10 most popular tourist objects Stockholm

Stockholm is also not similar to the rest of Sweden, like any capital, seeking to live according to the world rules and therefore having a certain averaged pan-European face. And, nevertheless, the streets here are also chicted and neat as across the country, and people living in the stone jungle of the big city or in the village of God, feel equally unnecessary and abandoned. In winter, the sun in these parts only briefly rises above the horizon line, and again the long cold dark night comes. The British covers splinters, Russian – longing, and the Swedes everywhere suffer from loneliness, and even put him one of the smallest monuments in the world: a tiny boy, lonely sitting on a tiny bed.

The city, freely located on the 14th islands where the extensive lake Malaren pours into the Baltic Sea was laid in the 13th century. And acquaintance with him is best to start from the old city, which occupies three islands: Stadsholmen, Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen. There are still visible traces of medieval planning and ancient buildings, and the streets where the access is closed by auto transport, store the atmosphere of the past. In other places in Stockholm, the active nature of the Swedes who diligently and regularly led the city in order, created a funny mix of antique, modern and pseudo-old buildings.

Those who want to see Stockholm from the water, it is recommended to take a walk on its numerous channels on a motor ship or go on an old steamer to Stockholm-Schkers, which are about 24 thousand.


Sports-concert Arena Glubbing is the largest hemispherical construction of the planet, whose diameter is 110 meters, and the height of the internal space is 85 meters. Similar to a big golf ball, it can accommodate 16 thousand spectators. Global symbolizes the sun in the Swedish solar system – the world’s largest solar system layout. Various events, mainly concerts and hockey matches, pass here regularly, so you have every chance to get on both sports competition and on the speeches of world stars.


Skansen – the first Swedish open-air museum. In 1891, he was founded by the folklorist of Arthur Hazelius, striving to preserve the traditions and customs of different parts of the Patriarchal Sweden, which appeared on the verge of disappearance. Traveling around the country, Hazelius acquired about 150 vintage facilities – residential buildings, farms, places and churches, which, after reconstruction and amounted to the museum’s exposition. Today, in their walls, visitors can see the work of artisans in traditional costumes – leather goods, shoemakers, silver business masters, bakers, glass winds. In addition, there is a zoo in Scansene, in which the representatives of the animal world of Scandinavia live.


Cultural Center, which has become a symbol of the city and the development of modernism in Sweden, opened in Stockholm in 1974. In its galleries, exhibitions of photos and visual arts are constantly held, fashion shows and design shows, and in the auditorium – concerts and performances. Here is the only comic library in Sweden, whose collection has about 2.5 thousand publications.


EriksdalsBadet – The largest swimming complex of Stockholm, in the territory of which besides several pools, including Olympic, accommodated water park, SPA center and simulatory halls. There is an outdoor pool built for the 1962 European Swimming Championship.

Grön Lund

In the oldest Park of Entertainment Sweden "GR&# 246; Na Lund" Most popular world attractions: American roller coaster, karting, carousel, laughter pavilion, tire, as well as rides for the smallest. In the summer there are concerts of rock and pop music.

Museum "Vasa"

In the famous Museum of Scandinavia, a ship is shown "Vasa" – Skilfully decorated Galeon King Gustav Adolf, sank during the first navigation in 1628, the only surviving Swedish ship 17th century. Raised from the bottom of the sea In April 1961, the ship was delivered to the restoration to the Stockholm Naval shipyard, and in early 1990 he took a place in a museum specially built for him.

Modern Art Museum

10 Most popular tourist objects Stockholm

The museum open in 1958 consists of masterpieces of Swedish and foreign contemporary art, among which the creations of Picasso and Dali and the model of Tatlin Tower. Entrance to its permanent expositions is free.

Museum of Natural History and Cinema "Cosmonova"

The Stockholm Museum of Natural History was founded in 1819 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which regularly and replenishes his collection. The museum is a cinema "Cosmonova" – The only IMAX cinema in Sweden with the world’s largest screen.

Tom Tata Experiment

Experiment Tit Tita is the largest scientific center in Sweden for people of all ages, whose visitors with the help of 400 interactive exhibits experiment and explore hundreds of different phenomena.


Church of St. Nicholas – the oldest church and the Cathedral of Stockholm. The first written mentions about it are dating 1279 year. The last Swedish king crowned here in 1873 became Oscar II. The main value of the cathedral is the wooden statue of St. George with the XV century dragon, which serves as a cancer in which the power is kept, possibly from St. George and two other saints.

Stockholm – the perfect city for recreation with children. In addition to Scansen I "GR&# 246; Na Lund" Kids waiting "Junibacken" – Kingdom of Tales Astrid Lindgren. Kids and their parents Santa in small booths, sweep over the valleys of Sweden, visit the apartments of the famous resident of Stockholm Roofs by the name Carlson and will hear a lot of funny stories. And then you can go to the museum "Aquaria" with fish and other inhabitants of all oceans planet. In the Museum of Mail, children, playing, sorting and stamping letters, in the museum of equipment and communications discover the world of science, and in the museum tram travel through the underground tunnel. In addition, numerous playgrounds and parks are open for small tourists.

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