10 most unusual roads of the world

Travel lovers watching directly on the road as a separate landmark. And some of these roads are so striking or unusual on themselves, that they became more than just a link between points a and b.

Some roads pass through the mountains, others twist in the spiral, and the third more resemble the American slides. They seem unreal, but in reality on them and the truth can be rolled.

Tunnel Guolian, China

The length of the Tunnel of the Guoliang (Guolianang Tunnel), cutting the rock in Tahan Mountains, is less than 1.5 km, but it did not prevent him from becoming one of the most famous roads in China. There are slots in the tunnel – "Windows", of which are awesome views. It was built in the 1970s so that the inhabitants of the village of Hollyan in the inner valley of the mountain could access the outside world without having to go on a dangerous mountain path. Most of the work in the tunnel was performed by 13 rural residents who broke through the route for five years. The resulting tunnel, wide enough to drive a bus, became a tourist attraction and provided the village long-awaited access to the outside world.

Baldwin Street, New Zealand

Baldwin Street (Baldwin Street) in the city of Danidin in New Zealand is entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the coolest (in the literal sense of the word) Living street in the world. The top of the tilt is 19 degrees. The street in 360 m long, rising by almost 80 m, quickly became a tourist attraction and popular geolocation for photos in social networks.

Storszandetsky Bridge, Norway

The Norwegian Atlantic Road collects the title of "Self" in everything. It is already named "The most beautiful place in the world" and "Norwegian building of the century". StorsEisundet Bridge (StorsEisundet Bridge), or "Road to Nowhere" – the longest of the eight bridges of the Atlantic Road. It has a strange shape with a steep ascending bend at the top. Because at a certain angle and it seems that the road leads to nowhere, because the other side of the turn is not visible. However, this optical illusion has a practical goal – thanks to a curved form, large ships can undergo under the bridge.

Winston Churchill-Avenue, Gibraltar

Winston Churchill Avenue (WINSTON CHURCHILL AVENUE) provides access to the British territory of Gibraltar, crossing the main (and only) runway at the Gibraltar International Airport. When commercial and military aircraft are launched, the movement stops, and protective barriers are installed. Currently, Churchill-Avenue is the only way to get from Spain to Gibraltar, and therefore avoid the runway will not work.

Transport Union of Nange Bridge, China

Nanpo Bridge (Nanpu Bridge Interchange) in Shanghai connects the old part of the city with a new Pudun district and eliminates the need for slow and tedious trips to ferry. Multi-band union bridge resembles dizzying american slides. The road twists the spiral upwards, and transport you need to make two incomplete turns before leaving the city highway. The bridge was built in the 1990s, which makes it relatively old on Shanghai standards. The historical district of Bund is more than a century, but almost all modern skyscrapers and facilities, which are known to Shanghai, less than 20 years.

Magnetic Hill, India

Magnetic Hill (Magnetic Hill) in Ladakh, India, challenges gravity laws. It is located on the main highway of the region, so anyone who drives through this part of India will pass through it. Paradoxically, but the hill itself does not possess special magnetic (or magical) properties. The surrounding slopes create a kind of optical illusion that creates the impression that cars are driving uphill when they actually roll down.

Troll Stairs, Norway

Trolls Staircase (Trollstigen) is a narrow mountain road in the west of Norway. She rises along the mountainside and envelopes her cool turns. The road is closed in winter, and usually go to it only from May to October.

10 Most unusual roads of the world

Thanks to the exciting bends and types of mountain range and waterfalls, the ladder was chosen by tourists-car enthusiasts. Every year about 150,000 cars pass on the way; Their number has steadily grew annually from the moment of the construction of the road in the 1930s. Corresponding to the title, the buildings in the area are decorated with wooden statues of trolls, and there is even a road sign "Beware of Troll".

Congress from Hansin Highways, Japan

Hanshin ExpressWay (Hanshin Expressway) connects Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe in Japan. Cities are so thick and built up buildings that at some point the congress from the high-speed motorway passes directly through the building. This congress takes three floors of the 16-storey building Gate Tower Building. The highway is separated from the walls by a barrier that reduces noise and vibration.

Music Room, California, United States

Fucking sound bars usually placed on the roads to warn distracted drivers from an accident or to submit a signal about the approaching intersection. In Lancaster, California, Honda automaker used bumps of different depths and length to create a musical melody. Drivers will hear the different-frequency sound waves, which together resemble part of the "Wilhelm TV" Overture Joakkino Rossini.

Earlier here already wrote about the musical roads in Japan, if I wonder, come to read.

Nürburgring, Germany

Nurburgring (Nordschleife At The Nürburgring) is the most famous racing track in Germany and, probably, worldwide. Here is the Grand Prix track, which is used for large car racing, including Formula 1. Autosportal complex has existed over 90 years, and several different tracks were built for his history. One of them, the northern loop, is still used for testing cars and promoting new models.

In addition to these events, "Days for the general public" are held on the highway. At this time, any owner of a car or a motorcycle can ride on the highway.

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