10 not the most banal, but very romantic places

How to get: via Rome (air from 8-9 thousand).
How much is: a day in eco-ekomic will cost 540 dollars.

2. Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong.
The hotel towers over the harbor of Victoria and has luxurious rooms for 102-118 floors. The hotel Ozone is located on the highest floor in the world. What about to dine in the highest location overlooking the night harbor, skyscrapers and small boat lights in the sea? Of the large and clean windows of the hotel overlooking the city. As the hotel writes "Comfortable beds from Sealy are covered with linens with a density of 400 yarns and down pillows". Bed for lovers – not the latest item 🙂

How to get there: Avia to Hong Kong (from 15-17 thousand).
How much is: accommodation in the room per day from 400 euros. But there are more budget options for hotels with panoramic views of the harbor (from 100 euros), but Ritz-Carlton is one of the best.

3. House in the Alps
Mountain landscapes, a lot of snow, clean lakes, sweaters with deer, mulled wine, evening by the fireplace. Each at least once in life should be such romantic evenings. Alpine resorts of Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France are suitable.
For example, such a landscape in Austria

How to get there: Azer from 6 thousand (Munich, Turin, Salzburg, Vienna, and others.)
How much is: from 60 euros day.

4. Apartments in Dubai, UAE
You can give a girlfriend a shopping and a romantic trip, consider, succeeded. Well, you can live in the apartment with a swimming pool in the midst of skyscrapers

How to get there: air from 12 thousand to Dubai.
How much is: a day of 150 dollars.

5. Lighthouse led RAT in Croatia.
The lighthouse was built in 1849 on the north – the West Cape of the island of Dugog. In our time, the lighthouses are rarely used for its intended purpose, more lighthouses loved those who want to retire, live on a small island, wake up the sounds of the sea, to dinner prepare seafood and admire the light from the lighthouse, towering in the marine millet. The Lighthouse was told one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the poison coast, surrounded by a thick fir forest, beautiful bays and beaches. The nearest village is located three kilometers from the lighthouse. Lighthouse – valid.

How to get: Avia to Croatia (10-13 thousand), then a car to the zer, then ferry to a brimine and a car before the lighthouse.
How much: week – 740 euros for double room

6. Bounty Island, Philipins.
Beautiful islands a lot: and caribbeans, and the Maldives, and Oceania. But I decided to choose the Philippines, namely the tiny island of Pamalikan, where the plane of a private hotel will bring from Manila. On the island there are 40 villas of the hotel, in the territory of which you can move on electric cars.

How to get there: Avia with 2-3 docks from 25 thousand rubles.
How much costs: 1200 dollars a day at the hotel amanpulo

7. Fly in Brugge, Belgium
After the triumph of the film with Colin Farrell "Go to the bottom in Brugge", Fully developed quiet tourist toy town with channels – became very promoted and popular. You can walk around the local shops, try chocolate, drink Belgian beer and feel in an old medieval fairy tale.

10 Not the most banal, but very romantic places

Route: Flights from 8 thousand to Brussels, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Cologne. Next, train from 30 euros.
How much is: accommodation at the hotel from 60 euros for two.

eight. Budapest, Hungary
This Eastern European country will pleasantly surprise with its prices. Good weekend you can spend, trying the walking and visiting the Sechensky bathing baths outdoors. After – Walking along the river and dinner overlooking the lights "Pearls Danube". Hungary – a good alternative to a brought Prague or Vienna.

Route: Flights from 10 thousand, direct only Aeroflot, or via Vienna, and then by bus for 10 euros to Budapest.
How much is: accommodation at the hotel from 30 euros for two, 5 * Hotels from 60 euros

nine. Madeira Island, Portugal.
Almost the only place in Europe where it is problematic to meet Russian. Evenings can be stupid, watching huge liners that they do a stop on the way to America. The island is suitable for a romantic girl who trembles to Flora.

Route: Flights from 13 thousand to Lisbon, then 1.5 hours by plane EasyJet (from 3000 rubles. There and back again).
How much is: accommodation at the hotel from 40 euros for two

ten. Kalambac. Greece
In not the season is amazingly quiet here. In the city, the indescribable smell is hung, many houses are heated with firewood with stone stoves. At any time you can climb the mountains and visit the Great Meteors. On the grief from somewhere the trained seals will appear. Striking in its energy sector, which can be visited in winter.

How to get there: Flights to Thessalonikov from 8 thousand, then by bus 3 hours
How much is: accommodation at the hotel from 50 euros for two

10 Not the most banal, but very romantic places

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