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How many breeds of dogs exists at the moment in the world? Kolologists counted more than 400. They differ not only in appearance, but also by intelligence. We made our honest rating of geniuses, based on the theory that the Canadian Scientist Wednessed Koren. According to Dr. Stanley, the basis of dog intelligence is the ability of these animals to absorb new teams and execute them from the first time. He outlined his theory in the book "Intellect of Dogs", which was published in 1994.

Border Collie

He heads the top 10 of the most intelligent breeds of Border Collie, not very big, but a very hardy dog. Brought it in the UK and first used as a shepherd, which developed in a Border Collie female, ability to analyze and rapid decision-making.

And in 2016, scientists from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and the University of Edinburgh confirmed its intelligence with the help of a specially designed IQ test. It was subjected to 68 representatives of the breed. The study showed that the dog intelligence is structured similarly to human, and healthy dogs solve the tasks better than fallen.

The most intelligent dog in the world is recognized by Border Collie Cheser, who deceased in 2019. His owner, American John Pillie engaged in a pet for four to five hours a day for three years and taught to recognize 1022 subjects.

Thanks to its abilities, Border Collie serve in the police, where they help to identify drugs and explosives, are involved in search and rescue operations.

German Shepherd

Dogs believe that the ancestor of this fearless PSA with excellent security qualities is a small Indian Wolf. Due to the fact that German Shepherds are well trained, they can participate in search and rescue operations, and look for bombs, drugs. Especially since they also have a great scent. Their nasal cavity contains 225 million sensitive cells, which is almost 45 times more than a person. During World War II, it demonstrated Djulbars dog. He found more than 7000 minutes and 150 shells, for which he received a medal "For military merit".


In the circus arena, these curly dogs demonstrate completely phenomenal tricks. This is also a sign of intelligence. Poodle is traditionally included in the rating of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

In which country brought the breed, it is not exactly known. Some scientists believe that it was done in Germany, others in France, and the third believe that in Asian countries.

But it is known that initially it was a hunting dog with which we went to aquatic game. During the Great Patriotic War, its search skills were used to detect mines.

Currentness and fearlessness of the poodles demonstrated and earlier. For example, these dogs accompanied Napoleonian army. The most famous dog – Mustache Poodle – participated in many battles, and in battle with Austerlice saved a regimental banner, having pulled him from the body of a dead bannamers and returning to the camp.

Golden retriever

Hunting was a favorite enthusiasm of the XIX century English landowners. But whether you are at least three times a gentleman, with the invention of a shotgun, who has allowed to shoot a bird on the fly, to seek to the game accounted for. Teach this setters and pointers that were used at the time in the hunt, it turned out not so simple. But also to go on shrubs in search of mining aristocrats did not want. Then the breeders began to conduct experiments on the crossing of different breeds.

The appearance of a golden retriever is associated with the name of the Lord Tweedmouth. Hunting skills have been preserved at this smart breed to this day: Golden Retriever Easily learns, perfectly focuses on the ground and knows how to make independent decisions.

In 2019, American scientists using MRI examined the brain of representatives of 33 breeds and revealed that golden retrievers are best developed areas involved in coordination, eyesight and navigation in space. True, these dogs are increasingly used not for hunting, but in kania therapy.

Doberman Pincher

Sometimes they say that Dobermans do not shine with the mind, but be it true, search and rescue services would not resort to their help. And the Moscow criminals of the beginning of the 20th century were at all afraid that the famous Doberman Pincher Tref would take. During the years of service, Dog helped to reveal to the Over 1500 crimes in the opening superviser Vladimir Dmitriev. (Some stories from the life of the criminal world of past centuries, read in our material "Stars of Russian Sud", and in the material of our lead Gregory Manneva talks about forensic cribs.)

Now Dobermans practically do not serve in the police, as sometimes they show aggression to strangers and poorly carry low temperatures in winter. But as companions they have not lost popularity.

Sheltie (Shetland Shepherd)

These miniature dogs resembling collie, just seem defenseless. If the owner threatens danger, the shelti rushes to the attack. At the same time, depending on the situation, there are different sounds – moan, breaking, and even barking they differ in the timbre. Very smart dogs! And beautiful.

Sheltie was brought to the Shetland Islands, which lie northeast of Scotland to help the mouth of sheep herds. At the end of the XIX century, the farms began to be enlarged, herd increased and small dogs stopped cope with the amount of work. Then the shepherds began to use large pieces, and the shelti was on the verge of extinction. They saved their lovers who began to make dogs of this breed as pets.

10 Of the smartest dogs rating

Labrador Retriever

Disabled in the XIX century on the Canadian Island Newfoundland Breed was originally hunting. But then Labrador Retriever rated rescuers, police, as well as services to help adapt to blind and visually impaired people. Now the dog is often a guide.

Thanks to the high intelligence, you can teach it a lot. So, Labrador Tabby from the UK in 2010 got into the Guinness Book of Records as "a dog that reworked the greatest number of bottles". For six years, Tabby collected 26,000 plastic bottles, which his mistress sent for processing.


Some believe that large dogs are smarter than small, but papillon shows that it is not always so. He is perfectly leaving for training and is able to remember at least 50 words.

Most scientists believe that several centuries ago brought together in France. Papillon quickly became the favorite of the aristocrats. Among his fans was King Heinrich III Valua. Dogs were with him and in the summer of 1589, when Paris rebelled and the monarch along with the troops faithfully stood with the camp in Saint-Clock. When the audience asked the Monk-Dominican Jacques Cleman, Papillon Lilin suddenly pounced on the visitor with an evil lare. Heinrich III ordered to carry a pet, but as soon as his order was performed, the monk of the King. However, the royal pains sometimes die and quite unusual.


A dog, which is particularly strong, muscular body, is famous not only by the mind, but also a high pain threshold. Thanks to these qualities, it is often accepted into patrol and post service, and it is also ideal for detention and conjunction of criminals.

It is believed that Rottweiler leads its pedigree from Dog, which ancient hunters took with them, walking on a boar, a bear or other major prey. From his ancestor, Rottweiler, derived in Germany to accompany the cattle challenges, inherited fighting qualities, for which it is often included in the list of the most dangerous dogs. However, much depends on training. For example, Rottweiler Orion during a flood in Venezuela in 1999, risking life, saved 37 people.

Australian shepherd dog

Before the appearance of European immigrants in Australia, they tried to teach the shepherd operation of single dogs available on the continent – Dingo. Puppies managed to tame, but for grazing of livestock, their wild temper did not fit, and at the beginning of the XIX century, Dingo began to crossed with brought dogs. (As domesticated other animals, you can read here.) In the course of one of the experiments, Tomas Hall, Tomas Hall received chielars – a mix of Dingo and a short-haired collie. In the future, they have improved and brought the Australian Pastely Dog.

In Russia, the first representative of the breed was in 2004, and, if in other countries they help to look for drugs, in our country it is still a companion dog.

10 Of the smartest dogs rating

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