10 places that tourists forget to visit in St. Petersburg

2. Loft project "Floors". An excellent pattern of how old and abandoned place turns into an oasis of culture – "Multifunctional Art Space", in which life boils. Exhibitions, museums, cafe, small cinema halls, workshops, hostel for those who did not want to leave, and much, much more is waiting for you on five floors of the former bakery. Carefully! Recovered a large number of hipsters!
(Ligovsky Prospekt, 74)

P.S. I would like to remind you of the place of such the subject, about which you, of course, heard – Pushkinskaya 10, and share a small secret: if you go inside the left staircase, in Apartment number 602 rehearses BG.

3. Motherland Channel Center. Historically, this is the first children’s cinema of Leningrad, and now the exquisite and monumental place, where St. Petersburg Bomond is gathering in the evenings, they will present their new films of Renata Litvinova and Dunya Smirnov, thematic film festivals are held. Walking around the evening Nevsky, be sure to turn on the caravan, in "Motherland": It is possible that today is a Swedish Film Festival, Night Hayao Miyazaki or Manhattan Festival of Short Festival.
(ul. Caravan, 12)

4. Central Museum of Railway Transport. After the first visit to this museum, I wondered why this place is not in any guidebook, and the information is almost absent on the Internet? Dear travelers, it is necessary to go here, especially since there is a museum in the very center, not far from Sennaya Square. One of its main advantages is that it is a rare representative of the cultural places in St. Petersburg, where the guided tour is included in the ticket price. Here you will be shown (and tell why trains began in Russia, lively demonstrate how their internal mechanisms worked, and you will also see the VIP-person and much more in Soviet times. If you managed to catch good weather, then, coming out of the museum, turn left and look at Yusupovsky Garden – Beautiful Park of the XVIII century with ponds, canals and flower beds, where you can feed the clarops and proteins.
(ul. Sadovaya, 50)

6. "Browse". The largest and high-quality network of bookstores in St. Petersburg, but interesting "Lettering" (surprising almost like a fabulous Livralia Lello) not only. Every week there are free meetings with the famous representatives of the creative professions: here you can go to Parfenova and Weller, listen to Arbenina, Nalich, Rosenbauma and Surganov, to talk with Ulitskaya, Rubina and Glukhovsky, and sometimes there are foreign guests: for example, I recently happened to get At the presentation of the new book Joe Aberkromby. To get to events "Bonus", Before traveling Peter, go to the http site: // www.Bookvoed.RU / and look at the event calendar. I advise you to come to the events for 25-30 minutes: sometimes the people are going so much that it is not that it is to sit down.
(Nevsky, 78)

7. Apartment in Gorokhovsky. Perhaps you are not a fan of the music that play here. Perhaps you never heard of such performers. You may have missed a lot in your life. The place in which the authentic atmosphere of apartment concerts of the 80s was preserved, from which that beast came out, which was taken by Russian Rock. A place where the intelligent type of people will sing together the words of the song that you have never heard. Place where you can see the real St. Petersburg spirituality. Place where light. Red cat attached.
(ul. Babushkina, 29, Corp. 2, what to do to get – http: // www.Kvartirniki.SPB.RU / Access.HTML)

10 Places that tourists forget to visit in St. Petersburg

eight. Grand Model Russia. One of the best new museums in St. Petersburg, in which there is an area of ​​800 square meters in an area of ​​foreign and Russian masters a layout of our country, in which there are so many things that eyes are running out. Here you can see at the same time the sunrise at Kamchatka and the sunset in Kaliningrad, trace how the Moscow-Vladivostok train is going to admire the Palaces of St. Petersburg and all that you are associated with Russia. Here rescuers extinguish forest fires, in large cities of traffic jams in the hour, in the north, residents are watching the polar shines. This place and the museum is not turning the language to call: Rather, it is a striking and completely atypical quality for our country an attraction. One minus – he is located in the center: you have to drive on the metro station to the station "Moscow Gate" and go through a little. But it is worth it!
(ul. Flower, 16)

nine. Matches SCA. Probably you heard how a football club loves in St. Petersburg "Zenith"? When a few million people chase their favorite team to victory, which over the past few years has become a real flagship of Russian football. Often, arguing with foreigners about whether our culture of the pain is competitive, we can lead as an example, as the stadium sings "Petrovsky". But if you visit the Ice Palace, where the St. Petersburg Hockey Club SKA is playing, you will learn what real support is. Permanent Achlags, Songs, Shared Joy Victories and Total Bind of Loosen. If you are looking for this atmosphere that reigns at NHL or APL matches, then in St. Petersburg, it is first of all here. Tickets can be purchased at the office of the city or on SKA website HTTPS: // Tickets.SKA.RU /
(Art.M. Bolshevik Avenue, Prospect Five-Year Plan, 1)

ten. Suburbs. When tourists hear phrase "Suburb of Petersburg", The Association occurs only with Peterhof and Pushkin, so everyone only goes there, forgetting that there are other historical outskirts, which are no worse: it is Oranienbaum, Gatchina and Pavlovsk. Beautiful imperial summer palaces, parks in which you want to get lost, fountains, floral oranges – in short, chic and luxury. Getting to Oranienbaum and Pavlovsk more convenient and faster (the path takes about half an hour) on the train who go every hour: from the Baltic and Vitebsk station, respectively. From St. Petersburg to Gatchina, it is better to drive from the metro minibus "Moscow": Ask the driver to stay at the Gatchina Palace.

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