiritual orchestra, eleven-year-old Louis, who came there for theft of a gun (at the policeman!), learned to play on the pipe. And fascinated with his game as well as voice with inimitable «brand» wheezing millions of people all over the world. And always looked a little confused and embarrassed on stage — these features to convey the author of the monument will certainly manage.

Leonid Utoes, Ukraine, Odessa

Those who remember Leonid Utusov and a sign with his work, the choice of place for the monument to the outstanding singer, the musician, the actor seems to be the only true. Of course, Odessa, and of course — Deribasovskaya street. Although for his long life of Utozov many times changed the place of residence — He lived in Kremenchug, and in Moscow, and in St. Petersburg, then Leningrad. And in his youth just challenged around the country with a mobile circuit in which he worked as a gymnast. But in the eyes of fans, they became millions of inhabitants of all USSR for half a century, Leonid Utoes was always and remained Odessa, perhaps the most famous on all post-Soviet space. And for Odessans themselves — Also Leonid Osipovich, or Uncle Lёney, with which you can easily sit near the bench.

Edith Piaf, France, Paris

«She was born like a sparrow, she lived like a sparrow, and died like a sparrow». This is about the singer whose pop pseudonym is translated from the Paris Argo — «Pivobysk». At street sparrow difficult life, Edith Piaf she was also crowded tragedies. In childhood, she alternately threw both parents, she lost sight. In his youth, her only daughter died of illness, died in mature years in a plane crash.

And all these years Edith sang — For the spoiled Paris public, for the British royal family, as well as for the inhabitants of the working quarters of Paris, French prisoners of war in Germany — her passionate, with tragic notes singing was clear to all. And she herself, being already rich and world famous, clusted male attention, constantly complained about loneliness. Just like that, lonely and disadvantaged, and appears the singer – «Pivobysk» Before tourists in Paris Square, named in her honor, Edith Piaf.

Vladimir Vysotsky, Russia, Moscow

Moscow (three), Naberezhnye Chelny, Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, Volgodonsk, Dubna, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara — In these Russian cities, the monuments of Vladimir Vysotsky are installed, the list is probably not complete. In Ukraine, the famous bard was perpetuated in Odessa (twice), in Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkov, Melitopol. There are monuments of Vysotsky in Belarus, Montenegro and even in the US.

Monuments are very different, and according to the degree of portrait similarity, and on a decide, some depict the singer with his wife — actress Marina Vlad. But it is hardly necessary to describe them here. The most interesting to us is a monument to the Vysotsky work of the Sculptor Zurab Tsereteli on Red Presnya. The creation of this sculptor at Muscovites is ambiguous, but in this case the most difficult image of the restless singer, the poet and the actor to recreate, we consider it.

Elvis Presley, USA, Hawaii

10 Most interesting monuments to musical idols

Cities and countries in which monuments are installed «Rock and Roll King» Elvis Presley, even more than in the list of Vladimir Vysotsky, they are simply impossible to list them. Some of them have a private status, the fans of the singer made them at their own expense and installed on the territory belonging to them. Most often the king is depicted with a guitar, although, by a general opinion, as a guitarist, he did not imagine anything special. But this is his pop image that remains in the memory of many millions of admirers of Elvis Presley talent. Most likely, it is an image and inspires sculptors of the whole world again and re-create monuments Elvis — This broad-handed handsome man seemed to be born to become a monument. Best of all, this thought, in our opinion, illustrates a monument to Honolulu in Hawaii, where in 1973 the concert of Elvis was held, first broadcast through the satellite worldwide.

Group «Beatles», United Kingdom, Liverpool

Here we are again dealing with «Mass production» — The monuments of the legendary fourth in the whole world are delivered by a great set, only on the territory of the former USSR their no less than a dozen. Therefore, we restrict ourselves to the representation of the monument at home of the quartet, in the British city of Liverpool. From many other monuments to the group «Beatles» This is different «Financial component» — The money was collected by Bitloman from around the world.

Freddie Mercury, Switzerland, Montre

Freddie Mercury, although it was definitely a talented singer and musical form of generation of the 80s, in popularity is inferior to any of the performers presented here. However, his monument was awarded and he. The reason is most likely in an unusual fate, an extraordinary appearance and the tragic death of the famous soloist of the Queen group. Born on the exotic island of Zanzibar in the family of followers of a rare religion — Zoroastrianism, Freddie Mercury (Fupruh Bulsar) all his life surprised others as incredible adarability in various fields — painting, graphics, sports, music and eccentricity of behavior. Therefore, all his fans deeply shocked the death of their idol in 1991 from AIDS, at the age of 45. Monument Freddie Mercury installed in the Swiss resort town of Montre.

Viktor Tsoi, Russia, Barnaul

We publish here a monument to Viktor Tsoi, the work of the sculptor Sergey Dolgarchev, established in 2010 on the socialist street of the city of Barnaul. According to our ideas, it is he who exactly transmits the image of a musical idol «Perestroika generation», very accurately falls into the topic and «Star named sun» — Symbolic display of one of the most famous songs of Tsoi. Unfortunately, on the streets of St. Petersburg, the native city of the singer, the monument to Viktor Tsuyu still no, there is only a bust on the grave of the singer and several bas-reliefs. The mayor’s office promises to perpetuate the memory of Viktor Tsoi only in 2016.

Michael Jackson, Russia, Yekaterinburg

Probably, Michael Jackson himself, official «America’s legend» and «Icon of music», Whether he was alive today, would be surprised to our choice. Of the many monuments set in different cities of the world «The most successful artist of all time» (Formulation of the Guinness Book of Records) We have chosen a monument to publication in Russia, in Yekaterinburg, the work of the sculptor Viktor Mosilev. In this huge, three meters high, the sculpture is definable main thing, which distinguished the work of Jackson — Inimitable dynamics and expression.

10 Most interesting monuments to musical idols

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